Soloqueue? Maybe the STUPIDEST idea ever

Here is something that basically streamers are trying to push… beside being entertaining to some extent, my take is that they should try to leave their parent’s basement and get a job… Meaning letting blizzard assess the issues…

Ok let’s address that issue…

Why do most people wanna do Arenas/RBGs?
Basically most players do RBGs and Arenas to get better Gears in order to get higher rating… or is it the other way around? There was much less people doing rated content when there was no incentive that strong to do so…
Another reason, new to wow since SL, is to have BALANCED games as opposed to the current circus in random…

Why does the gear upgrades matter that much?
Maybe because the BIS Gear would not be from PvE… So perhaps the solution is using a stat on pvp gear that is not found on pve item (we had that before with resilience).
Maybe because you want to have an advantage over other players (human being). That is understandable but do you need to be able to trash them like small NPCs in Random… The ilvl difference is just insane, plus in a bursty season like this one, just utterly stupid. Any Full CP geared feel almost irrelevant in the outcome of the game.
Maybe your BIS for PvE maybe found in PvP? (referring to a Female Streamer proudly posting a video on How and Why she got boosted in pvp…)
Maybe for some world content? have not encountered any issues with 200 ilvl so far that could only be overcome with 226 gear (hell I cleared twisting corridor layer 8 not even being 190 on my DK with just 1 wipe, easy).

What is the issue with the upgrade system of CP Gears?
First of all it favors quite a lot the early players of the start of the expansion.
Second it has brought chaos in the Arenas… Being able to upgrade you gear from one content and making it available to another is just BAD: farm RBGs till you reach 1800 and having 0cr in 2s or 3s? once you start one of these, be ready for a huge winning streak…
Third the previous point can be applied to RBGs…
Fourth all those boosting for Gold/Cash and all issues it brings with…

What are the consequences of that Gearing System?
For most casual players and Alts, the most damaging is the complete circus that the Random BGs have become. A REAL DISASTER.
As mentioned before Rated Brackets relevancy is kind of blurred and far too many barriers of entry.
Huge wait to get a RBG team or PuG Arena. Although it was before long as well but most of us did not feel the need to do so. Hence less players, less competition, less waiting time (as noticed nowadays if you are not a boomie, healer, rogue the waiting time to get accepted is just much much higher in peak time)… It is so frustrating, it is like applying for jobs. 3-4 hours applying and one or two games…

Why is the soloqueue is really NOT the solution?

  1. First of all we can ALL witness how well all the last expansion systems were and have been implemented by Blizzard… Really poorly to stay positive.
  2. The soloqueue is adding another system to answer one issue brought by another system… That is just crazy.
  3. Inevitably any soloqueue system will end us like those Skirmishes. If you really think about all and try to make it perfect, still it will fail.
  4. PvP has so many incontrollable parameters that it should be left evolved without system whatsoever. Can’t control the Balances/Meta (would take far too much testing…)
  5. Soloqueue is NOT answering the problem that PvPers want to be competitive. If you tell me if you would not do PvP (arena/rbgs/bgs) if the ilvl were capped to 200 in pvp instances (226 world) with PVE/Honor Capped at 197, then you are not a PVP player.

There should be many other points, feel free to share…

Take five minutes and really think about it… bringing a new system to fix a broken one is not a bright idea.

In the early Expansions PvP would represent 45%+ of the total players activity with double the number of players and steady over time. One month after SL expansion launched it has lost half its subscribers… why?

The best solution is to go back to the system where CASUAL and ALTs could play Random BGs. The meta has been made for arenas and that is not ideal for BGs but fine (if that meta is so bursty it is only to please arena players, and tbh it is fun, though tiny tuned down better). If the PVP gear is BIS and the ilvl difference between unranked and glad in very low (talking like 3-5 ilvl MAX) the game and PvP Environment will evolve by itself: Less queue in Random BGs and more balanced games/winrate, less people will be drawn to rated content (mainly vanity and few ilvl for top players) then creating a demand for players, reducing the time you wait to join a team (though team forming may take a while but far less players would be waiting)…

Finally ask yourself just how long since you told yourself:

  1. “hey lets have some quick fun in random BGs, hell why not playing this Hunter for a change, been long…”. Back in the days 30 hours farming Honor and you would be pretty much set for the patch and have some fun on all your alts (except the repair bills that were insane back then :slight_smile: ). Without having the best gears but remaining somehow competitive…
  2. “Why would I need higher ilvl if I am to fight an opponent the same ilvl?”
  3. “Can I play this game for playing this game without having to get a reward for every piece of content I do?” (Although some sort of progression is kinda mandatory)

Solo q = playing the game. LFG = suffering for gear/rewards. Thats 2 simple difference.


Please read what I wrote… take 5 minutes thinking… Although you seem disagreeing the solution to what you want is there. Before there was NO need to soloqueue and not need for MOST players to do Rated Content. Results: NO QUEUE, NO WAITING and JUST FUN :slight_smile:

I’ve shared my concerns before so I am not all pro and positive about it, but as I understand it…some players are just endlessly stuck in the LFG tool. Apparently we reached a point where socialising is rare, making friends even more rare. But, honestly, it’s not too surprising. Finally found someone to queue up with regularly, aaaaand they quit the game or rarely log on anymore. For them being able to just press a button to join a game is a solution to -one- of the issues.

That does not mean that there are not more issues, or that this is the only solution to all of them, it’s just a way to get players playing instead of endlessly forming groups.

Obviously this has to be thought out well, designed properly and what not - but that’s another story.


Solo q an option.


I am with you… but you cannot trust the dev team nowadays.
PvP needs to live again… for that it has to be more open to casual (you see haven’t played in World of Tanks in a 6 months, played it yesterday and was competitive from the get go…).
If a Soloqueue system is implemented you can say goodbye to Random or wait like 30 minutes to get in… The guys who want soloqueue NEED to think what is gonna happen in the long run…

You missundertsand what is yolo q - its an option to play competetive games instead of sitting in LFG for hrs.


Many want SQ to stop feeding premades. I don’t mind both queues to exist. Let the best survive. Or both. But it’s definetely worth giving it a try.
You want to turn WoW into a MOBA for the love of casual players. How kind of you. I just politely yet firmly disagree.

Why would you possibly be against solo queue if its not a system you plan to use?

Like it wouldn’t affect any of the systems that are there now, you could still group and queue the same way you do now. It would just be adding a system for people who cant find groups etc

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Actually we are on the same side :slight_smile: (Soloqueue is a term used for rated BGs where ALL TEAMS are premades :slight_smile: )
Except it will be all the same… look at the Dungeon Raid Finder… all are waiting except the healers… Everyone goes for M+ so the queues go longer. Just saying Solo Queue = Random Death then little by little PvP death…
You see I think Blizzard thought about it when doing the dungeon finder, but did not implement it for a reason… They may have some some research and analysis and decided not to go through with it (btw thanks to the Finder now those group are well far from the wow experience, not a hello, not a thanks, everyone leaving… that is bad and not MMORPG)

The issue is not the queue but rather TO HAVE TO do the queue to be competitive.

If reaching at least 1600/1800 to be competitive in PvP was not mandatory (as before) you would not NEED to queue that much. And in turns there will be no queue (as before) in either rated or random content.

Please take 5 minutes, honestly, read again, ask yourself honestly the questions, weigh the pros/cons and think about the consequences.

The only Soloqueue that can be made is in random to avoid all the premades, but then again another question, and these one would be less impactfull if gears were not that imbalanced…

well theyre going to play something else in the long run…

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you are so right… :slight_smile:

My question is how do you prevent high end foulplay in rated soloqueues? Surely there will be people who have way too much time to play or even boost multiple alts just to screw some games up by just leaving from rated match.

there you go, thanks… Another issue…

Then I say stop that foulishness to FORCE people to endure Rated Content…

Already canceled my subscription as I don’t want to support that… People no longer have objectives in their life so they need to fulfill in games? To me makes no sense that a game sacrifice 95% of its player base (and potential player base) to please 5%.


You can check but this SOLOQUEUE BS has never been an issue before, NEVER


Rated should only give gear faster. PvP gear was obtained by everyone who did enough grinding. Think thats why people came back and kept playing in the past.


you are right… back then I used to farm honor on my alts for like 3 days… was painfull but I could play time to time with them during the patch (not having the best gear as opposed to my main)…

I WANT ALSO THAT RATED PVP GUYS get some proper reward. Something really good that does not destroy the user experience of CASUAL players. Blizzard think hard please (and maybe something better than a mount …)


i just wanna play… without looking for random dude that are gonna keave after the 1defeat. i already lose a bunch of time in PuGs for raids.

2vs2 arenas and Rbgs should be like skirmiches, in and out. (alleast 2vs2, we already play with random basicaly)

The thing is that wow is a MMORPG… Then you need to interact with people LFG has already well torn that… I am like you but if you wanna play with people you need to deal with people… Else think PvE Solo

i dont mind playing with ppl, i mind wasting the litle time i have trying to play.


“Wow is a mmorpg”, well, it haven’t been in many years, ever since mythic+ became a thing, it’s just a arpg at best.
Solo arena would never work, but solo rated bg’s would work, if they could make the mm good enough, and it would replace the premade part completely, it would have to, or it will be a ffa for wintraders, both can’t exist.
Rather have the rated bg solo q, and leave arena as is, but that’s me.