Suggestion for WotlK Classic

Everything remains the same as old WotlK but… we get Worgen and Goblins with their 2 starting zones brought in.
What say you?



That idea makes no sense. The Goblin and Worgen questline, as well as the starting zones, relies on Deathwing and his attack on Azeroth to work. You’d have to completely redesign the starting zones and questlines (especially with Goblins) to avoid a major anachronism/contradiction in the lore.

Wait, you mean they were serious?

I hope not.

This being said, I’d enjoy a version of classic with no WB that instead removed the debuff limit and gave Horde Paladins and the Alliance Shamans, I think it would open up lots of new and interesting raid comps.

And we get to rescue arthas and bring him back to the light.

Yeah 26 warriors, 8 shamans 2 paladins, 2 priests, 1 mage and 1 hunter. Very interesting.

Warrior dps will not be as broken without wb stacking though

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You’ll stack way less melee without World buff.

Classic end-game content difficulty is mainly about gear-check & long encounter.
Stacking WB remove that remaining difficulty and create a boring “raid meta”

WorldBuffs are/were the cancer of Classic.


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