Solofarming legacy instances - tricks and tips

Let’s share our tricks and tips for soloing legacy instances.

I’m starting with Karazhan - Chess Event:
The following gives a 50% win rate - but is literally effortless: Start the event by entering your faction’s vehicle, and leave it immediately. Then you can go afk until the battle have ended either way.

Here’s also a tip for Magister’s Terrace - Kael’thas Sunstrider:
You can circumvent Kael’thas’ pre-combat roleplay by entering his room without killing the last trash pack! This is important, because by not pulling them Kael’thas will be red and attackable. One-shot him, and then kill the last trash pack while he does his dying roleplay.

Now I am eager to hear your tricks. :slight_smile:



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You can glide from blood queen lana thel to sindragosa in ICC as a DH or boomkin with flap.


It’s just easy to miss topics like that when no one else is replying to it.

The only trick I personally know is that in the Court of the Stars (though I don’t know if there’s anything worth farming there) if you’re a paladin you can cheese finding the spy by equipping Truthguard (or a shield transmogrified into it). Since the spy is a demon in disguise the shield will glow when nearby which really narrows it down a lot.

Also less of a trick and more of a warning, if you plan on jumping down from Gul’dan’s platform in the Nighthold to quickly get to the exit (assuming you have a way to survive the fall) stay away from the fountain. It is surrounded by invisible walls and if you fall inside it and don’t die you’ll be forced to hearth.


Some raids let you save the Lockout on one character and share this to your multitude of alts so they can kill just the last boss for a chance at the mount. Used to work on ICC. Not sure which raids it works on or the mechanics of it exactly, google might answer this (or someone might post here).

It does not work for ICC since SL.

You can do it on raids whose lockout isn’t instance based (basically not the highest difficulty of the raid).

Reading up on how lockouts work made me think that the ICC heroic was more of an exploit than an intended mechanic, which got patched.

The Eye of Eternity: To trivialise Malygos’ vehicle phase, nuke him down to 1% in the first phase (he is here unkillable). This is no big challenge for level 60s, but something to keep in mind then farming with lowlevel chars.

Vault of Archavon have five raid bosses, the first one is very RNG about whether it is a push-over, a slugfest, or a genuine wall. I am of course speaking about the Wintergrasp boss, where either your faction controls the zone, or whether or not you manage to glitch-exploit through the wall to the off-limit raid entrance room.

Since this is the official WoW-forums, I am not feeling for describing what technically is exploitation of the game world, but different methods can be found on Wowhead in the comments section:

this might interest you

To add a few to the discussion, especially regarding mount farming :smiley:

  1. Valithria Dreamwalker in ICC can be skipped. Just hug the walls and move past her. This is super for classes that don’t have any healing available :slight_smile:

  2. In Karazhan, both the dungeon and the raid, if you are farming Midnight’s mount, just go and attack Midnight. No need to deal with / spend time on trash, as it will be automatically pulled upon engaging the boss.

  3. If you are farming the Kor Kron Juggernaut / Tusks from Garrosh, be careful with Paragons of the Klaxxi. They bug out of you kill them too fast. The trick is to first wait till all 3 land, then kill 1 by 1 and always be careful that atleast 3 are on the ground.

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Doesn’t the Heart of Azeroth’s first Essence work on her anymore? It used it insta heal her. Haven’t been there in a long while.

No idea to be honest :smiley: I never tried it since I got Invincible back in 2017, but probably still better to just go past her since the majority of people have Heart of Azeroth either in banks, and the new players don’t have it. :smiley:

If you’re farming Altairus in Vortex Pinnacle for the mount, when you’ve killed him just jump down and off the side of the platform, you will be teleported to the start of the instance.

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If anyone didn’t know this :slight_smile:

Still works. 2 shots of Concentrated Flame from the Heart of Azeroth is enough to end the fight in 5 seconds.

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Well… use anima to buy the 226ilvl greens from ZM.
500 anima per piece, buy each piece until it procs Speed.

You can probably get about 140% base movespeed… 150%+ with cloak enchant and 5% and 3% speed gems.
P.S Get some old boots(50ilvl) too for the 10% speed enchant.

Gratz on your easy speed set. :slight_smile:

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Valithria Dreamwalker in ICC can be fully healed with a Heavy Shrouded Cloth Bandage.


This is actually awesome, and no first aid skill anymore either.

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that is correct only for normal,at heroic she gets passive damage that will interrupt bandages

normally i skip her at all.