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How big do you want the influence of hero-talents to be?
In terms of feel and actual power. But also Fantasy and Playstyle


When can we expect the Hunter class to receive its long overdue revamp?


Hello, is there any chance for forever WOTLK server after Classic Cataclysm release ? Not excited about Cata tbh.


Do you really think it’s acceptable to put early access on a more expensive version of the game?



Cataclysm Classic:

Since 10-Man loot was kinda a pain in vanilla Cata due to the fact that loottables are large and the boss “only” drops 2 items wich could lead to certain items not dropping at all - will there be a change to this system?
We imagine something like 4 items drop, you can choose 2 to loot.
It would kinda get some RNG out of the game.

Thanks for letting us know.


i have same question we will get wotlk server era and also. when we had vanila to tbc we coudl chose or make clone. But if we chose stay vanila we could not later change mind…
SO i am asking if this time it be diff. IF we can decide stay wotlk era but lets say in future i change mind and can transfer this wotlk era to cata… I know opozite way around is not possible. but we should be able get choice go cata any time from wotlk era.


Is there going to be a physical CE and any idea when it’ll hit?

Also please drop early access as a pre order reward that sucks


I would just like to know if there are any plans to make BC and Wotlk servers permanent in the same way as the classic ones for people who would like to relive a particular extension! :slight_smile:


What will the future hold for for us in the interaction between the Alliance and the Horde? Could it be possible in the future to visit an “enemy” capital in a neutral setting?


Is there any chance of a pvp rating system rework so the difficulty in reaching reward tiers wouldn’t wildly vary season to season because of activity/inflation differences?


Why will you not return my HKS?
What on earth did I ever do to deserve this? After playing this game for 20years to receive such treatment from blizzard.
Despite sitting on and repeatedly showing video and photo proof of my characters history.

Yet you will not a lift a finger after erasing my characters history and wiping nearly 196 500 hks from me with your “honor update”.

And I do thank you for your many sorrys.
You incompitent horrible people.

I will NEVER come to terms with this.
My hate will only grow until I cannot contain it any longer.


Will anything be done to assist the low populated servers - any merges to ensure all enjoy the new expansions with decent amounts of players around?


Will any of the less-represented races receive more customizations next expansion to bring them up to par with the likes of Orcs, Elves and Humans?

Pandaren, Forsaken and Gnomes for example have a laughably tiny pool of customization options compared to the aforementioned.


About the Hero Classes I have a question.
The community is asking now for a long time if its possible to be a Necromancer.

Will any Spec like Death Knight, Mage, Warlock or Priest get a Hero class that allows you to be a Necromancer? Maybe a demonology warlock instead of summoning imp and demons you summon ghouls and skeletons?


Will we be able to transmog anything we want along with collecting everything?


Will there be more chances to see more race related content added and expanded on, where we can see the various cultures and their influences on the world?

It is always sore to see when you have such a wonderful cast of races and their own cultures that often get overshadowed by another. Tauren and their Sunwalkers, for a basic example, are often buried under the more ‘Holy Light’ influence and Human influence ideals.

Letting other cultures rise up in situations can be a great way to see you expand the world even more.


To what extent will the Hero Talents offer customisation for classes? New spell effects, transmogs? People have been asking for Elune-themed Light spells for priests, blue fire for mages, etc. for years.


Will we get update of pandaren, who have the oldest model of playable characters? Also wil we get more character customisations to less popular races?