Start balancing all specializations the right way for M+ (The 5-10% nerfs are not enough)

Please start balancing everything the correct way now early season.

Some specs are roughly 20-25% behind on damage compared to some of the top damaging specializations.

Yes certain specs will get nerfed this incoming reset. but a 5-10% nerf is not enough, or you should buff the " avarage specs " to be on par with the top ones.

If you play Demon hunter or Hunter do not be insulted by this post, i am making this post to show that the balancing team is again doing its best work. Afterall you want to keep the entire playerbase happy and not just a part of them

Examples: (M+ Everbloom high add count dungeon) (Data from Warcraftlogs) :face_with_head_bandage:
Overpowered specializations
Demon hunter Havoc (394-448k):
Hunter Beastmastery (350-419k):

Normie specializations
Monk Windwalker (234-283k):
Warrior Fury (266-332k):
Shadow priest (232-293k):
Elemental shaman (243-326k):


Have you read the class tuning coming with reset?


Yes i have and the impact is about 5-10% for Demon hunter & Hunter dps. See the difference in the post i showed. It’s about 20-25% not 5-10% which means the tuning is incorrect even after the nerfs there will still be about 15% difference.


Isn’t it a little early to panic just yet? People still haven’t gotten their 4/4 tier pieces. And class tuning has barely started.

Most people showed in the logs have the 4-piece. I have checked it personally. It is now the right time to do correct tuning. Half season it will only cause issues as people have pushed high with these Meta classes and cannot do this again without them, which will result in ‘Dungeon nerfing’ like last season. Which is even more of a headache towards Blizzard.


I am going to wait and see what impact this has first.

That’s blizzard’s approach every time.
“Let’s adjust it by 3% then wait and see how it works”
And a few weeks later “Oh, it still sucks, let’s give it 1.8% and wait and see”.

The problem is a season doesn’t last 6 months like blizz likes to think. In 1 maybe 2 from now most people quit and nobody cares if they get it right a week before the next patch/expac launches as it will upset the balance anyway.


Surely 3-4 classes overperform , but PVE wise , you could just buff the underperformers , like MM (the one that comes to mind) rather than nerfing.

It’s easier to nerf 3-4 classes then to buff all the others. It would turn into a balancing nightmare and it’s generally easier. If for example the overpowered specializations would be 5% stronger then the rest, that would be acceptable as it’s close enough to fill the gap. But 20-25% difference (after nerfs 15-20% difference) is unacceptable. After those nerfs u can start buffing certain classes like Shadowpriest / WW etc to bring them closer to the middle of the pack.

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I prefer that approach to when they nerf things into the floor and they become the most undesirable class to play.

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They don’t have to. They can just safely nerf it with 15% overall to start with. Then see how it’s performing, it will still be 5-10% ahead of the rest. But a 5-10% nerf is just too small to begin with. I don’t want to see those classes destroyed, i just want to see them closer to the rest of the pack.

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How do you account for the fact that the people playing the OP specs may be better players than the ones that didn’t reroll?

I’m not saying there isn’t a problem here but your approach has its flaws as well.

Find it weird. You have to take into account the party composition as well.

What tank did they have? Because a prot pala for example cant take pulls as massive as a DH tank currently.

Did they have augmentation evokers or disc priest PI? Normally FOTM specs are not just FOTM specs but COMPS. The underdogs are usually the ones with out FOTM comps.

Why is it that the average key from the top 2 logs is 25. While from the bottom specs its 22.

Maybe mobs die to fast in a 22. No chance to shine there.

Dunno… I mean… I get that DH and BM are OP. But there are other factors contributing to such a massive difference you showcase in your post.

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I’m sorry but if you don’t see that BM hunter and DH are overtuned, you really need to start joining some M+ keys with them. Come back afterwards. Group composition is absolutely irrelevant to the dmg output they have. I’ve even seen on some groups doing 2x DH + Aug, melting all adds like butter. But hey perfectly balanced right? U guys all need to stop defending overpowered specializations and be true and honest. We don’t want your specialization destroyed, we just want to see it in normal healthy standards.


No it isn’t. They explained quite clearly why. Certain comps can do bigger pulls. So a prot pally and ww monk can’t be compared to a DH and DH on a like for like basis.

Again, this isn’t about just reading raw numbers from logs and saying “gosh the dh did more than the ww monk”. And again, DH and BM are busted, but your analysis is poor.

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So demon hunter and BM hunter is not doing 20-25% more? Alright. You are right. They are balanced and all other classes just suck then. Got it. You hear that people. Reroll BM hunter or DH, there’s no other specializations anymore.


Do you even read what was written before balling up your fists and mashing reply?

Nobody here is saying they are balanced.


I never said they are not over-tuned.

Simplified: You posted two logs. One with a DH one with a Fury.

DH in a 26 was doing about 2x the dps of a Fury in a 22.

You used these logs to justify a 40% damage nerf. Very balzy. Maybe a 20% is enough. Or a 10%. Dont know. Your logs definitely dont answer that question.

Also, DH are lame let me tell you.

Im dont care how much dps they do. Its 0 if they are dead. So much dashing around makes DH eat WAY more frontal and swirls than rogues, palas and warriors. So in a pug world, I prefer other melee specs to DH. Those are always bad. FOTM rerolers.

And BM hunters thing M+ is just about ZugZug (which they dont do, its their pets)… 0 mechanics. Brainded huntards from classic memes.

So they might be OP in damage. But when it comes to executing the dungeons properly, I have yet to see a PuG worth his RIO.

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I follow an arcane mage on youtube, he makes 1.6 million, there is no one who can keep up with him.
Can i link a name here when it’s someone from YouTube?

on the one hand, I don’t like the differences in dps that there are, on the other hand, bm hunters can finally join, no one wanted them the whole season 2 because of their low dps

All the people pushing +25 keys have their 4 set.

OP is correct. The nerfs are not enough.

Take Havoc, for example. Immolation Aura and Ragefire (which is based on Immolation Aura) together typically make up around 25% overall damage. Nerfing IA by 12% results in an overall damage nerf of around 3%. Since they are way ahead of most other classes, that 3% overall nerf is clearly not enough.

  • 1st. Havoc: 191.4k
  • 2nd: Demolock: 175.6k
  • 3rd: BM 172.9
  • 4th: Outlaw: 172.2
  • 5th Assa: 161.9

High-key M+ average DPS of Havoc at the moment is 191.4 in 1st place. In 2nd place is Warlock with 175.6. Nerfing Havoc by 3% overall changes nothing; they will still be 1st by a large margin.

Also, why isn’t Demolock getting nerfed? Why was Assa nerfed by not Outlaw, even though Outlaw is much stronger? :confused:

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