Solo Shuffle ( Solo Queue ) has failed

This will probably be my last post i’m writing into this forum. I feel that i’m lost playing WoW, i work now 48 hours in a week at max and i find just frustrating games in Solo Shuffle. I talk this a lot with my IRL friends in Discord too. The reason i’m writing this post is that pvp has turned into hack and slash game where 2 min trinket isn’t updated to the tempo of games and the players are not quite mentally ok. People really don’t like the Solo Shuffle but they play it because LFG is completely dead and they don’t have any other option. So when you don’t have friends / time to play then you play Solo Shuffle and during time develop hateful even more toxic behauvior. Blizzard i know that you are trying to add modes from your other games or generally games in the Market because people demands them? These people comes from different game genres: MOBA’s, FPS , Royal Rumble survivor games. So in a sense that you are trying to stand out in a market, you just lost. WoW has been one of the most succesful modes in video games. Now even my friend said: I can’t anymore, i’m done. Even glad players have quit the game because pvp is too stressful, it’s way too stressful to heal and so on. The most horrible experience ever. Arena is finally dead as a mode.


I mean, the q-times for shuffle are for DPS quite long and you can use the LFG while being in q for shuffle. That whole point sounds like a bad excuse to me. If people would prefer to play 3s, they would do so! They would just q for shuffle while being in LFG in case they find nothing else and q 3s otherwise.

If 3s is still dead, it must be 3s that is having issue but the reason therefor is not shuffle.


Shuffle is really not your issue, our issue.
our issue is that MMR is messed up and everyone gave up,
now the pvp brackets are barren.

  • “I talk this a lot with my IRL friends in Discord too”, “People really don’t like the Solo Shuffle but they play it because LFG is completely dead”- why don’t you play 2v2 / 3v3 then if you have friends and options ?
  • “2 min trinket isn’t updated to the tempo of games” - it’s even worse in 3v3 / 2v2 when people coordinate their cc so why is this even an argument against Solo Shuffle
  • “So when you don’t have friends / time to play then you play Solo Shuffle and during time develop hateful even more toxic behauvior” - But you have friends.
  • “Even glad players have quit the game because pvp is too stressful” - there are no glads in Solo Shuffle so once again you are off-topic

So you are basically describing all the reasons arena is bad, not Solo Shuffle.
The lack of online people, the dead LFG
Solo Shuffle is good, it allowed me to play bad specs where in LFG no one would invite me because they want only meta classes. also, it gives you a good way to complete your weekly vault.


it’s better to have shuffle than not to have it lol. If you don’t like it, if it’s not fiting you then just don’t play it??? Yes LFG is becoming less enjoyable mode to play because of boosters, high criteria to enter for new players, only fotm class-playable etc. Solo shuffle has it’s own issues but it proposes an alternative. So just let everyone choose a mode they prefer? Two of my friends playing only 2s, many of my friends playing mostly RBG, and others also playing mostly solo shuffle/3s. Personally me playing only solo shuffle and rbg. Whats wrong with everyone having their own favourite mode to play???

P.S. the only serious problem i see now in shuffle is extremely long queue time. Yeah this must be fixed. But for other things i don’t see any huge problems apart general one like bad class balance (which is though the problem for all pvp modes)


Funny thing is that solo shuffle is actually a huge success and biggest feature pvp seen in years. Nobody care it got casuals out of 3s and all is left now are sweats and tryhards. Too bad for you guys if you wanna sweat 3s you will be playing against other sweats only


I love solo shuffle tbh, but im happy if i get to play one or two games per evening because not only long queues, but also queue not being accepted due to someone cancelling or me looking at po… away … for a minute or two when i have other stuff to touch… i mean do… i mean things in my apartment or work that demand my attention.

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Agree. Gatekeeping and stupid elitism annoys me much much more in wow than some weak mmr system. I like shuffle.


People who’ve never been above 2k shouldn’t be allowed to gatekeep.

Better to play 2-3 shuffle games in an evening then play no games in LFR lol.
Go check LFR, everyone is suddenly 3k xp multi glad requiring the same exp for 1.3k CR. LOL. Ofc it doesnt matter they have the achievments from Cata or MoP or whatever, if you want to start playing now, well, you are in for a bad time. And the healer problem is THE SAME in LFR as in shuffle, especially 2v2. You have 7-8 dps listing and 1 healer. That 1 healer can get to pick the highest rated DPS that applies. If you have 0 xp, you are lucky if you get to play double dps and clown around.


exactly. These are not the only problems with 2s and 3s. Add here boosters with 50000k exp and 10000000 million hours played recking normal teams, having to play at certain hours when your friends are actually online so you could play together instead of praying for pugs, huge restriction on spec you play (only the best fotm specs are taken into 2s and 3s). Those pvp modes will go in history, especially when devs fix long queues in shuffle

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This is sadly very true. Im applying for 1.2k cr teams with people with 50/50 win rate who are MULTIGLAD 3.8K XP. To each their own, for sure, and im not applying to those. I play my solo shuffle and with a friend healer at evenings sometimes, where we just take in any dps and try to have fun in 3s. Might push 2s a bit later but honestly last season was such a turn off facing r1 alts at 2k mmr that it became extremely punishing to push rating.

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Remind me when they nerf all the casters to que again Solo Shuffle, thx.

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Aren’t there like 3 or 4 people with 3.8k xp among all the players? :slight_smile:

Think he might have exagerated a but, but its still the same. Tons of 2.7-3.4k XP Requirements in LFG.
And I think I know the cause. They had stable parteners for reaching those rating over a number of years. As naturally people quit the game for various reasons, they suddenly become “teamless”. Now they join the LFG grind, expecting to find play at the same level as they did with their stable parteners, with whom they had a synergy formed, voice on, etc etc.
Now suddenly they play with a random guy, novoice, and are stuck around 1.4-1.8k. And its not because of deflation necesarly, I saw this same XP / CR difference all Shadowlands long. People playing at more then under 1000 rating under their XP.

I get what you’re saying but this is actually a really bad take. People shouldn’t attempt to gatekeep even if they play above 2k mmr. If all the sub 2k players leave then guess what? most of the above 2k players will suddenly drop in mmr and most of them won’t be above 2k rating anymore. I think 2k is already the top 10 percentile or something?

This is what elitism is, regardless of whether someone is ‘justified’ to be elitist or not, it’s still a horrible mentality held by horribly narrow minded and ignorant people.

It’s the same mentality as the top 1% irl that exploit and look down on everyone else and hoard all their wealth etc. Without everyone else they wouldn’t be the top 1% and it’d be impossible for the life stye they like to lord over everyone else to exist.

Blizzard supported this mentality when they started focussing on the individual and solo content. Eg. group finder and now solo shuffle. The moment you engineer the social component out of the game by making everything achievable alone then people have no incentive to be nice to one another and work toward common goals (in the old days being a terrible person got you excluded from the group meant no progress).

This is pretty reflective of society overall where people these days are more empowered, likely to survive and independent than ever in history, yet most of us are miserable and relationships are failing.

Ultimately people who complain they are too busy and need these shortcut systems to get their dopamine in are to blame. As much as they rave about the toxicity of people, they created this environment, these are the consequences, and that’s just reality. Nomatter what blizzard does to ‘police’ behaviour, there is no real incentive because tbh there’s not much to lose in this game anymore

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i like shuffle but i feel like its unnecesary to add inflation the last weeks of season, i know ppl should fight their rating and be on what they deserve, but whats the point if the last weeks they gonna climb anyways? the only this does is a dead season for 4 months and active for 3-4 weeks

My fellow dude bro, you answered way too much to a joke comment.

I answered your comment and added my thoughts on the topic. It’s not all about you