Strange bug that pixelates "stuff" ***FIXED***

seems like the patch on the 11th march fixxed this issue i will test some more and update here. for now: thx dear coders for fixing this minecraft issue.

since patch i have a strange behaviour with certain objects (dont know the correct word of it) in the world.

if i freshly load into the game everything is fine nothing pixelated all normal.
after zoning all objects like portals, braziers, fire, windows, carpets and so on are super pixelated.
if i change tripple buffering from enabled to disabled or from disabled to enabled everything is back to normal until i zone again. doing a reload doesnt affect it in any way if its bugged it stays bugged if its normal it stays normal its only zoning that SNIP it up.

heres the link with an example of what i mean:

stuff i tried to fix it:
-deleted cache and gpucache
-installed the latest nvidia graphics driver
-tried loading in without any addons

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I have the same exact issue. Tried to raid and it looked like minecraft with all the spells being extremely pixelated

It seems like the patch reset Anti-Aliasing settings to None for some people.

Try setting it to MSAA 2x, fixed the problem for me.

i wasnt using AA before

Same problem

Me neither, but that’s the only fix I could find.

well i wrote what fixes it for me until i zone the next time then its back to being bugged

For me is still blurry with MSA

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Honestly I have no clue what it depends on, and I haven’t found any other solution/answers yet. Hopefully they fix it or tell us what is happening at least.
I might keep on playing with MSAA 2x for now.

Thanks for the info here. If you’re still having issues, please head to the thread below for next steps and more info: