Stop boosters!


Im here , afking , watching my reply having green text.

Imagine VIoletta MVP 120 Night Elf Priest


The least one can do as a player is report them for spamming. Giving “boosting” a separate tab would be plain stupid on Blizzard’s part. But if it doesn’t seem like they want to ban players for that, then I don’t think they are going to do anything about it anyway.


Time, yes I know and I agree it’s kinda stupid like I said in my post(s) first suggesting a dedicated boost channel, but at least it’s something and I guess it’s better than nothing…

I don’t know I’m not the smartest person in the world, I’m here suggesting solutions just to get misinterpreted by many people. Adolescent nerds trying to troll me excluded of course :slight_smile:


man’s called me an adolescent nerds while complaining about messages in a videogame im dead :sob:


Bro, we got already a blue post that they need to sell their runs in /2.

Note that this does not change our policy on selling things such as raid carries for in-game gold. Those are still allowed, but should be advertised through realm-specific methods such as trade chat.


I didn’t point any fingers, but thanks for admitting hahah


You are suggesting solutions to a problem that you perceive as one probably not the only one but that is besides the point. There is nothing being done wrong by anyone here. There is people selling services in the channel that is for selling stuff. You are doing the equivalent of complaining about there being too many bank commercials in a commercial break and that is what everyone is trying to tell you but ofc everyone else is wrong and you are right. :woman_facepalming:


ahhhhhh you’re piping up on the WORLD OF WARCRAFT forums IM DEAD, this is actually tragic.


Well this fact is just…
I tried. Spam prevails. Show’s over folks.


Aslong as its for gold its fine and its allowed in trade because its a product .


IF its real money report it, its against rules. aslong its for ingame gold its allowed and has been since game launcehd.

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I still like my way more don’t stop them from selling boosts but give them less text to work with i don’t mind if it was only 2 lines of text but those people use a solid 4-5 lines with all caps etc.

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Do what I do and leave trade and/or general chat/s.

Also be like me and refuse to simply hand over 50k just to get something that will be out of date in 2 or 3 months time.


Thats literally the best reply which concerns me i’ve ever seen in my entire life.

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If theres a market, theres a means to keep going. Blame the boosters all you want, there are people -alot of people- who are incapable of doing the content and use the boosts so they will get access to it either way, secondly its -trade- chat they are trading a -service- in exchange for gold, if the spam is that bad report for spam and just move on. /2 is trade chat, trading is player interaction even if it means to get carried. There will always be a audience which caters to their service as alot of the people in this game are just simply incapable or do not have the time for it.


I agree, boosting for gold is just fine but the constant advertisement spam everywhere is obnoxious.

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Except it’s not, i know it’s a catchphrase that sounds good to the uneducated but if you think for more than 2 seconds you’ll realize how wrong it is.
For example i’m sure there’s a huge demand for fishing or archeology bots, this doesn’t mean it’s pointless to rail or do something against them.


Grade A comedy buddy.

Maybe try twitter if you can only live in bubbles instead of attacking and cursing at everyone that dares to differ from your opinion.


The only way boosting is going to stop is if either no one uses the boosting services or the game shuts down. The first of the 2 will most likely never happen so its just a case of waiting for the second one which won’t be any time soon.