Some lore predictions

…and ponderings.

We discover the Titans’ halos aren’t actually as clean as we all thought, this divides people, including the dragonflights. Maybe this is where Noz turns to Muroz, after learning they were all used as puppets?

I can’t really imagine Alexstrasza defying them despite any revelations, she seems far too fanatical about them to me.

The sword of Sargeras (what sword?) is going to be utilised as a weapon against the Titans, releasing it might even give way to an old god underneath?

Alex & Ysera’s deceased brother will return as a boss wielding undeath/decay magic

Are we going to see Deathwing somehow return? I keep thinking about the fact we saw him dead on top of Wyrmrest in End Time, I guess it could be explained away as an ‘alternate timeline’? But with the looming decay magic and dragon undeath stuff rising more and more in the existing plot, someone is clearly going to be brought back, I suspect either Galakrond or Deathwing…

Well, we already were pretty clear on the Titans not exactly caring about mortals and being perfectly willing to manipulate them to their ends. So that doesn’t seem like much of a twist… but it will certainly become more of a topic, as soon as someone actually starts engaging with the Primalist arguments.

And I feel like that story might be more about coming to terms with Titan nature and shedding the leftover reverence, rather than about actively rejecting them. As the lore is set up, rejection just isn’t much of an option. Titan’s might not be the benevolent originators, but the peoples of Azeroth, including the dragons, are very much formed by Order, and thus share a lot of its interests.

The ressurection of Tyr will probably become a turning point. Either we’ll learn that even the revered Tyr was a mean, propagandist butthole, or we’ll learn more about Titan politics and different factions among orders’ servants, to align with one. Either way, Tyr’ll point us towards the next big threat.

Murozond is another story that can go multiple ways. Nozdormu is certain he’ll become Murozond at some point… but that is only because he is specifically guarding the timeline the Titans want to happen, where this happens. If he were to defy the Titans’ plan, there actually is no reason for him to become Murozond. He is only fated, because he guards fate. One way or another, Nozdormu’s plot is about defying fate. So we really can’t take his visions of the future as given.

Which is also where the Old Gods, who favour unlimited possibility for the future. They have already been hinted at at a few points this addon, and the Odyn-files suggest that we have more to learn about the Black Empire. Our knowledge is pretty much limited to our Ny’alotha visit and Odyns propaganda, and an addon with prominent time-travelling dragons is a good point to dive a bit deeper.

Apart from that… I don’t really think we’ll see Deathwing or Galakrond again, but we might have a re-do of one of their stories through the primalists. We still have 3 primal incarnates to go, and either could take on decay and start chomping up power, or go the outside corruption route like Deathwing, and ally with the OGs. Especially Iridikron.

At this point I don’t see the sword or ressurection of dead dragons playing a big role, but I have to add the Night Elf plot to the things I expect them to tackle. We already had a questline where they deposited the “seed” in the emerald dream, close to a portal to the Dragon Isles, where a suspiciously spacious patch of enclosed water is waiting. So yerah, they’ll grow the seed into a tree (or at least a sapling) at some point, and that point will be within this addon.

I meant from a character perspective - it’s pretty clear to us, but ingame all we’ve had so far is ramblings from Primalists like you said, which the Aspects etc will likely disregard, because they’re Primalists.

That’s a fair point regarding rejection. I could get behind that.

I struggle to get my head around Nozdormu and the timelines. I thought the reason Noz was certain he’d become Muroz is because he’s searched all the timelines and came back empty? Isn’t that why Chromie insists she’ll find a timeline with the answer?

But I do hope that, if he does turn, it’s a complete add on and not just a brief N’zoth style patch. There are a lot of characters from the infinite flight we’ve met over the years that deserve their backgrounds fleshed out etc.

That’s another thing I’m unsure of. How do we get to the Primalist Tomorrow without Nozdormu turning, unless there is a specific reason we have to go… oh wait I’m guessing it’s the discs for Tyr isn’t it… that would make sense.

The tree planting doesn’t seem all that interesting to me, they’re going to get their city back which is nice, unless there’s some sort of struggle for it with either OG or Primalists. But we all know we’ll win that. There’s no way they’d let the Night Elves lose yet another tree.

Wasn’t this “stolen” by that rogue bronze dragon at the end of the Uldum dungeon?

It was, I don’t want to spoil anything but after we recover Tyr’s body, Alex talks of finding some other way to restore his mind.

You might be right on that, I’m not sure. Timetravel stuff is hard enough when you can rely on the authors to be thorough in their explanations and their continuity, and well, that was never really in the cards here. But I’m not sure that changes much. Noz got his powers from the Titans, so any information it gives them is filtered through the Order-perspective, whatever that may be. And his charge was to protect the one timeline that the Titans told him was the true timeline. So if Noz can’t find a timeline where he doesn’t become Murozond that most likely includes the one true timeline he is charged to protect, doesn’t it? Which would still make refusing to become Murozond an act of defiance against the Titans’ plan.

Though I guess we have to be careful of making it more complex than the devs are meaning it to be. Looking at WoW’s style I guess it seems more likely that they’d want a visual representation of a fundamental change in Nozdormu’s philosophy, and Murozond is that. Considering the anti-Titan theme I just don’t really expect that change to be presented as a bad thing, when it happens. I mean, they can always go with “he got corrupted, so he is a loot-piniata now”, but I don’t fell that that would fit the tone they are setting in DF.

Didn’t they say something about not forecefully trying to enclose all storylines within one addon, since it was part of the reason they made SL a clusterfunk? I think I remember something like this from one of the lore interviews, but am too lazy to check now.

But apart from that I do think that the Nozdormu-stuff will be a very major plot in Dragonflight. I mean, they chose him as the narrator of the promotional stuff, and ended the leveling campaign on his timey-wimey problems. I don’t really see another addon being even more centered on him than that. And Nozdormu can easily be tied into any of the storylines that 10.0 started, and can connect dragons, titan-scepticism, old gods and time-travel. I really wouldn’t be surprised if he was the central character of DF, much more than Alex and friends.

Right, as you say it it sounds obvious in retrospect.

This is what irks me - the way the direction of the story goes invites discussion and lore delving, but as you say. The writers clearly don’t think much deeper than a puddle in most cases.

It makes me feel like I’m that Pyromancer guy whenever I try to read into it.

Probably, sounds like the sort of lazy excuse I’d expect from them…

I’m totally okay with Nozdormu being the Center point throughout DF, I think he’s one of the most interesting of the Aspects, where others such as Alex feel a bit flat and 2 dimensional. I just hope the Murozond thing doesn’t both pop up AND get resolved in one patch. That would feel really sad and trivialise it I think. Which is why I suspect it will happen.

Incase it wasn’t obvious, I don’t really hold out much faith in Danuser & team.

If Azshara had only one patch, this is highly likely… also with Chromie and her “vow” I doubt that the devs will let Nozdu go in one blow and I’m sure we have to help Chromie to find a solution to that particular problem in a quest chain.

I don’t even understand why are they bringing Ysera back instead of letting someone else taking the spotlight… it’s like resurrecting Sindragosa and keeping Kalec on the side instead of developing him even further.

I hate that you’re almost certainly right here. It happened with her as well as N’zoth, probably others I can’t think of off the top of my head. Sucks that these iconic characters just become patch piñatas.

And yeah, I thought her daughter Mithra was supposed to be taking over as Aspect? Although from what I’ve seen, it does appear Ysera is only coming back temporarily to sort some things. But then… it just feels like Mirhra could do those things surely? It’s like her character is being robbed of logical development.

ysera is probably corrupted anyways, or then she will be corrupted again, i did have some realy insane theory about some of the aspects acutaly becomming the old gods, and that the old gods are made my Azeroth to protect her. considering time travel and all this, it is plausible, that some of the dragons becomes the old gods, Nozdormu is a candidate, and chromie becomes Murozond instead.

No. Ysera will do her job and then switch places with Malfurion again. This story is predictable.

The Chromie switching with Noz thing is interesting actually, I could believe that. It would also explain how we manage to bring down a corrupted Aspect in a 5 man dungeon - if they weren’t actually an aspect after all.

I wish they would leave the “big names” and create new characters… like if Kalec takes over the blue ones, why can’t she be another guide for another green one to become an aspect?

And just ditch Wrathion and the majordomo… I know it’s a rinse and repeat story, but still.

Be happy you still have big names. Ours are all dead. They even kill the new characters in Dragonflight.

Really? :rofl: I haven’t done the renown grind yet but this just sounds stupid

Except the Red dragon lady who guides us in the beginning

Play Azure Span. Two dead blood elves in the time of a few quests.

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Kalec and the Tuskarr holds all my attention there :point_right:t2::point_left:t2: :blush:

I only went there because of so many expedition quests. Was disappointed with how bad they treat my elves.

Erevien, no. Do not derail this into another bias thread. Back in your cage now.

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Stop accusing me of those things.