Suggestions for horde if you don't like alliance AV premades

I see plenty of horde complaining about alliance premades - and I can accept that it is unfair that alliance can do this but horde can’t.

However the way that non-Russian horde plays in AV does not help the situation. The reason for singling out Russians is because every alliance player has seen how different they play to the rest of the European alliance players.

Russians rush to the top of the map as fast as possible - often not even killing Belinda. They win fast or lose fast. No messing about. They seem to want honour and rep asap. And this is what alliance players generally want too. Every time we face Russians we are happy because we know we can get it over with fast. We grab some lieutenants on the way down the map and get a quick 3k honour or so.

Alliance generally don’t care much about winning or losing - just want fast games for quick honour and rep. We love facing Russians.

Unfortunately the rest of Europe’s horde players generally aren’t so pragmatic. They will defend at all costs, even if it means 40 people on defense constantly recalling to Drek’s hut and getting stuck in a 5 hour game.

Mass defending causes games to last way longer than they need to and isn’t good for honour or rep for either faction. Alliances players hate this tactic. Not because it causes losses for us necessarily, but because it wastes time - which means it wastes honour and rep. Everybody loses out.

And that is a very good reason why people are drawn to premades. When you pug vs this mass defense tactic it is an awful experience.

IF you want to stop facing premades as much, you, personally, as horde players can make a difference. You can spam BG chat telling people to rush and to get the game over with quicker, or to avoid fighting midfield.

And rushing doesn’t mean you’ll lose - Russians win very often doing this. But it means you get honour quicker and you get rep quicker.

The way horde plays does make a difference to what alliance does. Not just in AV but in general. Just look at Skullflame server to see what happens when horde go overboard with a tactic. They camped alliance so hard that they all left the server.

Of course you can always reroll alliance as well if you want…

Sure, rush Van and kill it so you win less than 2k honor for 1 hours queue.

Dumbest thing I ever read lol.

It’s better to take every single thing and kill all Alliance (in solo, so you don’t share honor), to get a 8-10k honor for 1 hours queue. 5K-6K from objective, 2K-4K from kills.

You Alliance, can rush Drek and kill it to retag fast, because your queue is less than 10mn.


Its even better to reroll alliance and have no queue

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My fellow premade comrad, you need to understand that Horde (EU) even (US) wants to troll the premades… they turtle because they want to troll Alliance… nothing else, and then you see all of them here crying about que times while they brought this upon themselves, they are so in denial to the point that they blame premades for what is happening while premades are giving them faster ques because they start / end ques fast and alliance keeps to join AV in a larger number. From my experience… EU (Horde) is a toxic faction in every way possible :slight_smile:


Alliance players really do need to start queuing, they’re shrinking the bracket sizes for the alliance side on servers because many aren’t interested in it.

Actually, the “long games” doesn’t really affect queue times on this large scale. Because while it does keep 40 alliance out of the queue for its duration, it also keeps 40 horde out of the queue for its duration.

The queue times are only caused by Alliance players not having as many queuing as Horde does, and this affects the Alliance bracket sizes. Census projects even shows a somewhat even split in the player base between factions, yet Alliance are the only ones with quick queues in 2 major regions (NA and EU), weird isn’t it?

You seem to have completely missed the point, which was the regardless of queue times the horde are dragging out AV games so that they last well over an hour. Most of the honour from AV is gained from killing the lieutenants, which can be done within the first 10 mins.

The rest of the match is terrible honour. So you waste 1 hour + stuck in an AV getting very little honour. If you worked toward ending it fast you could have spent that hour to have already joined a new AV and get all the quick bonus rep and honour again.

Its up to you to change. YOu can always stick to the same tactics, but as a poster above pointed out you will keep facing premades and you will make alliance want to avoid AV if you carry on mass defending (which pushes up queue times further for you), as well as nerf your own honour/rep gain.

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Its possible to artificialy increase bracket size

You should know you’ve hit a low point when you need to resort to such tomfoolery.

Why is that? Makes ranking easier for everyone

Makes it easier to manipulate, but it reduces the amount of people who ranks up each week because even though you say it’s possible to artificially inflate it, you’d need many people (more than just your premade) to be doing the same thing for it to show any real effect.

Use loads of lvl1 chars. Have the people from other server on same av premade make lvl 1 chars on your servdr and vicversa and you can significantly boost brackets with ease

And in your premades, how many people does this?

Couple of alliance servers have had poolsize increase by over 1k

Yes, but in your premades, how many people actually goes through the trouble to get 15 HKs on each of their lvl 1 chars to artificially inflate it each week?

It takes 30 seconds to get 15 hk, 39 lvl1 can get it same time

Good to know, but not what I’m asking about. How many does it?

Well 1000+ pool /10(10char /account around 100 people spend around 5 mins each/week boosting pool.

Again, not what I’m asking about. Those 1k can be randomly thrown in from anywhere, it’s not like you personally know how those 1k ended up in the ladder.

So how many do you know, actually goes through the trouble each week?

Because in sociology, without a strong personal motivator, it’s very unlikely you can get a large mass of people to all do the same thing, and even more unlikely to get them to do it every week.
So if you don’t make an event out of it in your premades, then odds are that very few of you does it every week.

I don’t have exact figures of how many people do this and it is obviously unrealistic to expect anyone to have such statistics to hand. But on my server there are people spamming trade and world channels to tell people to get 15 HKs and do the same on alts. And people encourage others to do it on premade discord too.

This is an extrinsic motivator. Not a strong personal one.
How many people do you actually imagine doing something just because some stranger in trade said so?
Or if someone thinks of all in your premade as strangers, do you really imagine such a person paying much heed to such broad statements?

While it may get very few to do it, it’s very unlikely it gets those not looking to do it for intrinsic reasons to do it.