Solo shuff completely broken

Not only are the queue times completely dire, but it’s also broken… I waited 30 minutes for a queue pop, to then enter in arena to only me and someone else, for the game to finish on start…

Also about 90% of the time people decline queues, which results in a lot longer wait time. People probably go afk because the queue times are ridiculous.

I hope this gets fixed because it’s really not fun to do when you want to climb quick.


Also not fun when you go 3/6 or even 4/6 and get 0 rating…
At least 5 of 10 games I go tie with the other dude cause some dps just sucks lol

And of course you lose like 50 rating when you lose by 1 game, even if it’s a dps throwing it… But winning 6/6 rewards only 50 also rofl. Broken turd, again blizz…!


I feel this. I got 3 rounds and got 40+ points, then I won another 3 rounds after (Only needed 10 for rival) but only got 3 :smiley:

That is just because you’ve horrendous MMR haha

I got trained by the DPS in every game on my DH and lost 5 games, which lost me 70 rating. Next game I won 5 games and got 1 rating! Makes it feel like it’s rigged against you, so incredibly frustrating.

The system is just broken, it puts low rated people who are winning 6 games easily with higher rated players, causing those players to lose way more rating than they would if they were playing against people at the same rating. How is that fair? Sub 1000 is an absolute joke compared to above 1000. If you get stuck below 1000 on a character you are literally screwed. None of my characters above 1000 have this happening to them.

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Not really. I just won a shuffle and got 70+ winning 5 rounds, so i got rival as I wanted for the tmog :smiley:

Yeah definitely very dodgy.

How much cr you get depends on what mmr you have, what cr, what average mmr the lobby had and how many rounds you won.

When your mmr and cr are close together, but the average mmr of your lobby is like 200 mmr below yours, you will probably even lose rating for a 3-3 and you will definitely drop around 100 mmr for that.

The system just expects from a player whose mmr is +200 higher than the average mmr, to win most rounds and not play 50/50. That the mmr system isn’t really fair that way for solo shuffle is obvious and I think that is the point where the devs should start to fix it.

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They should only change that you still get rating as long as your cr is below your mmr. So you can still get rating when you go 3-3.

It’s already working that way. When your mmr is 2k but your cr is only like 1800, you will probably still get points with a 1-5. At least if the average lobby mmr is also around 2k.

Exactly it’s so low so why do I lose more rating going 2/6 than I gain going 6/6? It makes 0 sense ffs. I need to win 4 games before I lose 1 at 1300?!

EDIT: Getting rating on my warr is way easier even with just 4/6… Already 1600 in one day (it’s low I know but compared to the druid it’s good)

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My mmr was at 2060 and my rating was sind 1950 u went 2-4 and 1-5 still lost sind 100 rating.

Like I said, the average lobby mmr also matters a lot!

Its like normal arena. If your team mmr is 2k, your cr 1500 and you lose to a 1500 team you won’t drop rating probably, but you will definitely drop your mmr to 1650 - 1750. If you win against that team, your mmr probably wont climb at all and you will also not get much points for the win!

So your mmr, your cr and your won rounds are pointless, if we don’t know the average lobby mmr.

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Yes, welcome to overwatch ranked.

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Last time i played my mmr was close to the team mmr. When i dropped. But now i understand it a bit better, thank you.

They allow to use cheats in arena, filles that gives adventage in game vs other players = pure cheats no matter is called addon its op adventage vs casters and they allow it. Like friend said if they allow cheats in arena so i should download bot to gather herbs and say its not cheat its bot -.- someone will instal cheat to cast spells and he will say its isnt cheat its addon to cast spells xd

i play as mage arena trying use frost ring or arcane surge and i stay 15 - 30 sec stunned slienced like retard cant do anything because stun / slience 1 by 1 thx to this cheat :slight_smile: alot of fun no be able cast 1 spell for half of the match xd

and second thing, op to wait 30 - 60 min to play 1 shuffle, rateing going like crazy xd they should give some bonus rewards for healers to make find match faster, but better make ppl wait 30 - 60 min because healers dont want play shuffle -.-

but the worse is they allow op cheat in arena only because someone call it addon xd give me addon to see invi champs i will say its not cheat its addon to see invi, i will say evryone use it its legall xd best way to use cheats in wow, make addon that is cheat and let ppl use it and later say its not cheat because evryone use it xd truth will be that not evrone because alot of ppl dont like use cheats but these who use cheats called addon to get adventage in pvp will say evryone xd or go will say go download it too where is problem xd

dude what, im trying to process what you mean but i have hard time, what cheats, what addons?

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Arena addon that tell when someone cast strong spells and make sounds to stop them from casting, its pure cheat vs casters, these addons have much more options so what chance got ppls that dont use addons in arena?: or even better they dont use because they dont even know such cheat called addon exist xD filles that gives that much adventage in arena only because its called addon still is pure cheat :slight_smile:

like friend said i will pay for someone to make addon that gather herbs whole night and i will say its not cheat its addon xd

It’s not cheating, it’s very useful hearing when classes use CDs, otherwise you’ll be looking at their nameplate buffs / debuffs constantly.

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Those addons also tell you when melees use cooldowns you need to react to. Like using defensives, cast roots, disarm, w/e.

You might call it cheats, but they are allowed and therefore not cheating. All the information are also there without addons, most are just using an addon to present those infos in a (subjective) better way.


yolo shuffle went broken the day they decided put ranks on it

i log on game to open vaults and i see duelist and elite ranks / titles everywhere with 1750 their highest previous history on account

somehow theyre all dps tho hmmmm :thinking:

incentives blizzard u say? hmmmmm

i heal skirmish with normal dampen i can keep 2 idiots up for 8min hitting separate targets and win, even on shaman i can heal them

i go solo i watch two idiots die from air and then try line me the hardest they can when it gets rly dampened up fast :clown_face:

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm incentives hmmmmmm nice :clown_face:

when u watch sp pick uhdk as his target for whole game and instead dmg the enemy he actually heals them, atleast arms is going for retri other side of the map but meanwhile sp doing 1v1 with uhdk

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm incentives :clown_face:

Cant wait to play with all these soloq rank champions in future expansion if still care buy another after 3 garbage ones row