Solo Shuffle Healer MMR

So Matchmaking is trying to find now two Healers on the same CR and puts me with the next best 4 DPS who waited the longest into an lobby regardless of MMR disparity?

so we(healers) are playing an “”"“competitive”""" game mode wanna improve our self get out of the so called lowelo and push higher but now after escaping this muddy openworld pvp fiesta where nothing makes sense and everybody is just doing random stuff u can put us back in? great

had today an game both healers 2,1k CR rest of the lobby is 1,7-1,8

this was the worst game of shuffle i had so far me and the other healer had a chat while playing this fiesta it was basically 4 DPS at one spot doing PvE Rotation nothing else for 6 Rounds they just didnt do anything i am not kidding it was depressing to play and to watch

its just a simple fact that DPS affect Games more positively and negatively for Healers most of my Games i can barely touch the Enemy Heal cuz i have to PvE Heal in a Corner and avoid CC

also remove shuffle bring RBG Que

also blacklisting could be nice as healer had tonight the same DPS who was toxic to everybody while having almost 2k games in shuffle and being 1,9 war

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Do not forget about 0 pointa for 3:3, -60 points for 2:4, and 4 to 10 points for 4:2 and more


went 6:0 get 6 points.

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I already made a thread about this. It makes 0 sense, because the mmr disparity means you need to win more than 3 games if you are higher than the healers, which in high rating is almost always the case(I’ve been getting -400mmr healers all day). So in the end I am 54% w/r this week and -150 rating.

I just lost 60 rating (2-4) where healer and I had same mmr, rest were over 200 above us. How? Honestly how…

What about your shuffles before that? Had you been losing a lot in previous shuffles? And exactly what MMR did everyone have in that shuffle?

The MMR issue is just idiotic.

As a healer, I did my last solo shuffle 5 minutes ago. I rage quit. Period. Dont care if I loose rating.

The outcome of a match depends so much on the DPS that it does not even seem fair as a healer. They either make RShamans OP in arenas, OR, they fix the MMR thing. Im done playing Solo Shuffle.

And because I refuse to play a bit of SS every day, Il just PvP 1nce a week on Sundays when I have the time to find an arena pug group. And believe me, I will spend half that time looking…


Just play better and go 4-2 and you will climb. Nobody is being held back by the mmr algorithm or teammates. Better players climb the ladder every single day. Stop complaining and start improving.

hope you trolling

100% not. If you can’t climb in solo shuffle as a healer or dps it’s 100% on you. Everyone will end up where they belong based on how well they perform. If you took any of the top 10 players per spec in shuffle right now and had them play an alt of the same spec starting at 0 cr they’d climb the ladder again just as they did the first time. If the system or teammates were holding people back that wouldn’t be possible.

People just can’t accept that they are where they belong so they cope by blaming everything but themselves for where they are.

you know that many top healers lost about 100-400 rating after patch because of the mmr shuffle?

I am the only healer that gain raiting since the patch, 2/4 doesnt hit me with -60 so far only around -10 and i could slowley climb

First of all 100 rating in shuffle is nothing. That can be gained/lost in 1 game.

Second of all I doubt that’s even true. How many is “many top healers”? Who are these players that dropped 400 rating because they can’t get a positive win/loss ratio vs players that are apparently hundreds of rating below them?

Third of all even if this did happen across the board you would still be able to climb the ladder to reach your specs top 10 which is all that really matters. Top players of a spec only care about is their rank, not if they are 3300 or 3100. It’s the people who are hardstuck at 1500 blaming their teammates and the mmr algorithm complaining about this stuff.

Fourth of all there could be a plenty of other reasons that someone tanked rating after a major patch that nerfed/buffed many specs. There is no way it could be pinpointed to an mmr change as the cause.

It also goes the other way around. 2.8k rating with 2.4 healers that cannot press ps or los. So ye something is wacky since reset.

Idk how someone can defend this. Say all dps are 2k mmr and both healers are 2.4k mmr. This means that the average mmr of the lobby is around 2150. So even if the dps go 3-3 they still gain mmr, because their mmr was lower than the average. On the other hand the healers need to win more than 3 games just not to lose mmr. Same goes if the healers have lower mmr, then the dps are at disadvage. If we exclude all the gameplay issues that arrise from this change, the mmr problems themselves should be enough to convince you not to queue up until they reverse this nonsense.

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The differance between healers is immense. I played with lontar today and some random duelist healer. Guess who outperformed who and who went like 1-5, the other healer.

And before someone say I am making s**t up - This is my second hunter that I play survival. I started the week with 2760 rating, currently have positive w/r(79-75) and lost 140 rating while most of the lobbies were decided by the low mmr healers and even going 3-3 made me lose huge amounts of mmr. GJ daddy blizz!

Nah I belive you. The same is happening now to me. You get super low mmr healers (compared to the average lobby/player mmr) which makes the games awful. Just had a game where an rsham just got zerged down every round. 2700 M M R B T W, but sham wasnt.

went from 1850 to 1550 cos of this sh… queues

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are you trolling? healers on average have 200 or 300 lower mmr than the rest of the people they actually “hot fixed” this garbage in the game