Store Mount Tyrael's charger


Since Blizzard has just made the The Dreadwake mount available on the store, and this mount was subscription award based mount can we please have tyrael’s charger made available on the store

(Tèsla) #2

Why do you want this mount? Is terribile. Ive purchased it with the diablo offer… but i never use it once. Bleah


I’m afraid to inform you that you have no taste :stuck_out_tongue:

(Tèsla) #4

I agree… after all ive bought the ship too…


Well it was always known that the ship would be a store mount…

(Shopkeeper) #6

I do feel that the items used in past promotional events/CE’s are the ideal candidates for selling on the store in a subscription game.

Any other ones: not so much.

Edit: That being said: They were upfront with the dreadwake mount ending up in the store. And I appreciate that they were honest from the get go with that.

(Korrina) #7

Please also add the deluxe items of every expansion, not just Legion and WoD. I must adopt Frosty. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(ßubbletea) #8

Yes I think its time to get collectors edition ingame items as bundles I really want that too


I’d say that they should feature them separately to not diminish the value of the bundles when those mounts/pets were introduced and leaving only the newest ones as bundles.


Ah, the ship that doesn’t float, unless you put inflatable shoes on it…

I’m sure poor Archimedes is cringing somewhere in the afterlife.


At least it is now able to sail XD (it should be preset though)


Just guessing here but it is possible they can’t put it to shop because of legal reasons (for example if it was originally advertised any way as exclusive for that offer). Personally would not mind if it would be available again for people who want it.


You are right, they might get sued for that. Maybe there is a way for them, but it is a question if they would want it or how safe it is.

(Áranaría) #14

Sorry no if you did not pay for The Collector’s editions or the other higher spec on the expansions you have no right to have anything from them. Why because it would lead the people like me who shelled out for them to ask the question along the lines of we want a full refund to cover the loss of the outlay we paid for that privilege.

Pay for it get it.

Don’t pay for it do not get it and don’t act entitled because you do not have it.

Also that was one mount OP that I never shelled out for because it does look really shabby.


It was not from collectors edition or such, it was from this:

Many actually missed it because that offer was available for very short time. I got that mount, not because i “shelled out” for it but because i use long subs anyway so annual pass was just natural thing to get. Just like that silly boat appeared to me, just because i run the 6 month sub anyway. :rofl: Sort of feel they came for free me, cause did not pay any more than usually for my sub, for the annual pass actually less.

(Áranaría) #16

I know Radium I don’t have that one never got it and it’s not one I liked enough to justify at the time the amount of money they asked for it.

What I am talking about is the outlay I have spent since Wrath on CE editions of each of the last five expansions they are not cheap and I strongly feel that those of us who did pay for it keep the content and it is off limits to people who did not purchase either them or the next step below them as well.

The sense of entitlement of people is astounding given that all 5 of the CE expansions I have bought over the last decade or so has been well over £250 that’s just plain wrong giving something that was supposed to be for those who paid for it at the time I would only accept such a move if it was set at a high price out of respect to those who paid hard money for them in the first place.

I also run 6 month sub have done the same thing for the last 11 years solid.


If you put every item in those promotional or CE items as a standalone mount/pet you would still get them at a discount, if you have bought them in the past as a bundle. In this way it seems quite fair.

(Dottie) #18

Maybe they could make the 2 I have in the bank BoE then I can sell them to suckers I mean people with gold.


I can understand what you mean and i agree things that people paid for as special thing like CE items are kind of things that should not be available later unless they have told when selling that said CE that items might be later be purchable separately. That’s one of the reason i was guessing there might be legal reason that not everything is available. I was purely commenting about Tyraels charger which came just as bonus for subbing for a year (amongst with other goods). Maybe they should put that promotion back once in a while, they would get long sub customers and people could get that mount.

(Áranaría) #20

Yes that’s fine I am only saying what I am saying because this “hobby” if you will has not been cheap I am also the same person who has bought most of the store pets and mounts because this game means that much to me irrespective of the politics of the day in the game or the on going dislike of x y or z.

I also want to make it clear to anyone else I say what I have said in a passionate way not in a offensive way because I would feel a little bit gutted if this was to happen and it would make me feel a bit like those boxes on my shelf are not worth the money I spent on them. That might seem strange but I actually treasure the CE’s I’ve got and everything that came with them digital or physical.