Stuck in "logging in to game server"

Thank you Ekhidnis

Sitting here at work and can’t log into WoW. What to do now?!

Can’t login either and this is pre-school time before the gankfest, thanks Blizz! :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here for classic and retail … and we are paying for this !

Same issue here, on both Classic and retail. Was hoping to do some WQs during baby naptime :frowning:

having same issues

Hi, I do not play and I do not know why, all the time dsc. It happened to me for the first time

Same on both retail and classic. about 13:clock130: EST

Love the “may experience”

Nobody can log in.

Same error. I tried to repair, restart. Nothing works.

Problem’s on Blizzard’s end. Just need to wait for them to sort it

Playing a 15 years old game. Still having issues. Hello humanity.


same here i have same problem :frowning:

Classic, retail and even diablo. There could be a broken tooth right now but how could anyone know…

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Same here i can’t get in
its been like this for 2 days now -.- can’t level or anything

Blizzard Fix this Problem

same here, classic

Ídem, raro a estas horas.

for me it was all good until i went to change realm and didnt make it to character selection on the other realm
im mainly on draenor and was changing to silvermoon
now when i attempt to log in i keep getting disconnected from server before i even get into the character list

Ah. “Nice”. So its not my i-net doing “hiccups” again…

Same issue - Any ETA on fix?