Solo shuffle needs to be either 5 or 7 rounds

6 rounds leaves alot of 3/3 3/3 all the time for healers having 5-7 rounds allows it to be tipped either 3/2 4/3 etc and then you just allow 2 or 3 wins to keep same rating but 3/4 is rating gained that way one healer HAS to win and 1 healer keeps their rating and if one healer is just plain bad they go 1/4 and lose some rating


If you do that, then it’s not even anymore, since one player will have played multiple times with the same team.

Nah, just acknowledge that if healers go 3-3, it means they both did a good job but there was one useless unhealable idiot in the lobby, and give both healers 10 or 15 rating for their troubles.


I think they sorta stealth fixed this last patch:
Notice you’re now getting a lot of matches where both healers are 200-400pts below the rest of the lobby. Goin 3:3 in these scenarios nets both healers 5-10pts.

It’s a poor way of accomplishing that effect though, especially since it’s been doing the opposite to the really high-rated healers sometimes.

Healing just needs to be fun for people to play it, so all these carrots hypercharged with drugs (metaphorically speaking ofc) comes with its own consequences and doesn’t treat the core problem.

Suggestion to fix the rating system in shuffle Would’ve been a better way of accomplishing that effect, without such severe consequences. That min+max rating gained & lost per round, would make it so people would earn rating (& lose rating) based on the amount of rounds won & lost, and the MMR differences would still make people win/lose a little bit if there’d be differences whenever they get 3-3 in w/l. It’d also make it so people would win a little more per round in those MMR matchups where it gives you more, but thanks to the min+max rating gained & lost it’d not lead to insane numbers and it’d not require such severe deflation mechanisms either. It’d slow down both climbing and losing rating by a lot, which is needed for the game mode.

It’d also let Blizzard adjust the matchmaking system as needed to optimize queue times as much as they can. The way they did it now is just incompetent though.

Not disagreeing, though apparently it also helped dps queue times, so the dev team are probably pretty happy with it ^^

They made disc fun to play with that last patch! But they’ll probably nerf it instead of giving other healers a similar treatment.

Did it? I’m still waiting 20-25mins for a game.

Average wait time has improved dramatically. You can still have 20-30 min queues, yes, but more often it’s like 10 min, and never 45-50 min as before the patch.

The only consistent and long-term solution is to make healers strong and fun. Have only 2 good healers - 1 hour queue. Have all of them strong - so much better for the game.

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