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And it was fun only in the last half of Wrath?

In my opinion they are bunch of fakers complaining in forums about all kinds of things, it was always like that, just to get attention, when you realize what they are saying you will notice what they are actually saying, and that is - they played 4 years on classic without any problems, and now they won’t play 2 more years to finish classic series only because there won’t be LFD, and what is worse then that, LFD came to last patch, so like only 6months they will use it and they will be happy, even though they played 5 years without it? Just think about their stupidity… Those are same people that want retail to not feel like RPG anymore, they want everything for free because ‘‘they don’t have time to play games’’ yet they still play them, think about it, same logic, same stupidity…


Yes, it was only fun with the LFD tool. The teleport means you get to go immediately. Going to the dungeon is not linked to any social interaction whatsoever, and is just meaningless afk autoflying. It adds nothing to the game. It just takes time.

The LFD tool is required for dungeons to be spammable. Especially later on, it doubles the number of dungeons you can do. While blasting throug 5 man content might not be fun for you, I actually liked going in there completely overgeared and running through them. This benefits people who gear alts, and it benefits people who like 5 man content.


OK, for yout sake I hope LFD is added, but not until the last half of Wrath - the key words here being “Later on”

You fundamentally misunderstand the issue. LFD wasn’t introduced to mess with the game. It was introduced to counteract very specific things. If you were to actually play tbc, you would notive that 5 man content is virtually dead on lowpop realms. I play on one with about 2k player of my faction, so there are no dungeon runs after 11 pm, and only very few in the afternoon. Looking for a tank takes over an hour, unless you pressure guildies into tanking for you, which is toxic.

LFD wasn’t missing in tbc “without any problems.” LFD in tbc would have fixed the 5 man content. However, not having in tbc is absolutely justifiable. Heroic dungeons aren’t really that important to gearing. In wotlk, 5 man content is a lot more important, especially if you want heirlooms. In tbc, you can run karazhan and za for badges, which is fairly efficient. In wotlk, heroic dungeons were rather easy, so that creates another incentive to do 5 man dungeons.

5 mans being dead in tbc is acceptable, though it still sucks, and now Blizzard is refusing to implement the fix for that.

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I think not having it in the beginning would be ok, since then you have a small window of opportunity to get the daily quest achievements. As far as I remember, you couldn’t get those anymore when they introduced the LFD tool. It’s just a little vanity thing, but it would still be ok.

They should add it with Ulduar though, since it is also important for people who want to catch up on alts, or change their main. As far as I know, DK tank is really weak early on, but then ok in t9 and t10. Also, you might want to go from 1 holy paladin to 2. Having a bit of catchup with dungeon spamming really helps in that regard too, and isn’t so excessive that you get catchup gear thrown at you like there’s no tomorrow.

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I’m an avid achievement collector, so this IS an argument for me, thanks!

Like I said, get over yourself, it’s embarrassing

LFD was never an important part of Wrath. It came so late that most of the expansion was over when it arrived.

WotLK content (as in, Northrend etc) started on Nov 13, 2008
Patch 3.3, which introduced LFD, arrived on Dec 8, 2009.
The first Cata patch, 4.0.1, arrived on Oct 12, 2010.

Almost half of WotLK was on 3.3, with LFD. That’s what most people based their experience on. Not to mention pservers which are based on 3.3.5 and always had LFD included for the most part.

Play dumb as much as you want but it’s unsurprising that so many ppl are upset at Blizzard for this decision.


That the demographic that play on PvE server are a specific type of player and they are quite unlike the rest of the people who play on PvP servers. Also 30d played time is not that much for tbc.

Just checked now. My paladin has 12 days and 16 hours. My mage has 15 days and 6 hours. My priest has 6 days and 17 hours. My shaman has 1 day 15 hours. My rogue has 2 days and 18 hours. For a total of 39 days. And that’s just counting the time spent at lvl 70 - add 2 days or so per character to get to 70 in the first place and you get around 50 days of /played.

TBC launched on June 2nd of 2021. Today is April 20th of 2022. It’s been 323 days of TBC. 50/323*24 = almost 4 hours average per day. If you somehow think this is not much time spent on a single videogame over almost a year, I think you should probably visit a medic. A good one.


PvE and PvP for sure have different demographics in Classic. PvP playesrs tend to play Horde on Mega servers and whine in the forums and on SoME whenever something does not suit them. They are slowly quitting.
PvE players tend to play Alliance, and play more than whine and are a slowly growing community, enjoying the game - also the levelling part of it - still.
Both are representative of what Classic should be.

Out of curiosity, what would you consider a ‘lot of time played’?

And how much was added after 3.3? Exactly. It was the last patch before prepatch and everything was already over by then except for ICC.

This Druid has 90 days. I created it in the TBC prepatch and hit 60 a few days after TBC launch. 81days at level 70.

I am not gonna give up playing wotlk classic if there is no LFD but it’s definitely an awful decision that makes me mad. The fact one of the devs actually went out and posted on twitter that ,enough players are cheering for it so we probably won’t change our minds, is just mindboggling when its like at least 5 to 1 in favor of LFD on these forums and any other forums I visited. If you make a change to a game and only like 20% ( at most ) of people playing actually like it…and you call that ,enough people are cheering for it, than I just dont know what to say. This situation is just madness imo.

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So what? /10 char

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lfr and lfd killed the community aspect of the game. after that the made cross realm things and they killed the servers. back in original vanila and classic wow everyone knew everyone in the servers. thats why it was special. the world chat. the flaming the jokes everything. now ppl can be rude join lfr get items move on. or ppl are toxic AF and they kick someone for smalest reason. no sense at all

Exactly the same thing is happening in TBCC, the lack of dungeon finder has not stopped toxicity and elitism from taking over the game.

If you want to do a heroic dungeon people are first checking your spec and score before you even get a invite, and if your spec isn’t deemed to fit in the meta you aren’t invited. I wonder if that’s the intent when the developers say that they are not adding RDF.

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