Stop boosters!


Verngard, I’m sorry I have to use this not so polite word, but what a DUMB reply!




Sorry I entertain myself


Hey! You want me join me a on 15 key? The thing is though I don’t have any gold for repairs and it’s a couple hundred thousand gold, think you could spot me?


No I’m interested in the reasoning behind your opinion.

Never bought a boost apart from level boosts but okay.

edit: If you don’t like to see trading in TRADE CHAT you can always type /leave 2


plate wearing pog.


Idk its kinda always been like this, the most selled “product gets advertised the most”.

Before the groupfinder /2 was full of LFG Spam, at the start of bfa it was full of “Buy all herbs.” Whatever sells best is what most people will advertise cause… well it sells.

It seems you do not like the product but you can not justify getting boosting itself removed (since it is just players selling services to players just like any item), so you try to crack down on the way it is advertised, which has been hit once before in the group finder (which was fine since boost sellers are not really looking for groups to get going but for customers) but tradechat is the correct place, they offer a service for gold.


This guy out here complaining and at the same time making himself look completely ridiculous by bashing anyone and anything that doesnt conform to his standpoints xD way to go man, you are only proving it is the weekend again


You are so right, boosting ads are stupid and ugly.


But trade chat can be very useful you know? Why don’t you leave trade chat and spam somewhere else? Like I suggested, special channel for special services. Again, read my post(s) before replying.

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Hmm, how about this then:
You don’t like the boosters, that’s obvious. However, you think that by making yet another thread with the exact same “arguments” with a new coat of paint you are making any sort of difference.
Hate to break it to ya, but no, i does not and will not, no matter how much you scream, shout and/or pointlessly flail about it. No matter how much fuss you make, how bring a pyre you can build, boosting via gold is legit, because it’s an in-game service that players offer to other players for in-game currency.
Also, what is the point of yet another channel if it’s going to be spammed again? If you want to sell something - the AH is there for ya.

However, unlike you ( or anyone else for that matter) I have some inside info when Blizzard in-fact is going to ban all the boosters.


woops it auto logged me in on a pleb, forgot I was speaking to a good play…(looks at profile) welp nvm that. You interested in a boost?

People want to play the game but dont have time or have the gold hence the reason for a boost.
Communities actually distribute the gold so you can get it on your realm, also if I had to wait for people to whisper then form a group instead of it being premeditated like in older expansions it would be a real pain.


Your transmog tho <3


I did read them and all you said was “booster bad stop avertising a trade in trade chat”


You really have to invest more brain power and time if you want to have a constructive conversation here.
Sometimes you need Trade channel to quickly sell something or to make a special offer which is cheaper than AH… Do I really have to explain this stuff…

Trade channel is for trading anything and everything, not spamming WTS boost WTS boost all day long every minute and stomping all other messages. Special services or boost channel would be spammed sure, but I and others not needing such services would leave it, while others who need would stay and voila!


Technically they’re still taking it to the right place. Trade chat is still being used properly In this situation. You are wrong and you look like a clown, shut up and take the L.


Like selling boosts? :clown_face:


Again, brain power = zero. Spamming WTS boost all day every minute stomps all other messages making trade channel useless for anything else, technically turning it into a boost channel.

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^^ This is the best approach.

There is nothing against the rules selling boosts for gold. Boost are not new and I can remember them being sold for many expansions. Mythic plus makes it ten times worse because it’s small groups boosting one person so the spam is considerably higher.


sick insult :clown_face:
People spam their “wts x mount” just like anything else but keep projecting


Yes they do that mostly because your message otherwise wouldn’t be seen due to constant WTS boost spam :slight_smile: