Suggestion/Request: Sheathing options!

As the title says, I’d love to see an option in the transmog screen to choose how/where our weapons are sheathed, for example sheathing 1-handed weapons on our backs, or adjusting the position and rotation of a sheathed weapon.

An example of this kind of thing in action is Warframe and their appearance tab, there’s multiple options for sheathing melee weapons in that game based on the type of weapon and you can further adjust the weapons position from there, to bring it closer to your characters body or rotate it in whatever way looks good to you.

An example of why I want a system like this: Polearms, 2-Handed Axes and 1-Handed Swords.

I’ve noticed with a lot of polearms and axes, the game seems to sheathe them with the blade stuck to the center of the characters back… Which results in the actual handle of the weapon sticking comically far above the character.

With 1 handed swords, with how big some of them can be, they stick out near horizontally behind a character which looks… Odd, especially with how chunky some of these swords are too. (You’re telling me this big iron looking sword isn’t weighed down AT ALL, to the point it’s sticking out near horizontally?)

Admittedly I don’t know how easy or possible this is to implement, but I’d love to see it and would give us more options for our transmogs if you want a certain sheathing style for your weapon.


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