Stop Ignoring DKs Blizzard

We pay the same amount of Money That Rouges , Dh , Paladins, mages and…
A Whole expansion many class and specs got so many Talent rework and changes meanwhile all Dks got was little changes without putting any Effort to fix our Base toolkit.
we where one of the first Class that got new Talent tree in Df and ofc we have worst talent tree in all class , its so boring and bad design.
I dont Understand what your Devs have Against Dks Honestly how can you be so Blind to so many fundamental problems We have in this spec for a damn whole Exapnsion exactly?!
I dont understand how can you Interduce Hero Talents for Next expansion with This Dk design in mind exactly?!
If it means Dk will not get Rework and overhaul in all 3specs and your planing to Stick with this Old and trash Design which belong to Legion then Personaly Im not gona Buy that trash.


I started playing with alts (prot palla and vdh). Damm Bdk sucks compares to them …


Oh yeah did the same, decided just for fun to tank on VDH instead of my main BDK - it’s not even funny - why would anyone play DK I have no clue.


Been maining DK since Legion, I’m spending the rest of this season trying out other classes for a new main…

Enh shaman winning atm.

I got to say I do feel very confused not being to ignore 90% of all mechanics with AMS and DA! xD


Whats a Death Knight??..
… oh, nope…
What we talking about again??.. :thinking: :clock130: :clock230: :clock330: :clock1230:
Anyways, I wonder how populer the new expansion pack is gunna be? Think Microsoft be like Windows 11, half baked, half polished, half fixed??..

Trying out rogue, shaman and more over the last month and its laughable when you compare mechanics and talent trees.

I rerolled, not worth it…

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Dks are outdated they should play like noob saibot mortal kombat the ghouls should be raised and the dmg instant

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I have been maining this class since WotLK. Playing PvE and PvP at different times, not simultanously.

I enjoyed a lot , as Frost, WoD. And as Unholy, Legion was great, specially for PvP.

After 16 years playing regularly, I can state that this is by far the worst moment of DKs. And not because if we are competitive or not. It’s because the class is absolutely abandoned since Legion, probably.

Now you can feel it when you play a DK, and then play other classes. When you run a M+ and see others doing much better overall. And in PvP, it’s way outdated, having the most awful rotation/mechanics/CDs class of the whole game.

It seems no one inside has clear ideas in the DK devs team. And most importantly, no one caring enough about this class.


Tell me you dont play druid without saying you dont play druid.

tell me you dont play dk without saying you dont play dk.

get off my forum.


your forum?^^
I actually do play DK and I also think the class tree is pretty awful and needs attention.
BUT it is infinitely better than the hot mess that is the druid “class tree”. Cant call it a class tree rly

Can’t comment on druid as I don’t play this class at all. Been gearing a paladin, a shaman and a rogue over the last few weeks and I’m baffled by the amount of cool options they get through their class trees.

DK is just stuck with so many useless fillers that have no reason to exist.

then why dont you post with it then ?

So true I had the same questions!

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