Stuck in "logging in to game server"

samesies (:

Yea i got the same issue, but the realm status shows its on

I was able to play just fine this morning (on classic). Now having the same issue as the OP.

Same here. Lags out on logging in to the game server and DCs me with a WOW51900102.

Same, but ends up giving error WOW51900102.

Same here worked fine this morning

Same with me cant login in retail or classic or even overwatch #FeelsBadMan

Calm down everyone. The protestors didn’t shut down the servers. We’re all good.

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Just when I had some time to log in. T_T

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same :’( its raid at 14:00 :frowning:

same issue here

Same issue

Same here, getting error 51900102 without it saying anything useful (and the help page says nothing either).

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Funny that this isn’t a weekly thing. Even funnier that this hasn’t happened ones since launch of classic.

It’s friday after all … give us back the gamez !!! :-/

I was just switching chars :frowning:
Any info from Blizz yet?

Log in issue, error code “WOW51900102” (Retail)

Same issue here :frowning:

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Here too. Try to connect every thing looks got and the: You have been disconnected. (WOW51900102) EU-server (classic)

Yep - the same “WOW51900319” (Retail)