Sorry i didn't realise

I wasn’t aware that LFD was the soul reason wrath was considered the best xpac ever created,
nothing else, not the zones, not the raids, not dungeons, not the classes, the lore, nothing else,

LFD was the only reason wrath was worth playing??? because that’s what it looks like reading these forums,

players saying they’re unsubbing and wont be playing the best xpac because they cant sit in a queue, what on earth have i been reading,

my god get over yourselves, its embarrassing



Northrend basically frozen junkyard. LFD will save playerbase from ugly zones.

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LFD would be more helpful for dead servers than the entire expansion of wotlk


so instead of taking the free transfer offered, they want to unsub?


free? not in my realm

well it’s very unfortunate your realm isn’t on this long list, out of curiosity what realm you on?

Im still wondering why everyones ignoring every other aspact of the xpac, its like LFD is the end boss

It’s just retail players and the dad gamers who play for 20 min a day crying about it


I think people are sick of all the boost adds they have to scroll through to find a simple dungeon run… Like, even as a level 1-30 player, all I see are boost services. The LFD would allow us to just find people who are not interested in a boost but just want to play a normal dungeon. Also LFD introduced bonus xp for random dungeon queue, which would lessen the need of these boosters.

Like, looking at TBC, the LFD would just improve the situation. I’m totally fine with LFD missing the first phase of WOTLK, but these devs said they won’t be adding it at all… Thats a very bold statement rly. And I think ppl are worried about that. We have played classic now for 2+ years, we are ready for WOTLK and all its features IMO. If someone don’t like LFD go classic/tbc ERA.


It wasn’t, just like dual spec wasn’t, or rly any other core feature of WotLK taken alone. That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t an important part of WotLK that a significant chunk of the playerbase expected to see in the game, and to see it excluded from the game without any rationale or any hint of if/when it will be added is baffling, to say the least.

I could accept it, somewhat, if they just said that they plan to add it in a specific later phase. Even if I’d find it somewhat odd to wait until last phase before adding it, it rly shouldn’t come any later than Ulduar phase assuming they simply don’t want us to level our first chars to 80 with it. But the way I understood it from other sources (haven’t had the time to watch the full video yet, so forgive me if I missed something), they haven’t given any hints in this sense. Which is unacceptable, and prolly the main reason why ppl are so upset.


I have over 30 days of /played total at lvl 70 between my TBC chars (I wish I could log now to give you the exact figure but it’s maintenance right now, I’ll update this post tomorrow once I can check), which equals an average of 2-3 hours every single day since launch, and 15+ hours a week (that’s almost half the time a normal person spends working, you know). And I still wish we had LFD in the game. So spare me the fake scorn.

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Yeah but you’re from a PvE server. They tend to not really represent the classic playerbase.

It’s worth noting that when Classic was first announced, Blizzard talked about the future of Classic and even implied back then that they might not include the dungeon finder; anybody expecting to see it really didn’t listen to what Blizzard said.

I personally have no issue with dungeon finder, game will be the same to me with or without it. But I suppose since boosting is far less effective in WoTLK and now we can’t just powergrind dungeons to level, the hundreds of alts I plan to make will just have to venture out in the world.

I was about to facepalm at the stupidity of this comment, but then I saw the APES tag and suddenly it all makes sense.


They just cry that they have to talk to people in an MMO


Not sure of what does this have to do with LFD. Worried about less ppl to gank in the outsiďe world?


Where in the word mmo does it say that you have to talk to people? Where does it say that you have to be social? If you wanna talk to people then there are table top games for you play that instead.

TBC is the best exapnsion ever created, WOTLK isn’t.

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Reading these comments it seems as though Blizzard have made some kind of official statement on the matter - something like:

"We will definitely not be adding the LFD tool to Wrath of the Lich King Classic. We are aware that this tool was present in the original release, however it has been decided to make a series of significant changes to the 2023 release, which includes the complete and permanent removal of the LFD tool.

We are aware that some players feel strongly about this issue and would prefer the tool to be implemented, but we at Blizzard are adamant on this matter, and our minds are made up. The tool will not be implemented under any circumstances, regardless of player demand.

Thank you and have a very pleasant and productive day"
Huddles: The Blizzard team.

I mean… has anything like the above statement been issued anywhere? If so can I please have a link to the source?

Now you are. Happy to educate you.

Aelum obviously wants PvE => OvP transfer, as he is on Pyrewood Village - mouseover his portrait will show realm in lower lefthand corner of your screen.

LFD is what made 5 man dungeons spammable. Spamming 5 man dungeons ist fun. I did that on my prot warrior even when I didn’t need anything from 5 man heroics. The instant queue incentivizes tanks to join, and people to have a tank spec with dual spec, and this is especially the case when you aren’t required to guilt trip people from your guild to tank for you (which is toxic af, btw).

LFD has no impact on any social aspect in the game, since currently you just whisper your spec to whoever is spamming the lfg chat, and you accept the invite. That is the full extent of the social experience that you miss out on. You can still talk to other people during the dungeon run even with the LFD tool, but in tbc this is very rare.

LFD also doesn’t lead to toxic behavior, because, as it turns out, most people are quite ok. If the only reason you don’t ninjaloot and flame people in 5 man dungeons is that you are worried people might remember your name, then you are the issue. The vast majority of people I got into dungeons with are chill.

LFD with crossrealm has virtually no downsides, but makes 5 man content actually playable on lowpop realms, removes the need for third party software to find groups, and increases the number of dungeons runs that are done. That is why not having the tool sucks. It actually hurts the game.