Still not trust level 3, why?

(Bloodlock) #1


not a serious issue but i am wondering if i missed something.

I posted enough to different topics, got and gave likes…
I know i got flagged by some trolls because i had a different opinion but i did not get any notification about it (the trolls proudly told be that they flagged me) so i guess they were not confirmed by a moderator.
And i have never been suspended in the game or in this (new) forum (i have been suspended in the old forum cough 11 times cough though but afaik with the new forum everyone got amnesty).

Did i miss something here?

(Looksmaxxed) #2

I was banned 2 times on the forums, i liked a post from one girl recently. I participate, get likes.

Where is my gif posting ability???


how do you check your trust level?


Those dont count until you get a silence.

They where wiped in November .

Have you read the post about how to get trust 3 ?

  • Visit the Forums on 50% of the last 100 Days
  • Read 500 Topics created in the last 100 Days
  • Read 20,000 Posts created in the last 100 Days
  • Like 30 Posts
  • Receive 20 Likes
  • Reply to 10 different Topics
  • Don’t have more than 5 Spam/Offensive Flags
  • Don’t be suspended in any Blizzard Game or Forum


I got silenced 4 times this week but I still think I am a very valuable persona on these forums. Can I have my level 5 already?

(Teknetia) #6

Replace teknetia-argent-dawn with your username and realm.

You’ll get a load of code appear with a few lines saying trust level.

The line furthest down with the highest number is your trust level. Mine is 2 currently.


I can’t post links because I named a toon LFRHero for a joke and made a troll thread on that toon to get peoples blood boiling on the Classic forums about how Classic needed LFR :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Punyelf) #8

Looking at your forum profile Bloodlock


  • 144 days visited
  • 7d read time
  • 3d recent read time
  • 2.3k topics viewed
  • 25.6k posts read
  • 45 :heart: given
  • 15 topics created
  • 779 posts created
  • 977 :heart: received

Although it says over 100 days you can achieve it all at the 50 days mark, because it’s 50% of 100 days.

Sadly I can’t tell over what time period you have reached the various milestones. :frowning:

(Orlen) #9

Have you viewed the 20,000 posts yet?


Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.

wow I am disappointed. I am authority to many, I am a trendetter and influencer but I cant post gifs.


he has 26,000+ read


Please dont take this post off topic the OP has asked a serious question,


It sounds like more work than the grind to level the Heart of Azeroth!

(Orlen) #14

Yeah spotted that after from Puny’s post, I don’t do the inspections to much effort…

(Dottie) #15

Sounds like the OP has done everything but not in the right time period.


I am being serious tho


I dont even want trust level 3, can we make me a CM of WoW already?

dont force me to open a thread about it to get my promotion


For that you will need to get employment with blizzard .that will wash away your past sins :wink:


No really you are not and far from it why do you fell the need to turn each topic into something about you .


Serissa has explained your query in detail,and best .follow her advice :slight_smile: