Sooo.... why?

and sets. they check your profile and kick you if you dont have 2-4 set bonus.
i even saw +6 game that requires 2k rating. :sweat_smile:

this is wrong. because high ilvl babies dont want to waste time with people who die often.

Then you need to adjust your goals. This is a group based game not a solo adventure. Can’t all be to your preference.

Swearing is against the forum rules, even if you mask it as it’s just circumventing the filter, so just edit those out and everything is fine. There is no need to lose your temper over this.

I don’t know why it’s such a big deal to you that all areas of the game have this issue. That demands are made far higher than necessary. The reason is the same across the board, they want as smooth a run as possible and as the organisers listing their M+/RBG/Arena/Raid etc that is their prerogative. Some things are less punishing than others when you get leavers.

If you are genuinely struggling to find people to play with then please join a community but they require you to be pleasant to others and not lose your temper. That kind of thing is not tolerated.

No, just because YOU say its stupid does not mean that it is a FACT. This is your opinion. End of.

What goals? I am spamming low dungeons on my alt even tho I am way too overgeared for those anyway.

Gosh… grow a pair dude…

Well it’s not true and I explained why. Also, it seems to be for YOU a way bigger issue. I mean why else would you come up with an “argument” from like 10 years ago? From a completely different game pretty much? There is no way someone lacks that much common sense, don’t you think?

I agree but there is a little bit higher and then there is plain delusional. That’s the difference and the issue and you don’t see this in PvP. I mean you can’t even have it right in PvP with the current system. You just wanted to trash on the PvP community because I did on PvE. But in comparison to you, I did it with a valid - and more important current - argument.

We were already overgearing the dungeon with ~370… asking for more does not make it smooth, it’s… I don’t even have words for this.

You missed the point. I am calling out on a situation which affects everyone. If everyone joins a community, the rest, especially newer players will be confused why the LFG is dead.
It does not really affect me, since I can wait for friends, at least for now, as long as they are still playing. But I did my job, I educated the guy by explaining it to him in game and by showcasing it to him in the run. Now I do my part here. There is gonna be the one or another donkey who reads this and feels caught.

It is stupid because of the FACT many people did it with way less gear.
If you tell me it’s not stupid to smash your face against the door in order to open it, this would be an opinion and not a fact :wink:

Doesnt affect everyone. Seems to affect you and you obviously are having a hissy fit over it. Grow up and move on.

There is no reasoning or discussing with them. They aren’t interested in a discussion and some people only come here to vent. At the point they start being rude they aren’t worth engaging with IMO.

Valiant attempt though :slight_smile:

It obviously does because this guy made a whole group wait for 15 min for no reason.

Na you just mad cause you seem to be one of those guys. I am not surprised when you are wiping a +10 ruby with 388 ilvl as rdruid lmao :joy:

Interesting how you call me out for not willing to discuss when YOU were the one whose ONLY argument was an OLD system from LEGION and you couldn’t bring a SINGLE argument to the current situation while desperately trying to trash on the PvP community just because I brought up a known issue in the PvE community.

Dont play resto :smiley:

Thats not really point of mmos but yes.

You wanna say that’s not you?
Ok then…

I do not ask it I am free of stupid pve man baby, I enjoy the game as I want in NORMALS dungeon, I get in group every time, success every time, it is fun I love it. I recomendate if you want enjoy your game, quit the one where a gatekeeper loser demands of you a score or a metric to even get a chance at joining. Instead, play the queue content where everyone gets to enjoy have fun no problem of group forming.

they you can cancel subscription right away.
and play with free account… lock exp at lvl 10 and hf with timewalking… you have superior dps/heal/tank or what ever… and can even enjoin old quests (not all)

Guess what I already do! Yay!

It literally is. Progressing and feeling stronger the more you do and complete is literally the core concept of mmorpgs

Now people can choose, and they choose higher ilvl. Should I invite 374 or 390? Answer is obvious.

Yes people did it with less gear, because they HAD to. Nobody has to do that now. There are tons of other people doing alt runs specifically so maybe look out for that instead of getting triggered when somebody doesn’t want to boost you for free

I assume you didn’t read further comments to similar statements. He didn’t get higher ilvl people and kept waiting, wasting his and our time even tho we already were outgearing the dungeon.

Yes but we also did way higher keys.

  1. I am not triggered
  2. What do you want me to look out for? He wasted 15 min of the groups time in a +6 waiting for people who would never join anyway. He can be happy I joined lmao
  3. Who is gonna boost me in a +6 when I am boosting people in a +13?

I understand you wanna hate but it’s pointless to hate on facts.
Maybe I do underestimate how bad some people are when they need a full group of 385+ ilvls for a +6 and are willing to wait 15 mins… Maybe it’s really my fault? :joy:
Ye who am I kidding… common sense and basic level of intellect in PvE :joy: Maybe next expansion :slight_smile:

The leader decides what happens. You either accept it or make your own group. I know what I do when I run my key…