[Spoilers] Shadowlands Alpha

You should either be a regular new race with its own unique model, or not exist!

Indeed, there are some Allied races (Nightborne, Vulpera, Zandalari) that should’ve been full new races, but the rest should’ve been customisation options.

Especially since the Dark Iron dwarves have been living in Ironforge since Cataclysm.

Reading up on Allied Races, apparently Chris Metzen and the devs saw/reffered to the night elves and draenei as Allied Races of the Alliance :thinking:

I mean, since it’s called the ALLIANCE, I guess all the races in it are technically allied races.


Utterly based. Why shouldn’t we get blue eyes for belfs? All the gamers have been clamoring to play helfs - what’s the problem? High Elves being an allied race of Silvermoon will be ace!

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Anduin made the joke already in HotS.


So it begins.

High Elves here we come.

At last. We can finally put the High Elf dispute behind us.

Everyone got what they want, I clearly CANNOT see how ANYBODY could complain again by now.

Inb4 someone says “The Wow community is never happy”


Green and gold for the bold, boo the blue.


Oh, my sweet summer child.

Now comes the masses of void elf roleplayers demanding less voidy hairstyles.


in a beautiful and delayed symmetry i predict void elves will now fully take over the alliance, as elves did the horde

they’re already the 3rd most played race, let’s get these numbers up

That’d be a petty thing to complain.

You wanna know what Galaxy brain people would complain about? “Why an AR like Void Elves are getting more options? I thought Blizzard said only OG races are getting some.”

Fortunately we’re on Pandaria. Need to get the all-round border wall built posthaste.

They are already complaining about it in the post thread. :smiley:

The Exodus of the Blood Elves shall begin.

Welcome my fellow High Elves brothers and sisters.


Where they were always meant to be… In the Alliance.

(C’mon, let’s not fool ourselves, we know Belves were just to bolster Horde population numbers.)

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Where was you when Velf rp was kill?

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green-eyed blood elves :handshake: gold-eyed blood elves

oppressing blue eyed elves


“You’re playing a blue-eyed blood elf?”


You’ve been playing a blue-eyed blood elf for like a decade, Ely.