State of Retail Servers

Standard Classic post disguised as a question.

Here is an actual question, that is undisguised, and open, and honest.

"Why Do Classic fans feel a need to come to Retail forums, to proselytise? Might it be because Classic is tanking badly and nosediving?

What a lot of Classic fans forget, is that some of us aged veterans actually played Vanilla, and look with paternal or maternal smiles when kids go on about Classic vs Retail, and think “Aww Bless 'em, they think Classic is like Vanilla!”

Or as Aslan puts it…
“Do not cite the old magic to me, witch…I was there when it was written!”

Just something for Classic folks to remember when they come to the General Forum. some of us -do- remember the original game, and what you have, ain’t it. probably why it isn’t doing so well right now.

None of this is what they were saying at all though? They were just bringing up a problem that has been adressed in Classic and not in Retail.
You can go to bed now.


Thank you for replying Punyelf. You are right, there have been migration off the high pop realms at launch. But that’s the exact oposite to the problem.

I have a question though, Are the MVP players from the new Wow council or Blizzard representatives?

Sorry for my lack of knowledge, I’m a busy guy, I don’t venture often on these forums.

MVPs are neither Blizzard representatives nor necessarily Community Council members. They are I guess people who spend alot of time on the forums (and I mean a WHOLE LOT of it) and sometimes post helpful stuff while also being ‘civil’ to Blizzard, and thus, have been granted the ‘Most Valuable Poster’ status with that nice little green text.

In addition, there are some who say that they might be shills but that’s up to you to believe.

undercover Blues. yep :wink:

MVP Programme is separate to the Community Council, we are just regular players and are not employed by Blizzard. Each region and language has it’s own MVPs). Staff posts are always in blue. This is a blue post explaining the MVP Programme:-

The Community Council is made up of players from all the regions who wanted to apply to take part as explained here:-

The CC forum can be found on the US forums and a link is pinned at the top of this forum:-

I believe some MVPs have applied to be on the Community Council. I’m not one of them though.

You are not completeing it when your focus is on the timer. Your priority is playing the dungeon. The timer is exactly that 1 thing you do not have influence on and you are going to miss mechanics and will do your role less good.

I have timed my highest key (+23) even with a full teamwipe. 1 death is definitely not breaking a key. When you look at the highest keys there is often a couple of deaths in there. It is almost impossible to do a run without.

Thank you for the clarification. Indeed your responses are of value.

Sadly the underlying problem I asked help with remains in the same state, ignored and put aside until further notice… Which is pretty sad to be honest. A simple, don’t worry, we apologize, we’ll get there but we’re busy right now would have been nice from Blizz.

I found out about the World of Warcraft Community Council abit to late, the signups to it were already closed. Know if you can still apply to it in other ways?

Also, is there a way to post on the US forums ? My account is EU based.

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I’m afraid not, at present the form is closed. All you can do is keep an eye out for when they might open them up again.

Yes you can take part in the US forums, but you will have to set yourself up on a starter account on your existing battle net account and get a character to level 10 in order to be able to post. The starter edition is free and you do not require any US sub setting up.

Your EU subscription will cover your posting rights on the US.

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Thing is, I would compare “old WoW community interactions” to something like “writing letters to people via mail”, but these days people rather use E-Mail than Mail because is much faster and less “old fashioned”.

I’ve just noticed the Community Council members now post in the same delightful colour MVPs do. I can see why it may have caused confusion.

Those poor souls.

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did they also save on colors? they could at least differentiate roles with something new :rainbow_flag:

Well that would have seemed logical to me. A CC specific colour.


their color should be a rainbow clearly its the perfect color for the community council it shows just how important they are

I think Blizzard should indeed consider of more realm connections, some of them make absolutely no sense. Lets take couple of options:

  • Emerald Dream and Terenas. Approximately 21K players.
  • Azuremyst and Stormrage. Approximately 15K players.
  • Bronze Dragonflight and Nordrassil. Approximately 15K players.

If you think these 6 realms, connecting them as one would already increase amount of players to over 50K which would instantly change it as medium pop realm and would increase amount of guilds, balance AH prices and bring some more life to a server in general. There is absolutely no sense to keep such small realms as their own. Also this issue applies for new players - well, actually this and also faction balance. As WoW Guide it rips my heart sometimes to see new Alliance players playing in realms like Kazzak, Tarren Mill or Twisting Nether. Obviously they chose those realms BECAUSE they are full, thinking that “hey, this must be a good option!” erhm, not, but Blizzard does not anyhow inform players about faction stability in realms - you need third-party websites to find them out, ie. Realm List in Raider IO.

And same thing applies to realm population. Turalyon and Doomhammer are stated as New players realm, yet they have over 60K+ players while low pop realms have 1/3 of that. Realms are dying and people are forced to make a decision whatever they stay there and suffer of horrible AH prices and/or see their guild die slowly, or whatever they leave their friends (possibly) behind and transfer to higher pop realm (and at the same time pay insane amount of money).

I really hope Blizz will take a hint - if not now, for next expansion!

There are way too many English servers… I dont understand why there needs to be this many… When a new player joins they don’t understand server population and so they create a new char on an empty server get to max level realise they cant find a guild and stop playing as they don’t want to pay for a transfer. This is made even worse now for new Alliance players because of the huge faction imbalance.

As a guide i see this come up often in the Murloc chat on the multiple Alliance servers i play on.

Maybe give new players a warning if the server is very low population and try filter them to medium servers?

There are currently
52 low populated English servers
18 low populated German servers
13 low populated French servers

There is no need for 52 low populated English servers!

Merge them properly and close them. Its not 2010 anymore when the game had 12 million subs there is really no need for all these unused servers. Open servers on a need by need basis. Leaving them open is just in my opinion a way for Blizzard to take money off new people who make a toon then have to xfer somewhere else and its unfair.

We hear that this will be resolved every time a new expansion is launched and guess what it never is!

Either Blizzard is doing this to make money from people or they are just doing what they do best and ignoring people.


they could easily merge some of those realms if they gave us a last name :stuck_out_tongue: then you have John Doe and John Smith on the same server :wink:

Heck they could make the surname the same for everyone from a specific realm, so everyone off one realm is Doe and off another is Smith. Then they could charge people for a surname change. Win win.


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Some of them are a bit weirdly listed, wouldn’t class Frostmane as well populated yet it sits at Medium, could be that it’s linked to the Portugese servers however?

But Alliance side is a graveyard.