Stormwind will be the final raid of BfA


At this point of the story and with all the forshadowing and hints. It is almost set in stone that the final raid of the expansion shall be taking place in Stormwind. More so likley as an invasion from the sea. While everyone else is distracted with protecting Thunderbluff. You might ask yourself right now. With what army and what fleet does she want to take stormwind in the first place? Let me explain.

Sylvanas made a pact with Helya in legion. I can see it happen that she aids sylvanas for the invasion. Her Kvaldir and the Naglfar are strong enough to bypass the stormwind harbor defenses and lay a siege to it.

The remaining loyalist forces join in composing of mag’har, forsaken and goblins.

I say with all of these in the equation, we can form a force great enough, to actually take the shining white city of humanity and end the war. As it should be. Rastakhan will be pleased in afterlife with the one ordered his death held hostage. Known as King Anduin Wrynn.

I think blizzard gave is the best hint in before the storm. Not Thunderbluff will burn. But Stormwind.


This is just hilarious.

Ion: After the Eternal Palace raid, it will be clear who the final boss is.

The Eternal Palace raid literally shows only N’Zoth and Azshara

Literally nobody:
Jabjan and whoever made that fake Shadowlands leak: ANDUIN IS THE FINAL BOSS!!!


You are indeed out of control Zandalari ! it pains me that you are a druid !


Deal with it elfling :wink:


Didn’t we already discuss a “leak” that went in that direction and said that everyone would die in the raid and we would all go to the Shadowlands?


My point is. Even if that leak is wrong doesen’t mean stormwind wouldn’t be the final raid. The hints are pretty much everywhere.


That it is the next raid? Not really, no. Not even close.

Indeed, I can only think of Varimathras’ drivel and Sylvanas in the BfA-prologue. Both not really the most recent of hints.


There were also hints everywhere that Illidan would get Kerrigan’d.

Also, one line from one novel from one year ago (because that’s your only hint) is trumped completely by a much more recent statement from the game director who contradicts that line completely.


Well, there is Varimathras.

So, your Alliance still endures. Longer than I expected, though she has already planted the seeds of its downfall. She is patient, that one.

When your thrones run red with betrayal… when your holy places burn and the shattered mask hangs above your hearth… only then you will know. And it will be too late.

Not the most reliable of sources, but a hint is a hint.


An agent of the Legion tried to divide the Alliance and Horde during their invasion of Azeroth by sowing the seeds of discord. Never seen that before.

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I believe you should have something like cooldown on thread creation Erevien.

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Err…What? What indications are there that this is even remotely likely?

I think you’re using the words ‘Set in stone’ wrong there. That phrase means an almost certainty. There is nothing certain about such a claim.

Well thanks to Sylvanas the great military genius, it would -have- to be from the sea, she lost her major military industrial complex to the north due to throwing a hissy fit, and now the Sin’dorei are hardly likely to help… The Horde Loyalists aren’t well disposed towads the Sylvanas Loyalists, so there is no way she would have the manpower to carry out such a thing.

Source for that?

Ehh, at this point it is hard to call them Horde Loyalists, when most of the other Horde leaders are not best pleased with Sylvy’s crazy train.

Did he though? DId Anduin order it? Sure it wasn’t Jaina, or Halford Wyrmbane? I don’t think word would have gotten to Anduin quick enough for him to have formulated a plan and implemented it. I doubt he had anything to do with it.

I just …really don’t buy this theory…


Well the cinamatic did show Jaina and Lorthemar.

I would still find everything horrible where sylvanas doesn’t die.


Ion literally said that it would be obvious who the final boss is after that cinematic. That cinematic very clearly estabilishes either N’Zoth or Void-infused Azshara as final boss (wouldn’t be the first time a raid boss was recycled in the same expansion – see, Deathwing), not some weird faction war-themed council-style boss.


Using N’zoth too soon would be a waste. And the 3rd warbringer has to survive her boss fight too. The signs are there.


N’Zoth has been a consistent threat since Cataclysm. There is already a precedent for old gods being used soon (C’thun and Yogg-Saron). Him being the final boss doesn’t mean he dies, it means he is the catalyst of the next expansion. “Every warbringer having to serve as raid bosses and survive” is a made-up rule that you people created based on pure coincidence. The “signs” you are talking about are a throw-away line from an old novel.


Finally. It’s about time they let me sack that craphole


I don’t know, Ion says a lot.

The thing is I just hope that they won’t leave the whole Sylvanas genocide thing unanswered, but it’s likely that they do if Nzoth is the last boss.


Let’s also ignore how at last Blizzcon they said 8.3 would be about N’Zoth.

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First time in my life i am going to agree with Daelinna, that so-called “leak” was is the dumbest of them all.