Still not trust level 3, why?


people already call me Nivmie the Martyr. If sacrificing myself will make tomorrow a brighter day I am gonna do it for you!


Miss… Dont take everything so seriously. Especially not from a guy like me. You already explained level 3 trust or w/e its called to OP so why cant we have a conversation?

PS. I still think you are obsessed with me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Im into men and women but not little boys :slight_smile:


Ouch! That hurts :cry:


Maybe you got punished in a different blizzard game?
You could always write a ticket or in the support forums.

(Punyelf) #26

I think it’s more likely they haven’t met the criteria in the time period. But we have no way of knowing.

However that is a possibility of course.


I mean it says he joined November 9th and has 146 days visited.
146 days is almost 5 months and November 9th to April 8th is basically also 5 months so he’s been visiting quite frequently I don’t think that’s the reason.

(Daltor) #28

I can tell you a surefire way to not get TL3. Go to any Warchief Windrunner threads and inform them with facts why she’s a bad person.
I can assure you, you’ll get silenced by the end of the day, if not heavily flagged.

(Punyelf) #29

You have to do that within a time period. If he’s under in every time period cut off then he wont qualify. We can only see overall data.


Well the time period is 100 days right?

(Karanze) #31

So uhm.
What even is the point of trust level?

(Punyelf) #32

Yes so I am presuming some of it falls outside of the 100 day period. Not quite making it. But we simply do not know and are all just speculating.


Oh wait did you mean that he didn’t reach the visit 50% of 100 days ratio or that he didn’t do the other things in that time period?

(Daltor) #34

To stop threads becoming bloated with images, mostly trolling related.
But it doesn’t work well, it only limit’s people and makes them have less fun than they did before.

(Punyelf) #35

Those are the three that have to be completed in the time period. Whilst it was easy for us to track how far into the requirements we were from the start because we started on day 0. Now they have been up and running a long time it’s not so easy to tell.


Yeah, sorry eek I thought you meant that the he didn’t manage the requirement of

which was my point in the beginning but since you meant that he might’ve not completed the other requirments in that time period it doesn’t matter uwu

(Dreadlord) #37

Why would you want a trust level on these forums? they prove nothing other than your lack of backbone to share your opinions and criticism of the game, which isn’t exactly in a good state right now.

The new forum system was definitely designed by a liberal.


Can’t they just add simple tracking-information under the current Activity-summary of how close you are to the next Trust-level? Can’t be that hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t have more than 5 Spam/Offensive Flags
Don’t be suspended in any Blizzard Game or Forum

How do you know this?

(Teknetia) #39

So can post funny gif to tear down the establishment

with gifs

(Punyelf) #40

No it’s a system that rewards regular contributors and gives them a few minor perks.

You can criticise Blizzard all you like, you just have to refrain from being vile to other players in the process.