Solo shuff completely broken

I love those troll stories. In season 2 of Shadowlands we had like 10k Gladiators in EU? Why? Because the season was so inflated, that r1 ended up at 3.5k for Horde and 3.4k for Alliance. Who hasn’t achieved glad in that season probably will never get it.

But solo shuffle is not different here. It’s so actively played with uncountable rounds/games a day, that we already have 32 players above 3k and that a month after the season started. If you are 2.4 in shuffle right now that is like 1.9 in 3s atm.

The more active a season and ladder is, the easier it is to achieve ranks if those are bounded to specific rating and not on a percentage base. And we also shouldn’t forget that quite a lot of people are playing rank 2s/3s maybe with RL friends or their girlfriends or every day different randoms from the tool, so their rating might be stucked at some point, while they can play undependingly to their full potential in soloQ.

Last but not least is DF different to Shadowlands or BfA. A lot more specs are viable because of shuffle and not everything is dominated by War+x, Survival+x and Outlaw+x like in SL 3s, or other meta comps in BfA. That is based on the meta design being less designed around cc spam setups or turteling, but more on rot damage etc.

Also not true. Yes, the ratio of healer is lower than it should be, but not as low as you might think it is. But yes, it’s harder to climb as a healer than it is for dps, based on the mmr system which doesn’t work well for shuffle.

Well, I also had shuffles where I used a cd while enemies are bursting, just to see my healer was overlapping and got killed in the next setup for wasting. When I wait the next round then for him to react, I am getting flamed after when I didn’t use something, even though he was standing untouched and not cc’d somewhere in my los and range, not realizing what was going on.

But what ever you are saying, there is a reason why you basically know most people at the top of the ladder. Some no names might have gotten their due the mmr abuse, others because they really played well and got there because they deserved it, but most of them are well known arena player.

That means, that solo shuffle is obviously depending on skill. If it wouldn’t and it would be based on random factors, there is no way that most top players from 3s would also get to a top spots in shuffle.

In other words, if you can’t make it to the top of your spec, it’s just you!

Just played another match on my DH, my MMR was 739, average team MMR was 748. I won 3 games, but because we had someone who only had 119 rating who also won 3 games, I got ZERO rating… Fix this BS Blizzard, solo is a complete joke.


You should always get points when winning half the rounds tbh, that’s how it should be.


No! You got 0 rating, because your mmr and team mmr was quite equal. If you win 3 and lose 3 it’s 50% win ratio, so it was working as intended.

Why? That would mean that you even could get to high rating with even a negative win ratio. If you win 50/50 it’s obviously the mmr where you belong.

That is at least how the mmr system in wow works. It has some disadvantages for solo shuffle and should be reworked, but that doesn’t mean you should gain rating with a 50% win ratio.

We could only implement such a system, if you lose then more points if you only got 0, 1 or 2 wins only to equal it out.

The MMR system is broken on here and Overwatch tbh.


post to me from hidden main from behind classic account about healing soloq

you are delusional if u think i will read

but anyhow cant wait for the incentives blizz has in mind to make healers more attempted to touch soloq

i can tell right now there isnt any that will suffice without some serious rework and tuning dps/healing on the game and dampening in that mode. I would even rework the whole 6 round shuffle as it favors healers the least

no one cares about box or honor bonus on this state of dps and healing and with this garbage design of the mode

clueless people playing 90y to each other with random targets variying from any mmr, no one cares heal that ammount bad no matter the incentive

but i bet even they are 2400 dragonflight season 1 elites soon :clown_face: :clown_face:

WAUW what a achievement! :clown_face:

Because you think you should actually be higher but the system holds you back? :wink:

It is not super fair for passive healers and some dps specs, as they can’t make such sick plays, but most dps, especially DH, can easily climb in that system.

When you were so good as you are acting here, why are you hard stucked at 1k rating while the well known good healers are all climbing the ladder?

Your toxicity and envy couldn’t be more obvious. :slight_smile:

I am higher, and I know I am. I was much higher in OW1 and I should be the same in OW2, simple as really. Blizzard fail on MMR.

Refer to my first post, lose 5 games and lose 70 rating, then immediately after win 5 games and only gain 1 rating. That’s a terrible system no matter which way you try and swing it. The only reason it happened, is because the second game I was paired with loads of very low rated players but with high MMR.

The MMR system may be working as intended, but it was designed for non-solo arenas. It’s not fit for purpose in random solo shuffle 6 game solo arenas. Winning 4+ games should always feel impactful, especially when you are recovering from a losing streak. The match making can really screw you over, especially below 1500 because all the random BS can cause you to lose games through no fault of your own. The system is punishing you for other peoples failures, then match making is punishing you too, through no fault of your own. It’s a terrible system for solo shuffle and needs a complete overhaul.


You talk alot from behind classic account do u

i imagine ure a dps player soloq enjoyer :clown_face:

clueless basically, i got no interest on ur dps soloq experiences

and not single ammount incentive blizz throws towards me in this design will make me want to take it serious

Solution play normal 3v3 :slight_smile:

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My dudeee, how did I not think of that, gee whizz!

I agree that this feels bad. I usually check my mmr and the average mmr at start. Sometimes my mmr is around 100 above the average. Winning those games gives me next to nothing, and losing them can be crushing. Then sometimes its around 100 lower than average mmr, which can make a win be more rewarding.

It can be a frustrating system because you often have to win three times more than you lose to recover lost rating. Maybe mmr should be used to match people of similar skill, but not calculate rewards. 5 wins should reward as much rating as 5 losses drops you, no matter the mmr. It would feel more conscistent. 3-3 should be considered a draw. No loss, no gain.
You could still adjust the mmr according to win-loss, to keep you going up against players who are matched in skill. So even if a win against a lower mmr team didn’t increase your mmr, it could still increase your rating.

Idk… just thinking out loud more or less…

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Np man i help when ever i can xD

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Exactly, and there-in lies the problem. In a game mode where you are punished for other people failures and through unlucky match making, it shouldn’t be 3 times harder to gain rating back than it is to lose it. I understand why the system works this way in normal arenas, you are playing with a consistent team and you share responsibility. This is the complete opposite of solo shuffle where you can largely only rely on yourself. That is until you get to the higher ratings.

This is why the higher ratings are a much better place to be in, people start playing like they are in an actual 3v3 arena, hence why the MMR and rating issues aren’t as prevalent. If you lose, it’s because you were outplayed, not because you were paired with some rando 200 rated player that doesn’t know his bum hole from his elbow.

I like you idea, I hope they implement something like it soon.

People certainly not play very different in higher ratings (maybe in very high?). 9/10 of my games feels like pve battle.

I guess the point is you don’t have the randoms with virtually no rating being paired up with you. There are less liabilities. People think it can be rough above 1500, but you don’t know true pain until you fall below 1000, it’s utterly horrendous. Way too much random crap can knock you down, and it’s way too hard to climb because you need to basically win 3 6-0’s in a row to make any headway, which is almost impossible to achieve with some of the people you get paired with.

alright never been there, i once tanked mmr a bit and 1x 6-0 fixed whole thing

I joined a solo shuffle and it kicked me out instantly and took rating off me, was awesome spending a few hours getting it for that to happen. Well happy. If that isn’t the final nail in the coffin then I don’t know what qualifies as a drib


So you are saying that your rating is higher than it should be? :thinking:

I don’t know how often I already tried to explain it. What are the factors that matters for your cr calculation?

  • your mmr
  • your cr
  • rounds won / rounds lost
  • your average team mmr and the enemy average team mmr during the rounds

All of those combined decide how much rating you gain or drop. You can’t just say Listen devs, I won 5 rounds, how can I only gain 10 rating? When your mmr is way below your cr or the average team mmr was 300 mmr below yours, you will obviously not get as much points. But when you lose 5 in that game, you will drop insane mmr and rating.

Imagine 1 solo shuffle is comparable with 6 arena games, but you don’t get + 15 - 12 + 13 - 7 + 19 - 23 but all the points for each round are added together and you just see the +5

That is true. That’s why I said the mmr system is not good for solo shuffle and should be overworked here. It’s harder for healers to climb for example, but also the comparison between dps can be totally bad. For example, when you have one dominating dps. He is gaining like crazy while the rest drops on top of it. That doesn’t feel very fair.

Because I am always writing with that char.

Imagine being a shuffle hater, calling it no skill, blaming the system and your team mates while YOU are obviously the issue. :clown_face:

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