Suramar better be a playable city now for the Horde

(Kaisena) #1

Because Thalyssra just made a move.

  • Lor’themar: Thank you again for leading our forces in Nazjatar alongside me, Thalyssra. Your insight and courage were key to our victory.
  • First Arcanist: It was an honor, Lor’themar. I am relieved the war is finally over. Now you have no excuse to refuse my invitation to visit Suramar.
  • Lor’themar: Well, uh… I have been away from Silvermoon for some time. No doubt my people require–
  • First Arcanist: Halduron has assured me that Quel’Thalas is quite secure. And Rommath said that if you put up a fuss, he will teleport you to the Nighthold himself.
  • Lor’themar: It seems my closest allies are conspiring against me!
  • First Arcanist: Would it really take a conspiracy for you to spend time alone with me?
  • Lor’themar: No, my lady. It would be my pleasure.
  • First Arcanist: A suitably chivalrous answer, Regent Lord. There may be hope for you yet! Perhaps I can even teach you to relish the… simpler joys of life.
  • Lor’themar: Perhaps you can, First Arcanist. Perhaps you can.
  • First Arcanist: I will accept, if you will stand by my side, as counselor… and friend.


So… to put the thread title in context… you’re saying:
“Get a room! Literally!”, yes?

(Zarao) #3


I mean, isn’t Thalyssra like thousand years old? Like several centuries older than Lorthemar.
It would be like some dude nailing a grandma.

And given both are descendants of Highborne blood, he might as well be doing it with his own!!


(Kaisena) #4

Anything is better then elf and human.

Looking how long elves live compared to humans, for the elf it’s the equivalent of a one night stand.

Glad to see Blood Elves and Nightborne getting a long good.

(Zarao) #5

I know it must be a typo, but a “long good” is certainly what Thalyssra seems to want of Lorthemar :wink:

On a more serious note, I still think it’s kinda weird. There are ways to strengthen their relation outside platonic romance or intercourse.

Not directly against it, as I don’t have a strong position regarding it to begin with, but still the age difference seems weird. To me at least.
But yeah, better him than a human.

A shame they might throw this around instead of having it with Liadrin. I liked their interactions in the novel.

(Kaisena) #6

Haha yea.

I won’t even edit it because it’s funny.

Liadrin went with Yrel, umh…yea.


I don’t think the age would be the problem if the GILF had the body of a 20-year-old…

(Zarao) #8

I would still recoil. Specially if there are certain odds of her hanging around my great-grandmother (or being her).


New Quel’Thalas / *myst isles first please

(Azuriida) #10

It is easier for them since they have same dealer wink

(Koradan) #11

haha that is halirous i love it.
Also i think Laridan has some compatition.

(Anouk) #12

It’s quite playable. Just make sure you won’t get detected by Elisande’s guards and you’ll be fine. Avoid the demons too.


It’s good to know such dialogue exists. I’d love to see a neutral faction of Elves including Sin’dorei and Shal’dorei, maybe even some Kal’dorei led by Staghelm-like character. It may look kinda desperate but at the current situation it’s not as wishful thinking as it was before.

(Aerilen) #14

People are reading into this too much, she was trying to get him to visit surumar when they were first politicking at the void elf/nightborne allied race quests.

Please dont encourage it, cba with a garbage tumblr meme romance.

(Kaisena) #15

Not that i don’t agree but if the following romances exist or existed at some point :

Jaina - Kalecgos
Derek Proudmoore - Calia ( hinted )
Sylvanas - Nathanos

Then Lor’themar / Thalyssra is actually the most “normal” one.

(Araphant) #16

Search your feelings, you know it to be true.


don’t forget your own prince wanted to bone jaina elves really like humans for some reason

(Aerilen) #18

Dumb garbage romance

(Araphant) #19

Welcome to WoW’s current level of writing, have a seat, we have matching t-shirts.

(Zarao) #20

That’s…actually true.:sweat_smile:

Ps: You forgot to add the cringy one with the gnome and the goblin.