Stop forcing us to do old dungeons

I think people should be given the option, like suggested Timewalking, then everyone wins!

I’m just happy that boosting is a thing.

Don’t have to actually struggle through them.

Just buy boost for rating and then do farm on the dungeons that are actually enjoyable

You gotta be trolling? 3rd boss was awful in underrot

Maybe my therapy blocked out, but were any non-awful boss in underrot? :thinking:

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You do know theres gonna be no more valor… right?

Personally i love what they’ve done… but hey, to each their own i guess

freehold no doubt.

Tbh… I prefer old dungeon way they are… Untainted by m+


Please don’t give the devs any more bad ideas…

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Was the third one the slime stompy mushroom boi? Played rogue then, had feint and cloak to run and soak the shrooms. Was painful if stuff got messed up though, true

Let’s put this in perspective. A new patch comes out every 6 months, so that’s 78 euros worth of sub time. That costs more than the price for a new triple-A game made from scratch. Why do people act like Blizzard is too inept or poor to make a few new dungeons in that time? It’s not rocket science. They’re getting lazy.

The problem with old dungeons before BFA is that they’re low quality crap not made up to par for modern standards.

I disagree. Before bfa I liked going dungeons but since bfa I feel like they lost ideas. So personally I think having more old dungeons in the rota is an improvement.

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I dont want to do the same 8 dungeons for an entire expansion.
This new system is great.
Keep up the work Blizzard <3.


it was ok but the 3rd one was justs toxic

yeah the one where people never knew how to soak and the reason i hate the place

simply better half old dungeons and few new one … and swap every season than just playing whole expansion same 10 dungeons in m+

Yes great idea, lets put all 8 new dungeons into Season 1

Now tell us what dungeons you plan to use for Season 2

Argument invalidated

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You would be sick of the current content by now if M+ was just all current.

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Logical flaw here. With the ever-increasing profits they are making, why can they not make more dungeons during the expansion?

Not only has the 8 become like the “gold standard”, but ever since Legion (when Ion joined!) most of the dungeons are just outdoor areas turned into a dungeon, or areas we are visiting anyway during questing. That is just so cheap imo.

So yes we need more dungeons and playing the same 8 for the hwole expansion is not great, but so is not rehashing old stuff and calling it new. Because these “returning” dungeons are nowhere near the level of actual dungeon remakes that they used to do…


I did state that my logic was flawed further down ( I said my point was invalid) because I thought it was a new set of dungeons every few weeks or something, not every season.
If it were every few weeks, then, I would stand by what I said of bringing back old dungeons is a good thing. However, it changing every few month’s is completely different.
Blizzard just cannot win, and that’s a big problem with the company, they are trying to please EVERYONE that they barely put together something good, it’s just a mashup of random things that could work if they worked on it more.