Stop banning people for using a bad word in Solo Shuffle

It seems like Blizzard is copying FF14 and going full carebear with its new policy of handing out 10-day suspensions like candy for typing a bad word. The new generation of very, very sensitive snowflakes is in charge at Blizzard now. Just ignore that an ingame swear filter exists and that almost everyone playing this game is a middle-aged adult, Blizzard wants you to feel safe so the offender won’t even get a silence first. They’ll just get fully banned for 10 days.

I have to admit this is an amazing troll job by Blizzard. Create a frustrating gaming experience called solo shuffle, and then ban the players as soon as they get frustrated and type a bad word.


You should start leaving shuffles in protest.


they should bring in the naughty step instead, if a bad word is said the player is put on the naughty step for 2 mins… putting their team at disadvantage.

if people wanna act like kids they should get treated like them too.


I don’t even know why there is a mature language filter.


Who’s the bad word aimed at when you post it in a Solo Shuffle?

Why do you feel the need to type a bad word?


That’s exactly the point. I have too much pride to be insulted by a middle aged man without there being any consequences. Actually, if a kid on call of duty insults me, I couldn’t care less, but adults know better. If you wanna be a keyboard warrior, maybe try this irl, and see what happens to you.

On a side note: Technically you can be sued irl aswell, if you insult or threaren someone in a video game, and the lawmaking goes in that direction.


Off topic that new helm love it.

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I quite like the set as well. It has a nice Shadow / Void Elf vibe to it.


Maybe if you learned restraint, you would stop getting banned.


I mean, actually typing in and sending a swear is quite a conscious act. At least it is supposed to be. If you are so highly unable to control yourself, that will always have consequences.


Btw according to the social contract, swearing isn’t even against the rules technically as long as it’s not targetted at someone and not derogatory. So if you are just frustrated and you say “hecking bananas” you won’t be banned, y’know xd


maybe rethink your life if you feel so stressed and nervous playing games that you have to use bad words ? :slight_smile:


Is motherflaskers a bad word?

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That’s good to hear OP. Maybe one day people will learn to behave in public spaces, or at the very least take their horrible attitudes off-platform.


Nah, and I hope that this goes for the Son of a Bee quest from I think BfA :no_mouth:

Those small bees did nothing wrong!

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People are so sensitive nowadays I feel like I’m back in kindergarten.
“oh no, you said the no-no word!”


Since most players are middle age adults, it may be appropriate to behave in direct proportion to age, and not throw your poor vocabulary at one or another person. If someone can offend and can’t control their emotions, let them cool down for 10 days.


Agree with others, the issue is why to people need to use such language. You are abusing a random stranger , in many countries, if you did that one the street you’d be at risk of prosecution (in others are risk of getting beaten/shot.)

Behave online as you would in the real world

I welcome these actions from Blizzard.


Then stop acting like you belong in kindergarten, grow up and learn how to behave.