Solo Q is going to be a failure and a disaster

I know that you are already angry and your face is all red, but please read before writing anything.
There’s no sing of Dragonflight having different PvP from Shadowlands. Everything seems to be sweaty, cd-relying, oneshoty and braindead. Out of CDs we have no power, some specs die in one shots, some specs don’t die ever, and so many other problems that are not fixed even after 2 years of SHL existing. And now all this is moving to DF.

Queueing as a DPS will take you 2-5 minutes of waiting time, and then because every round all CDS are reset, each round will take 7 seconds and zug zug. Sometimes maybe 10 seconds. Even in regular premade arenas, often the fights are super quick. Now imagine totally random guys in the same situation. You don’t even have to imagine, you can just play solo Q now in SHL and see yourself.

Some specs will be gods and some specs will be unplayable. Like sub rogue will be S+++ tier, and elem sham will be D+. It’s not fun to have your spec doomed. Solo Q is playable for only around 60% of the specs.

Let’s say you played 10 matches. For every match you have waited 3 minutes in average for the Q time, it’s 30 minutes wasted. You could just use 30 mins to find a teammate, lose some games, and then he would rage quit, and then you would find another 2 teammates, and they would both rage quit as well, and then you would finally find a normal dude, and it wouldn’t be 30 minutes long anyways.

Honor will be less than in regular arenas, so farming the pvp seasonal mount will require you around 250 wins (3 or more rounds win). Again, if you take an average 3 minutes wait time, it will be 750 minutes Q time. And tedious matches will make us get bored quickly.

I have no suggestions how to improve the situation, and I am just pointing to the obvious. Solo Q is going to be a disaster if SHL and DF pvp is the same. Change my mind.

P.S to some very “bright” and “intelligent” individuals.

  1. I am not hating it. All my criticism is based on valid points.
  2. I try to keep all criticism objective. Almost everything I wrote here are not opinions and are taken from the reality, thus saying from what tangible we have right now.
  3. I don’t say that pvp will be the same in df, I am just assuming it because devs never mentioned about changing it, and the footages from beta show that it’s the same.
  4. I want solo Q to be good, so I care, so I criticize. I hope you understand.
  5. Solo Q (and all other mods in this game) must be accessible for both hardcore and casual players. Even for roleplayers. If you are good at CD TRADING, then I am happy for you, but nobody cares (except from me, cuz I am happy for you), and it doesn’t make your points valid. Sometimes I feel people get ranked up in PVP just to brag in forums. Please go get a life (and a job).

all i want is conquest points without the need to find people to play.

rest i dont care, solo fiesta will be about as bad as 3s but at least i can play this crap to gear and then play my favorite content which are bgs, which in SL are complete trash thanks to gearing


Sitting in custom for hours atm is alot worse.


Weird way to spell outlaw

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Dépend if they can cheese in df all you need to do is wait a trinket and kill.

Happens à lot already, either you can’t play cause people ruin every Dr or they tunnel behind a pillar and get clapped (a lot do that on glad mount actually).

Tbh blizzard can’t do anything against people mindset, if the guy quing is toxic doesn’t matter if he use lfg or shuffle he will stay toxic.

I think there’s gonna be unranked soloQ for those who want to gear up.

Already talked about unkillables xd

i was waiting for this post tbh, your points are kind of valid tho but still i find it really funny what is happening on this forum

ppl want rated soloq since years---->blizzard gives soloq---->soloq will be horrible (even without trying it)

ye the game is in the worst state probably when it comes to pvp, and for sure i dont wanna defend blizzard but hoooly, i wouldnt work there, anything they do even if its something that the community wants, the community will say its bad and top of that even without trying it


your argument, sounds exactly the same with regular arena, u don’t want to play soloq ? don’t play it, personalyl i don’t want to playh arena, and im shoved into it to get gear, and i WISH rated bg was an alternative option, but with the current vault system there is just too many overgeared people grouping on the no voices 1.4 groups that i get invited into because i play mage and no team will ever want mage. give me soloq, and don’t play it if u don’t want. If you ask me, the only thing soloq makes me sacared of, is this “social contract crap” ive told 1 guy to F… off and i got 2 days suspension, its gonna be exactly like league soloq, you play, u lose, u play u win, u keep playing, u get better and climb, might take u 50 games, might take u 500, but at least u can q and play.
Hopefully without getting suspended for hurting snowflakes feelings.

The current solo queue is horrible already. It’s just it’s not ranked, so people are not freaking out yet.

I agree with you, but community wants finished projects. Solo Q is raw and unfinished and terribly tuned.

Potentially, I didn’t talk about the fact that you kill someone, and then he is in your team. It will create a lot of platform for toxicity.

i did a some rbg’s this season and i met teams with a mage. frost mage tho never fire.

doubt it, all 3 specs are sitting below almost every other class/spec in the game, frost can somehow do something thanks to icewalls, and necro dmg, but still, why would u pick frost over boomie warlock sp, hunter warrior dk dh, rogue, u have no reasons to pick mage

i cant tell u why im not a rbg expert by any means i can just tell u i met teams with frost mages.

you are right, but people are far easier drawn to the forums when they have something to complain about. the others just play the game, so you see this extreme bias toward negativity

DF mage so far, is stronger has more mobility and more ccs, i can see DF mage getting invited, SL, not so much, if i was a lead i wouldn’t invite frost myself… i tried to squeeze everything out of that class, 52% versatility shatters with iceform, i still don’t even 50% enemies unless i have berserking, aoes are almost useless, orb and blizzard… Flamestrike and Ring of fire do some dmg, but then again enemies need to SIT inside flames the entire fight, works usually on EoTS

A free casting frostmage is prob the biggest threat there is in rbgs after affli lock.
If u cant blast as frost with ur cd’s runnin idk what to tell u.
Problem is just without cd’s they not doing that much.
But ye im not rly in the position to discuss rbg meta. All i can tell u is i faced forst mages that rekt tf’s. Not super often but mages get invited in caster heavy comps.

i wasnt replying to you :slight_smile:

Missclick from me

idk, xunamate kinda says mage is the lowest class being played in almost every bracket and both regions, and as a mage main, that hasn’t logged his mage in 2 weeks, i can totally understand that.

okay maybe im wrong.
in eu the higest mage is 1.8 in rbg. seems like the impression i got facing those mages was wrong.

id say you need a solid 20-30 sec of freecastinga as frost to start making the difference, fire and arcane you can forget it, they just arne’t impactful at all
20-30 seconds as sp or lock is more effective, god i love my SP, just vampiric all, voidform, and send devouring, voidbolt, devouring, damnation, voidbolt, mindblast instant, devouring, all these copis flying, u can MC people off lumber mill, silence and stuff, u can leap people if necessary, and psyfiend/mindgames to killtarget
not saying sp is broken, just find it more enjoyable than mage rn. and considering SP state, that is saying something.