Stormreaver (PvP) Alliance Reconnections

Character name: Guzman
Race: Night Elf
Class: Rogue
Guild: Brotherhood of the wolf / Laid Back Legends
Battletag: Tear #21792

Been stuck in the vanilla private server world ever since cata came out. So glad to come out of the shadows, back into a great game and stable Blizz server! /hug

Hi Chackle,

Some of us are wondering where you are going to form that guild. Any information / links.

Cheers Khaz

Character name: Frodee
Race: Dwarf - Male
Class: Warrior
Guild: Crystal Keep

Character Name: Morty
Race: Dwarf
Class: Rogue
Guild: Brotherhood of the Wolf

BotW represent, quite a few familiar faces here already :slight_smile: Will probably dabble a little in Classic - Would love to see some familiar faces in some guild on there ^^

Character name: Silverleaf / Sanewar / Mellichae
Race: Nelf - Female / Nelf - Male / Human - Male
Class: Druid Innervate bot / Hunter Tranq shot dispenser / Paladin extraordinaire.
Guild: Brotherhood of the Wolf / Laid Back Legends

Played since launch, but off and on sinds WotLK.
I’ll dabble in Classic at least to find out if it can respark some good times.

It’s good to see some familiar faces here ;0p

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Amazing to see so many familiar “faces”

Name: Darlene
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Guilds: ( in order, I think :stuck_out_tongue: ) default, Post Mortem and Brotherhood of the Wolf

I’ll definately make a char and check classic out.
But someone also has to show the flag for Brotherhood of the Wolf on live :slight_smile:


Morty / darlene / silverleaf nice too see you, have some botw on blizz chat wanne join in :slight_smile: ?

Name: Sanukoriju
Race: Night Elf
Class: Druid
Guilds: Adamantica,BotW.

Gladly! Lienter#2282 :slight_smile:

-Morty, changed posting character to the current main ^^

Yess Morty the awesome dwarf rogue! Funny to see so many botw people reacting on this topic

Names: Ratatosk Then: Pernille Later: Stallo (BC)
What: Dwarf Hunter
Guilds: BotW, Sheep, Rebirth, TCC ? just before it became Keelhaul for BC, Ram, Laid Back Legends

Not played since Cata really. Of course tried all the expansions, never beyond the first month. Welfarecraft & the dead communities ruined it for me. Classic got me interested for sure. Hopefully I land on the same server as some familiar guys. Would be fun to group up again after being MIA for years.

Update Updated: Botw FB group decided on Mograine… Firemaw seemed too full. So I’ll play there

Name: Ferian
Race: Night Elf
Class: Priest (Starshards…)
Guilds: Crystal Keep

Can’t remember too many names aside from Sjinaia, Anuka and Palantir I’m afraid, aside from this one tauren called Karvapallo I might still be a bit traumatized by. Just seeing some of the guilds listed here is nostalgic by itself, though.

Character name: Morae
Race: Night Elf - Female
Class: Warrior
Guild: Lords of Ironhearts

5th MC off-tank.

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Hey Ferian! Don’t know if you remember me from the old Crystal Keep days (Frodee) :slight_smile:

Character : Axess
Race : Gnome
Class : Mage
Guild : Ragnarok

Im still an active player but as horde on Stormreaver. It’s time to try Classic out! Ragnarok is still the best experience of this game i’ve had :slight_smile:


Character name: Blucoll
Race: Dwarf
Class: Paladin / Buffadin
Guild: Reclaimers

probably gona start up again on stormreaver if possible, not sure about paladin who knows.

Hey man, yeah I do remember, now that I see the name! I should really read through the whole thread before posting…
Great to see people from the guild are still alive (in one or more senses!) Here’s to hoping more people turn up.

You can add me on battletag if you want :slight_smile:

Character name: Duling
Race: Night Elf - Male
Class: Rogue
Guild: Reclaimers and Lords of Ironhearts

Character name: Shadowfang
Race: Night Elf - Female
Class: Rogue
Guild: Shield of Stormwind which later merged with The Enigma Order