Som 2 changes for pala I want to see

EDIT: edited for more ideas

  1. Exorcism can now be used on any enemy but deals 20% less damage to non undead/demons but using excorism on undead/demons now garentees crit
    1.a holy talent: improved excorism r1/2 increased critical strike damage bonus of excorsim by 25%/50. 75%/150% for undead and demons

  2. rightious fury change: while under this buff, excorism now taunts foe
    2.a imp righteous fury also increases damage of excorcism by 15%/30%/45% when a mob is not targeting you. does not work on players

  3. improved seal of rigtheousness is unified into imp seal of the crusader giving 5/10/15% instead of the usual 3% per point. renamed to crusade. now also effects seal of command
    3.a replacing the former imp seal of righteiousness instead increases duration of stat blessings by 5/10/15/20/25 mins

  4. vidication also reduces intellect

  5. sactity aura now increases magical damage by party members by 10% rather then just holy

these changes will make you feel have a allergic reaction to… “changes”

those are my idea but i dont expect all to agree. no one does.

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the only changes som2 should have is warsong gulch having an end timer.


that be very good change to stop the stalemate

No thanks the class is fine.

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I don’t think there will be any changes at all if/when SoM2 comes out.

Personally I would like more than one attack at the early levels.

6: you cannot move or cast spells in bubble

Youre a total einstein if you think that should be the case with absolutely no idea how the class works.

i didnt ask opinion of paladin

Might buff make it 31 points into the ret tree, so all guilds are forced to have atleast one ret pala :smiley:

No its fine as it is. If you are somewhat of a social person you can always find a guild thatll have you as a ret.

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