State of warrior

Hi all
I main warrior for ages and I just came back to retail after ive done everything on SoD to earn KSM and waste some time .
How is Arms warrior and Prot to achieve KSM?

All specs classes can get ksm.
But the state of warrior wel its rly bad.

I mean will I find leklme as a war? Or they gonna deny me always ?

Warrior is in a decent enough spot, more than fine to get the job done all the way up to a +28, this as both tank and DPS. It is good to note though: You will face the community perception issue that warrior is “useless, pointless and bad”. This is not based on facts, data or anything of that like. It is often just feelcraft and justification for why some do not get invited to keys (ignoring their own failings, whatever they may be). It is a problem factor especially at the 10-25 key bracket, where this impression lingers as gospel truth in the mind of many. Where the meta is not needed, but still required, for some reason.

Don’t get too disheartened though. It is a factor, could even call it a major one. But it is not the deciding factor. That would be score, ilvl and other character progress.

So I stress: The issue you will bump into trying to get into others peoples keys, as your goal is KSM, is not being a warrior; it is coming in late. As your competition for a spot will be at an overwhelming advantage the whole way there.

It will likely be very rough for you to get into keys. This as players with higher ilvl, higher rio score and with more completed keys will likely be chosen over yourself as a better option.

That said, if you go tank, it will be a lot easier getting invited - especially when you get some gear and a baseline score level that is closer to your goal. Tanks are always in more demand than DPS, so the requirements and competition is less than the DPS counterpart.

If you do your own key - it also is a good work around any “get to be invited” limiter. As you will be able to pick players instead of competing against them.

Now, if you want KSM. I highly recommend that you do your own key till you got a decent ilvl and an ok baseline rio score. If you want to join others keys, tanking is the way to go. PuGing others keys as DPS will be based on a lot of gear farming and time - likely not worth the investment for KSM alone. So if you want to DPS, do your own key, to be efficient about it, to get to actually play the game as much as possible with the limited time you have.

I hope and wish you the very best, and a happy new year! :dracthyr_heart:


As Kitty mentioned will be definitely easier if you target your KSM as a tank than a DPS. We do well in DPS department but lack an utility set to support the groups meaning Pug don’t want a warrior if they can have a BM/Mage/DH/Monk/Rogue instead, adding to this a low rating & gear ilvl & you will struggle.

Tank are in bigger demands & the lack of utility we have in Fury/Arms is irrelevant in that spec.

Last point, I would recommend to find a team to run your M+. Usually less stressing than a Pug with all these all mighty people you can encounter.

Well warrior doesn’t bring a battle res, bloodlust , group utility. Its stops are mediocre and to get an aoe stun they have to sacrifice a significant portion of their damage.

Warriors can’t deal with afflicted or incorporeal and their group buff doesn’t benefit alot of the meta specs.

I only consider taking a warrior if I have a bloodlust, battle res in the group and it’s not afflicted/incorp week.


Thank you for the detailed answer and I agree that people want the meta spec for content that meta isn’t required.
Happy new year mate

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If you only want to reach KSM you will be able to, but expect a lot of frustration because you are not getting invited into keys and your only source of keys will be your own, that opens you to a lot of issues like bad key RNG, toxic PUG culture etc.

As I said KSM is a good starting point, but if you want to play M+ in a casually hardcore way I do not recommend warrior because the experience will be very, very frustrating, especially as you are starting this “late” into the season.

Lack of utility simply takes all control from you as a player, and makes you fully reliable on others to do their job perfectly, you can not fix mistakes, you can’t help with affixes or some important dungeon mechanics except few exceptions and you do not have BL or CR so even making your own group will be frustrating and very limiting.

I am fury main at the moment 3143 rio, and recently I played M+ on my shaman with goal of completing all 20s, and I simply can’t explain to you how astronomical difference and experience in terms of utility, mind that I am awful shaman player, but still I have more fun completing 18s on my alt then doing 25s on my warrior because for a change I actually feel useful purging stuff off bosses dispelling affixes helping group with totems and ridiculous amount of CC.

TL:DR: If your only goal is to reach KSM, then sure have fun, if you want to do higher than that, I honestly do not recommend warrior.


Aha I see.
Yes my only goal for this season is to just take KSM and that’s it to be honest nothing crazy.
Also yeah we don’t bring anything to the table except battle shout. But even battle shout does it makes that much of a difference? I mean you can always take a Prot warrior instead of a DPS one.
Best thing blizzard can do is to give Arms/Fury or more shouts or banners to buff/debuff

i have a lot if ideas

  • give Warrior 1 More Def. little bit Weak as Arms
  • give Rally an extra buff, 10% Hp is to low
    Maybe +10% and reg 30% of health in 5sec from the grp ore something
  • give Warrior 1 new grp Utility / Mass Spell Reflect ~1,5 - 2min CD
  • give Warrior better Position of Shockwave in Talent Three
  • More ST/Prio dmg
  • Way More dmg with passive Cleave / Dreadnaught
  • and 1 extra grp utility new Talent, 1 Banner there reduce Physical dmg by 20% for 10sec / 2min cd.

Then is Warrior fine.

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Warrior isn’t in a great state but Keystone Master is really easy and Warrior does enough dps with like week 1 of gear farming. KSM isn’t like previous expansions, it’s now a very very easy achievement to get, 20 keys are the new 15’s, 15 keys are the new 10s.

By example, I didn’t play retail since Castle Nathria S1, been mostly playing Classic (TBC/WOTLK) and I came back and got KSM in my 1st or 2nd week, don’t think I was even ilvl460 yet, playing Arms. My goal is 3k rating, which isn’t possible to pug because nobody will invite you, but should be easy playing with my Classic guildies, we just need to find the time to work up to it.

KSM is puggable tho.


By the way I logged in with my war , haven’t logged in since last season and I’m 430ilvl . What is the ilvl now for m+10-15?

Ilvl is not a big deal in that area of dungeons.

But to be safe I guess you will have easier time with champion level gear, that is around 454-476 basically normal level gear.

Warrior is actually in a quite bad spot right now. DPS-warrior specifically does not bring anything to M+ besides mediocre damage. Havoc DH or Rogue just does the role better in every single way.

Warrior is in desperate need of either giving us way more damage or more utility.

You will see people 440+ doing 10+ keys, 460 ish for KSM. But to get invited to pugs you will need to be overgeared. Gearing is quite easy, do the Emerald Dream stuff and play the game, get some crafted bits, you will be fine for KSM.

It’s the higher keys where nobody wants Warriors, then you’re screwed.


Yeah mostly I will do the KSM with two friends like the previous seasons (retri and enhancement) and with me as protection war.

Then you have nothing to worry about & can go with the minimum ilvl required (440 is a good start for 10+), both of your friends can assist on all affixes & pump correct numbers.

It is tragic at the moment. Playing warrior and doing M+ bigger than +15 is actually quite hard, since most of groups will reject you because of no utility at all. The only solution to not get depressed while looking for group is to do your own key. In case that you have affixes like Afflicted or Incorporeal in week, you’re basically being ignored in queues.
If they won’t change anything, this class will remain garbage forever.
I’m talking mainly about Arms spec, because during m+ and Amirdrassil I see that Fury is doing quite good DPS. But that’s all.

And here I am, easily getting into keys as a warrior up to a 25 level.

Please don’t get too hyperfocused on the doomers. If you are not doing 28s, then you don’t have to worry about it.

But, as I mentioned previously, this is the echoing community perception that you will face.

Just ignore them.


Look if you’re going to say stuff like this you can’t sit there on a lvl65 alt in anonimity. I’ve 3 chested 20 keys and 2 chested 22 keys, I’m over 2.7k rating and if I apply to a 20 key I will never get picked. I can make a video and put it on my youtube channel if you want, I will sit there for 20mins straight applying to every 20+ key and nobody will invite me.

Last week the entire afflicted mechanic, which was the main active affix of the week cannot in any way be dealt with by a Warrior. Invite a Ret paladin, they do as much dps, sometimes more, and they have all this utility + can deal with the affix.

By all means if you want to say that people are inviting you to 25 keys, prove it, because it’s a fantasy, you’re talking about getting invited by your guildies and friends.

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