Stop forcing us to do old dungeons

Dear Blizzard if you want to recycle old content then just add a m+ timewalking for people who enjoy doing 10-year old dungeons. The rest of us would rather be doing CURRENT content, that’s why we paid for a new expansion. All 8 new dungeons should be available instead of half of it being recycled crap.


Dude I’m so happy for FH/UR returning, had so much fun there! Can’t wait to watch people die to stacking on last boss in UR or getting BLASTED by second boss FH


So, you literally enjoy watching other people suffering, right?

So many people complained about doing the same 8+ dungeons every day or every week throughout expansions, which is most likely why Blizzard did something like this. At least you know every week half of the dungeons are going to be different, which will stop it being as boring to a lot of people.


I mean, if there were twice as many dungeons (compare to Wrath with 18 or Catalysm with 16) this would be fine.

But indeed there aren’t 16+ dungeons. There’s 8. And if we’re only going to get 8, I’d rather they do what they’re doing and shuffle in some oldies. I have enjoyed having them in this time around, possibly because I just didn’t engage with any of the expansions they’re drawn from and as such they are new to me.

I may feel different when we get to Freehold, which I remember quite well. And especially Underrot, which can naff the naffity naff naff off because I do not want to do that stinking poophole ever again tyvm.

Opinions vary.


You mean every season?

G’Huun be everywhere! :bug: :drop_of_blood:


well, the poeple wanted to play the “old” content or keep them relevant, so blizz introduce timewalk (was it in legion, not sure anymore)

just to have a a varaity of dungons in the pool which change it through teh scaling some were fun like that one with kael`thas thas or the second of the 3 part dungon for icc.

since the evry same 8 dungons of the current addon get realy fast boring (in terma of the diffelctuy since at a point…you just rush through it and it tiring to do it over and over again)

Ngl, of the upcoming m+ season i see 5 dungeons i do not ever want to enter.
4 of them are dragonflight dungeons.
So i am very happy, that old dungeons are in the rotation.


So, which one’s gonna be the new SBG? I only plan on farming stuff like valor.

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Actually I don’t mind it so much.

In fact I am quite looking forward to a change in dungeons after so many months of running these ones.

Probably freehold, i guess.

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Is it every season? I only started playing on Thursday and thought it was every week. My bad lol…

With that being said, I guess my point is kind of invalid now, since seasons do last a while so the dungeons would still be boring. If it swapped every 2 weeks or something, my point would have made sense. But, every season? I’m already bored of running Halls and Shadowmoon and I’ve barely touched them lol

they should force you guys to run classic era dungeons for mythic+ and block of any short cut so you get the true experience :smiley:


they gotta recycle old stuff to work on important things like… umm… what is there exactly… well theres dragon riding and… the soup event and umm,

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I did laugh when I saw a healer face tank the maiden (big mob in first packs in UH) when it did it targetable charge > casted cleave that leaves a nasty nasty dot. So perhaps I do a little, yeah.

If you talking about VP or even current jade serpent
they literally redesigned to fit current m+
So there is no problem with a dungeon other then your personal preference…
and about your personal preference no one cares what you like or don’t like

I am so with you on this dungeon but ever so grateful its not SotS - which kinda surprised me seeing as the devs love to punish players and suck the fun out of the game.


i love old runs

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I love old dungeons too. It’s wow legacy why leave it out?
Some of them are so awesome!
Why we need to plat 4 seasons of the same 8 dungeons? Boring