Sooo... we just reroll from Guardian?

The band aid doesnt work…non existent PTR changes or even trying anything out,so sad that i invested so much in guardian…still cant do +21.
Anyone else feeling this way?


i am 2840io with my bear and have done in time 22 keys not just 21 .That been said i understand your point and agree with you complete and the worst thing is that guardian havent been good the last 6 years so yes go play warrior or something or wait and hope they actually buff him this time not like they did 10 days ago

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Hi there , myself 2555 rio atm , and yes i fully agree with ya , even 18 and 19 keys are freaking hard atm vs any other tanks i play , not talking about 20 keys or higher it seems impossible if ya play with PUGS even , the healers are rly not ready sometimes how much dmg druids tank are taking vs other tanks !!

No its not fun and so unballanced atm !!
Made a new topic , sinds i had the feeling for weeks nothing is happening for druids atm !! no improving and waiting for a wonder to happen !

see my post , and thankyou for your post i hope more druids stepping up and starting to complain :))

rly hope they fix and improve druids tanks by allot !

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If there are no changes coming for Guardian in 10.0.7 I’m just going to leave it on the bench until next season. I love my fluffy Bear, but every time I play it I feel like I’m a liability to my group, especially to my poor healer. I might re-roll to prot paladin, but deep down I don’t want to ditch my bear. I just can’t enjoy it anymore knowing how much worse I make the keys for my group if I play it.


Healers don’t mind healing fluffy bears.


In low level content, even fluffy bears don’t need any healing.

I’ve been playing ppala for a few weeks now, and it feels so good (aside from the change to sfx they made on last reset, which will hopefully be reverted).

TIMING a +24 with NO HEALER? Nokhud Offensive Balance Druid PoV

F in the chat for healers. You’re either not needed, or blamed for every f**kiin mistake made in the run. Sadge times

Yes the fluffy bear is doing 82khps and the disc priest 20k hps. 11:36 International Polar Bear Day


For some reason I usually end up playing the underdog, also playing SV hunter, restoration shaman.

Didn’t much enjoy warrior, I do like brewmaster next to this spec. That said, I only play for 1 week, and just do up to +10s, so I don’t have that experience.

I finally got my chest piece, so will probably start spamming Azure Vault, since I really would like to have that trink, I know it’s not S tier or A tier, according to wowhead at least, but it’s a decent defensive trink.

I wouldn’t mind if they buff the stamina a bit on bears, as far as I know, they used to have the highest and seeing how much magic dmg hurts.

Add a talent or optiont to have some magic dmg red. whilst Ironfur is active perhaps?

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I hate to be the one to break this to you, but 2 of those videos were of Shadowlands dungeons, one was a feral druid, and one was a balance druid. The only one that was a current dungeon tanked by a guardian druid was Nokhud, which is one of the easiest dungeons for tanks.

If you were trying to prove the point made in your comment above, you failed.

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Random player could heal a +20. Players can complete +24 without healer and a bear can do a +24.

The issue is that groups can do the content without a healer. Bear is not the problem, druids are never too weak. Other classes need nerfs.

Salty healer whining because a small number of very skilled players are able to make groups that have enough off healing ability that a healer isn’t required.

Now you’ve made your point of view clear, everyone knows they can ignore you.

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Or here to protect the fluffy bears. Bears have a right to do higher keys.

Save the bears…

Nerf toxic meta players. Exalt bears and the kitty gods/goddesses. Druids in general.

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Datamined from the PTR…

Thorns of Iron When you cast Ironfur, also deal Physical damage equal to 30% of your armor, split among enemies within 12 yards. Damage reduced above 4 applications.

So…Guardian is actually getting nerfed… I’m lost for words


I mean, both of these are from the same player, with the same players (except one dps which might just be on an alt; so same person IRL).

You can’t compare a steady group of people that can cover eachothers behinds consistently and plough through content to CLASS BALANCE.
(An insane amount of things can be done by less than 0.1% of humans, that does not make it normal/good/fair/balanced/etc).

Just because ONE bear with ONE set of people can do it, does not mean its fair or made well.
Guardian needs a LOT of love… not chilling.

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Begins stroking fur. Bears should be powerful.


And this is the whole point. The only way to judge the strength of a spec is to look at how it performs in the hands of average players in a pug environment.

Anything +15 or below it dones’t matter what class/spec you pick. No one cares what time it took or if you could complete. Everyone can complete or should be able to complete a +15.

Skill is a factor but you can’t balance a game around those that cant perform or the people that can will destory everything in their path. Players will learn to use the broken balance to win and the game will die.

If content is too hard blizzards only choice is to reduce how hard the content is based on the median completion rate. Good luck showing this problem because only blizzard likely have the data.

Specs are balanced around their maximum potential. You can’t leave a broken spec just so everyone can beat the game with ease.

An average player should get a +15. This means some people won’t get a +15.

For me, when I like a spec, I don’t reroll. Either I play as is, or I don’t, I won’t usually look for a replacement.

Can you please explain what relevance this has to my comment?

You seem very hung up on this +15 key level.

Enemy Health/Damage Modifiers
Level Modifier %
Mythic n/a
2 +0%
3 +8%
4 +17%
5 +26%
6 +36%
7 +47%
8 +59%
9 +71%
10 +85%
11 +104%
12 +124%
13 +146%
14 +171%
15 +198%
16 +228%
17 +261%
18 +297%
19 +336%
20 +380%

Keystone Level End of Dungeon Great Vault
2 376 382
3 376 385
4 379 385
5 379 389
6 382 389
7 385 392
8 385 395
9 389 395
10 392 398
11 392 402
12 392 405
13 392 408
14 395 408
15 398 411
16 398 415
17 402 415
18 402 418
19 405 418
20 405 421

+15 is a decent key level, with double the hp and damage. +20 is nearly 4 times. As you can see above a Guardian druid is destroying a +20 in the video about the build I provided.

You have every right to argue your point of view. What do you want from blizzard to help you play druid?