[Spoilers] Shadowlands new patch

So now that you know this is a spoiler.

How do you all feel that the Alliance yet again draws the short end of the stick and loses a leader to evil magic?

https://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2021/february/Chains_of_Domination_Anduin.jpg ?

I think its ridiculous the Horde always gets their redemption stories while the Alliance loses leaders to evil magic left and right.

Now even the most noble and glorious, blessed by the Light, leader of the Grand Alliance itself falls.

Also, we’re exploring another city that was pulled inside the Maw by the Jailer himself.

The Jailer is searching for the key to fulfill his twisted designs—and he has pulled a fragment of a long-lost domain into the Maw itself to find it. Seek answers in ancient Korthia, the City of Secrets, and engage in new quests and outdoor activities.

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Dude we don’t know the details yet, I doubt we’ll end up killing DK Anduin. I’m sure we’ll just free him if not in 9.1 then in 9.2, then he’ll be on our side in the final patch again.

It’s totally how they’re going to set up him for the future, change his perspective of the light/dark etc, then in future expansion put him at odds with Turalyon.

Feeling great, tbh. I know that hope is the first step on the road to disappointment, but if there is even the slightest chance that the alliance is FINALLY free of Anduin, i´ll celebrate it. I dont even care if we kill him or redeem him, just get him out of our faction story. Make him neutral or something.


This cannot be.

Anduin is the genius who transcends all races. He cannot be defeated by that bald janitor and his ghost friend.

Through his Human potential, Anduin has already formulated a plan, I’m certain of it.

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Not even close to the truth.

This is like the first time ever this happens to the Alliance. It is usually reverse and the Horde loses all its leaders while the alliance one’s grow more powerful with each expansion. Now shut up and go cry on the corner.

Good. Anduin had it coming.

Also good. Jailer shows what he is truly capable of. He has the potential to become the best antagonist we ever had.

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Anduin looks bomb. Sorry for his fans but I think he just got an upgrade xD

Raid the Sanctum of Domination - Brave treacherous, unexplored reaches of Torghast in a new 10-boss raid: the Sanctum of Domination. Encounter the true Eye of the Jailer, turn the tide against the Tarragrue, and come face-to-face with the Banshee Queen herself in a fateful confrontation.

This though, is going to make a lot of people happy.

Well, you guys, enjoy killing Sylvanas in a raid.

Are they serious…I am just sad… :tired_face:

I mean it was foreshadowed since BFA but I didnt think they will go thorugh with this and they shouldn’t have…

Which redemption story are you talking about? Name any?

Garrosh? None existent.
Sylvannas’ possible one just went down the gutter aswell.

Anyways…just heartbroken…once again…I so unrealistacally hope this isnt for real…

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Well, the majority wins I guess. Can’t blame people for asking for her head. After all, it’s not their fault she was written this way.

I guess the Forsaken are now just an Alliance accessory. 15 years of being a major player in this game and she ends up as some raid boss in the 2nd major patch.


No, dont get it wrong.

I dont ask her to be redemeed as in “she is good and back now” …that she would die is understandable and was bearable . I just hoped she does not die a villain and what she was fighting in life. I hate the part of her doing what was done to her by Arthas.

Moreso that she twisted Anduin of all things… I dont know. Heartbroken…once again, even worse than during BFA…

I’m just tired of it honestly. I was really excited about Blizzcon this year but this makes me want to unsub.

There’s some info out there that Anduin is going to be just fine btw. He will die of old age or something.

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I unsubbed during BFA for her burning the tree and ngl, call me a snowflake or sth but I really play with the thought of doing it again atm. Was about to log in for the weeklies but I dont know…emptiness. As much as I tend to oversee game issues and such…when it comes to the story…well…emotional investment is strong with me.

I hope he will be though I just think its wrong they tainted him at all.

Lets see how they gonna approach all of this.

Not gonna lie that I hoped Tyrande to be the one to turn evil because of her rage…but oh well…

It can be a bad or a good thing. This might give him that edge, that roughness that everybody expected of him. It might make him a better leader overall.

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Well sure, tho for me he already developed it in the events of BFA and showed it in the Thorghast cinematics aswell…he isnt the naive and gullible person he used to be…but yeah maybe they find a way to make this work eventually…hopefully…

And thank you, talking actually helped me “cool off”.

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Could not kill Jaina. And a bunch of others.

Maybe him truly understanding what she went through is the first step to :heart:

gl hf

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Do you think they will pull another Jaina? I really doubt it tbh.

Jaina, Algalon, Kil’Jaeden v.1, Illidan, Kael’thas (kind of), Anub’arak (kind of), that gnome who got away alongside Jaina, Helya, Odyn (kind of), and plenty more. You can pick whichever scenario you prefer.

gl hf

I’ve said it in other threads before: I fully expect Sylvanas’ eventual redemtion to lie in saving and restoring Anduin, probably side by side with Arthas’ soul. So yeah, I expected Lich King Anduin. And I expect him to be back to normal, or close to it, when SL is over.

Remember we were explicitly shown that he never gave in and forced #TeamJailer to make him a puppet instead of an agent.

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That’s why we’re here mate, to cool each other off.

See, even Chrono is trying to calm me down.

Hmmm, I pick… whatever as long as she doesn’t kick the bucket :joy:


To be honest, I hate it…she deserves it for BFA and SL actions but personally Id like to not be acively involved…I still have the Ranger General version of her in my heart although by turning Anduin it died 100%

I think he already did understand her. At least the last thorghast cinematic implied so…but we will see. And im fully against a love thing between them if thats what u mean :,D wait yes i think I rememeber now from another thread ^^

Î mean they pulled another garrosh ,another Arthas…what is stopping them :upside_down_face: