[Spoiler] What’s your thoughts about present Sylvanas?

Lost interest in Legion when they killed Vol’jin after an expansion of inaction just to force a war narrative that led to one of the worst’s expansions in the game’s history. MoP should have been the end of the Red Vs. Blue narrative and the start of the cosmic saga they’d been planning - Sylvanas could have remained in this story as still the ever-opportunist leader of the Forsaken, still carving a destiny for her people.

Instead, she became a catalyst character who frankly has had too much screentime. I’ll be annoyed if they redeem her; but, so long as Shadowlands is the final time the overwrought grey elf dominates the narrative, I’ll be content. Dead, redeemed, or jailed - just gone.


Looking at this game from real life perspective is no fun. Games like these are made for rp even outside of it. If we were supposed to discuss the characters this way, there would never be anyone with name. It’s all Blizzard’s writing. There’s no Sylvanas, there’s no Anduin, there’s literally no one, but that’s really no fun is it. Why would I talk about a character that doesn’t exist from a real life perspective, I would get literally nothing out of it


That’s what the RP-Forum is for, this one is for a discussion of Facts from an outside perspective or atleast with a healthy distance to Events.
If everybody acted like you this would be even more of a shouting-match of different oppinions and RP-Standpoints than it is now.


Sylvanas is like Gollum in search of a ring

Well Revendreth do have those atonement crypts they like to put souls in for millennia at a time. Then it’s either parole, an extended sentence or a transfer to the Maw.

To be honest going of some of the sinstones there, a few of the souls in Revendreth look like they’ve done a lot worse in life in some cases than her.
I wouldn’t put some sort of reunion with Kael’thas of the table either, since they’re both scarred in some way by the same series of events during WC3/Third war.

This topic…right in the feels…

I absolutely loved Sylvanas , I basically started paying because of Warcraft3 Story and somehow still do love her. I hate what she has become though. I actually quit because of her burning Teldrassil…even if she was shady even before that…as Thrall put it:

“Despite all Sylvanas has done, I never thought she would be part of something like this”.

I still hope for somewhat a redemption, even if she dies. She should not die a villain and everything she stood against in the past. Yes it is a long time since she has been Ranger General, yes she did atrocious stuff, but well atrocious stuff happened to her , too. Dont think I need to explain.

I still wonder why she was sent to the Maw after she through herself off ICC and how there were Valkyr there. Were those really just Mawsworn? Was that the bargain she made with Helya? Was it because she died by Frostmourne? Then again, so was Uther, and yet he was sent to Bastion.

I really really enjoyed the Anduin-Sylvanas cinematic since it shows her pain but also her hesitation when it comes to Anduin. Deep down I think she respected Varyan and aso Anduin…well somehow apparently she does care.

At this point the only question really is if she becomes Garrosh 2.0 or Illidan 2.0. Maybe i just grasp for any possible thread of hope and of course I dont think it would make up for all the horrific stuff she has done during BFA especially but mayve she really just plays a doubleagent…unlikely, but just last straw of hope or maybe she will in the end sacrifice herself, though given her fear to get into the Maw I highly doubt that.

BUt we will see I guess…I kinda hope to see a confrontation with Arthas aswell as Tyrande.

Anyways. Sorry for this wall of text…Im just really emotionally invested in the lore and especially hers.


Confrontation with Arthas would be really interesting, after all this time, he is her kryptonite after all :yum:

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Yeah, i kinda wanna see that, too.

But I am also wondering if Arthas was himself really or if he was corrupted /controlled by Frostmourne/Zovaal or real Jailer. Given the connection of ICC to the Maw/Thorghast. I wonder if it were so if he could be held acountable for his actions…

Interesting enough, Kil’Jaeden created the Lich King, I wonder how this all connects…also why is he called “Lich kIng?” Assuming a connection to Maldraxxus here…

anyways, enough digressions…this was meant to be about Sylvannas.

I would not be to supriced if there is 2 sylvanas in shadowlands now, the evil one and the honored one, you se she was also struck bu the frostmourne.
what seems to split the persons soul in 2, happend to uther, so most likely happend to sylvanas also.
what would meen her good side might be in shadowlands, and her more evil side was the one who became the banshe queen due to Arthas resurecting her in to one.

this could actualy be one of her scheemes, to find her other half, to eighter destroy it, or to merg whit it.

that would also explain her mega tantrums she is showing, whit burning of teldrassil and other crazy stuff, question is though, when did it happen.

was it when killed buy arthas, was it when she jumped down from icecrown, or when Godfrey shot her.

this could also explain * At the hour of her third death, she will usher in our coming.

Now could argue Sylvanas has died 3 times, she has yes, but at same time, if you do not count her first death where she was alive, she has only died 2 times, meening if she dies a 3rd time now, something comes, we know this was about the old gods,but then again was it, or was it about something else.

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With each new cinematic they portray her as more complex and struggling internally. Which in no way omits what she has been doing since Cata which is being a pure villain with the occasional “Grey moments”.
The way the Sylvanas arc ends will definitely disappoint a large group of people, it is now impossible to wrap it up and not disappoint Night Elf/Worgen/Alleria/Forsaken/ and even some Horde fans. Someone is getting axed for the sake of Necr@phili@ Waifu :smirk:and that includes the contrived plot.


Depends. Devos started acting before that time, so there were chances that she was caught before she could ever encounter a kyrian. Also, there is saronite involved, and you know how trust worthy our tentacle friends. Or she could be sent to the Maw by the Arbiter, because it’s the destination to those who might be a threat to the order of Shadowlands.

Originally Bolvar wanted to just keep all undead on a leash. But when the helm was placed on his head for the first time, the “dark presence” was very difficult for him to resist. What brought him back to his senses seemingly was the shock when he realised that his connection with val’kyr was severed.

Since that time his opinion was that he also needed the scourge to defend the powers of the Lich King from those who are alive too, for whatever definition of “alive” (including Sylvanas), not just the living from the scourge.

I’m afraid that we won’t know where the devs want to take that story till they tell explisitly. You have assumption that the val’kyr chose to serve the Lich King (and that probably include the Jailer too now), yet there is an idea that they had no choice.

There was assumption that they are allies of the Jailer, yet they were afraid to die.

There is one moment when Sylvanas refer to their bond as “sisterhood”, then you have the scene where a val’kyr was defenseless and bent to her will.

So, it can go in any direction from them teaming up and opposing the Jailer, to val’kyr backstabbing Sylvanas and trying to free themselves from these shackles the moment they could.

Somewhere on the background one can hear a person running. The door to the room where Sylvanas and Anduin are talking was quickly opened, and a familiar voise screamed:
To which Anduin replied:
“It’s too late Genn, the wedding ring is already on the finger”.

gl hf

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I’m pretty sure they retconned it and made it so that he was controlled manipulated by the Jailer yes,even Bolvar said in the ICC that he heard whispers not Arthas not Ner’zhul, something else, also Arthas always kept Jainas locket and even took his own heart, I’m just having a hard time thinking he did all those mean things by his own free will… Unlike Sylvanas

Not quite. At least I actually dont think Valkyr=Mawsworn=Forsworn etc. I think that there are different “Valkyr”. Given the fact that Odyn kinda forced Helya into that I could see the “original” valkyr to split up. So basically what I am saying or at least assuming is that the Valkyr Sylvanas encountered back in the Maw then, were either trapped in the Maw or simply affiliated with the Jailer, since basically it was that moment Sylvanas path went downhill. Yes , they wanted to be free from LichKing or rather Bolvar as Lich King, that was the whole point of them “helping” Sylvanas.

Just as Sylvannas is afraid to die and allied (for all we can tell) with him.

This kinda proves the point of the Valkyr being connected to the corruption of the LK.

Wait what? I just think she does not respect Anduin as Varyan but she kinda cares about him… Would not take it as far as that…which I really hope is just RP stuff :laughing:

But you are right,

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“You have” is my poor attempt at english. The intention is to say that there is a variety of story bits related to val’kyr that could lead in very different direction. Sorry for confusion.

That is an odd part, since they never approached anybody else who would be a better choice. So it’s possible that they were under the influence of the helm of domination. When they got further away from the Ice Crown they are no longer that sure about their pact: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Cities_in_Dust

The idea I have is that if they would be serving the Jailer as the Collector’s ed. Shadowlands book suggested, then there would be no point for the to hesitate.

edit: https://www.wowhead.com/news=318433/lore-reveals-from-the-shadowlands-collectors-edition-art-book-jailers-plan-for-h

He would send those val’kyr to serve as her tethers to mortality. A pact needed to be made. Only then could she return beyond the veil. Only then will the Banshee Queen claim the crown of the false king.

One of recent short stories suggests that the power of the helm of domination is enough to take the control over death knights, at least if they are close. Since the val’kyr were in the Ice Crown Citadel, they were vulnerable to such influence, which could make them consider only Sylvanas as a valid choice.

Embrace the meme :eyes:
This idea IMO is so bad that I kind of want to see it happen.

gl hf

He also kept Sylvanas’ blood with himself. One way or another, this guy deserves to be send to Revendreth. Sylvanas aswell, but she actually threatened the reality so maybe even a place in the maw.

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As much as I love her (for what she was) and still have that nonsense hope I mentioned earlier and even if Horde players are triggered now , I really hope they dont do this to Anduin nor that he is harmed. Im Horde at heart but tired of this never ending conflict and i believe Anduin to be the only one that gets that. While he is Anti - Sylvannas , he does not make the whole Horde responsible for her actions…like other aliance leaders did or still do somewhat.

Ill stop that here since this thread is about Sylvanas though. This forum is dangerous for me, I could talk Lore and ideas about it all day :sweat_smile:

Thank you very much for the input and effort :hibiscus: Since i quit during BFA and tried to keep me spoiler free till i return I had no idea about the collectors edition book, at this point ill need to play the Madraxxus convenant campaign before diving deep into shadowlands lore sources out of Game :sweat_smile:

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If they would do it a bit earlier, that could be a basis for the long-term faction cooperation.

It’s ok, I quit in early MoP. Sometimes hop on forums here to pretend to be clever.

Visit again some day.

gl hf

Was not my intention but yeah…ok i guess ^^

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No, I mean, that I did not play WoW since early MoP till the Shadowlands pre-patch. So, my knowledge of the game story is very fragmented at best. Sometimes I just hop in, and if I recognise some idea, then I occasionally answer, share some links and stuff. And overall I pretend to be clever. However, I do not know all that much.

[as you probably noticed, English is not my native language so sometimes the process of explaining something does not go too well; sorry, I did not mean to be antagonistic]

gl hf

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Oh, yeah I got it wrong then, sorry for that. Dont worry about your english. Its actually pretty good. Just missed the “I” but this happens to me all the time to because i translate the words but sometimes use my own language’s speaking patterns^^

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