Suggestions for horde if you don't like alliance AV premades

Its a couple of raids of players.

Thanks, I was worried you weren’t gonna be specific.

But it doesnt affect only the bracket 1 guys. It lityeraly affects everyone significantly. Being 2 brackets higher because poolsize is 30% bigger is 2k more rp

I know what it does. Again not what I’ve been asking about though.

Im just surprised people are still doing AV

Well I never said I expected a lot to do this. I never even said I had any real idea of how many people would try to get 15 HKs. All I have done is point out that I have seen people encouraging others to do this. Nothing else.

Fair enough. I’m just saying it’s unrealistic to expect it to have any meaningful effect though.

I honistly couldnt care less about sociology

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Thanks, I was afraid to ask what you thought about it. Glad you brought it up yourself.

You saying that, doesn’t change anything though.

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Well the brackets speak for themselves. Unless you think honorspy missed over 1k players (unlikely)

That’s a correlation. Doesn’t say anything about its causation. You’re just assuming it’s because people are doing it with alts. But it’s a relative statement at the same time, you say it’s 1k characters but how large is your ladder? Or more specifically, how large was it before that injection of 1k characters?
What about other servers, since we’re also talking about Alliance in general and not just one server?

Horde players feel free to chip in too, how large are your ladders on the horde side? So we get some comparisons going.

Wow… just wow… your suggestion is for Horde to lose fast… so they dont mess with your honor/hour? If i m into PvP it would be beneath me to let you win even if it really is better honor. And it certainly* isnt. You know why? Because all “calculations” from “mathematicians” like yourself dont include is honor you get from killing players while fighting to win. And it adds up a nice summ if game lasts a bit.longer.

I dont understand. Are you still learning this sociology stuff or are you being paid for it? Why are you using it right here, when you could do it inside your head?

You seem to have completely missed the point, it’s to illustrate the more likely outcome of that scenario.

3.2k hs on tuesday night 4.5k standing with 20 honor.

No I just dont understand why you’re bothering. That knowledge might be useful for you, what can we do with it?

No, the suggestion is to get the game over with fast. Not try to lose fast. Winning fast works as well.

And it isn’t just for my honour per hour. It is for everybody’s honour and rep per hour, including horde. If people are farming for rep this is even more important because rep stops entirely after turn ins are finished, towers are capped etc, meaning a long game is terrible for rep gains.

It provides context to their claims. That’s what it does.


Just sayin’.

20 honor and 15hk. The 20 honor to signify that they are arguably as low as you can get in terms of standing.