Stop boosters!


Probably a hundredth time someone posts this but it should be posted over and over again until something is done about it!

Boost selling is just plain wrong, but since Activision Blizzard doesn’t won’t to put an end to it, at least make it discreet, like I recall it used to be in old days of Vanilla/TBC. You know a guy who might boost you, you /whisper and ask for help, not this nonsense - we have freaking boosting corporations appearing!

All day all I see is trade channel spam about selling M+ boost, raid boost, leveling boost… It feels like some bad private WoW server. This is insane!

Might allow gold farmers from certain highly populated country to advertise as well then, it would feel literally the same. My ignore list is full and now I am completely powerless! AT LEAST make advertising it punishable or something, make it an “underground” grey zone thing since you allow it. to put it that way.

Boost but don’t advertise! Thank you!

Trade Chat is unreadable
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Just accept it and move on.

where theres a demand there will always be a supply. I don’t see the point in trying to rail against this, its pointless.


Because of people crying like you, blizzard removed the only reason I started doing dungs, Bonus Objectives, it used to be fun, we levled through dungs, consider you have to level 120 levels now, boosting has been on wow since Classic, and it will continue to be like that, it’s sad that people complaining has ruined a lot, so don’t tell me that they haven’t done anything about it, they have…BUHU!!! <_> cry cry

Bonus Objectives required you to kill bosses, you gained 6k xp, or more, now 300xp, and the bonus objectives are just there.


First it seems to me that you didn’t even read what I wrote, demand and supply all you want but don’t advertise.

And no I don’t want to accept it, and many, many people don’t either. This game is not free and we pay for it so I want and I will rail against it, our opinions should matter.


In all honesty this is probably the answer.

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why do you care if someone pays someone to boost them how exactly is it effecting you? sounds like your salty you cant afford the boost.


Arianatar (and others), please read my original post before replying. If you are too lazy to read, then leave the forums and don’t reply. Forum is about reading.


How will you know if there is demand or supply if you dont advertise solid logic there

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Keep fighting the losing battle then.


Feeling insecure? You can stop hiding behind low level alts, I will not judge your posts by your low rio/bad game progress.

Since you don’t want to play the game and progress yourself for some reason, logic is - you ask around without spamming or you know a good player who cleared content and/or has high rio, you can /w and ask for help and no one else is bothered by him/her offering services or you demanding them.

Boosting, especially leveling, was always a thing, but this is insane like I explained in my original post.


Sounds like you are too poor to buy a boost. Not everyone plays at a high level. Some people buy boosts even if they’re just casual players to get achievements, etc. Tag me if you wanna buy a boost for gold xx


Another thing - the other day I tried selling an actual item on TRADE channel for some quick cash, you know what happened? My message gets stomped by a dozen boost spam ads and I have to spam too if I want to have a chance for my message to even be seen. I gave up and waited for AH. Funny.

In the end, if Activision Blizzard wants this to continue so bad (both ads and boosting in general), though I don’t think what I’m about to suggest is a good idea at all, then add a special “boost channel” so us who are not interested in such services can leave it and have a peace of mind. Better than nothing.

  1. Download Addon : Badboy
  2. Set words on filter such as : Mythic / Mythic+ / WTS / Boost / Cheap
  3. Regain your sanity but not even seeing a single bot spamming /2
  • 4 (Optional) . Hide entire your chat panel if you are using elvui to avoid getting in contact with random apes around Azeroth .

To me , option #4 is fine since my last Silence was 1 year ago so its working gr8

PS . Dont mind all these peasants here replying ‘’ OmG aRe yOu pOoR To bUy a Boost?’’ .


Violetta, thank you for a constructive reply.

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…But I love doing dungeons with people that don’t know the mechanics to fights because they paid $99.95 a run too pretend they do.


You are welcome .


Blocking words and chat, as Violetta suggested, is something that did come to my mind, however this is not a permanent or efficient solution to this problem.

It has its downsides such as, even tho you don’t see spam messages, other players do and boost spammers for example still stomp your “WTS [Actual Item]” message on trade channel, or your guild recruitment message.
Or your chat filter blocks a message that you might actually want to see. Filters are mechanical and not perfect.

Removing chat altogether is removing a very useful feature of the game, why not really solve the problem instead…



Why would you “discreetly” sell something?

Yes because boosting is very profitable.

It feeling the same =/= it being the same.


Why would you send messages I have to see all day, every day on minute to minute basis with something I don’t have any interest in without giving me an option to stop you? There’s a reason people invented the word SPAM, spam blockers, unsubscribe buttons etc.

Maybe you like watching irrelevant ads while playing games or watching videos, but I don’t and my ignore list is full.

You’re here just to argue and try to counter my opinion no matter what because you’re most likely a boost buyer. So I will not reply to you because it makes no sense as it will not lead to anything constructive.

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Names and screenshots as proof, please., else the many would still be you and the other about 15 people constantly whining about it on the forums.
Also, id you don’t want to be spammed in the cities, simply opt out of the trade chat.