Sylvanas and a force greater than the Void


While doing a quest in Nazjatar today, I came across this Eye of the Corruptor mob whispering me like mad about this woman I should really kill. His exact whispers were “Listen. She is a threat. Kill her. KILL HER.” and “The queen threatens the king. There is no way to win. Listen.”.

This inspired me to do more research on the lore and try to figure out who this woman is. Apparently the void, among other non-living forces of evil really dislike and fear Sylvanas.
Through the Vol’jin questline we find out that the Lich King and Bwomsandi consider her actions too extreme and have really bad consequences for everything.
In the comic Three Sisters, where Sylvanas, Alleria and Vereesa have their reunion, the Void starts whispering really horrific things about Sylvanas to Alleria, warning about her and suggesting she needs to be ended.

“This one is dangerous. She is a threat and must be ended. Beware this one, she seeks the death of all things… all possibilities. End her threat, murder her. Murder her, save yourself and murder her. Save the world and murder her.
She is a violation, she serves the true enemy. Kill her now, kill her kill, her now, remove her from this world and take from her what you need now, now, now.
This is nothing, you should have destroyed her. Now it is too late. You have sacrificed greatness for false feelings. They will leave you. You will watch as she claims them.”

I’m inclined to believe in the whispers of the Void such as N’Zoth’s. They pretty much became true, or at least have high potential of becoming true. But it still didn’t make much sense to me why Sylvanas is so feared by more powerful forces.

So I went all the way back to the events in the “Edge of Night” which explain what happened to Sylvanas after the defeat of Arthas at Icecrown Citadel, where she wanted to commit suicide and find peace, as revenge against the Lich King had been fulfilled.
She was saved by nine Val’kyr of the Lich King after being shown and being inside what she referred to as the “realm of the dead”/“infinite darkness”. I doubt the Infinite Darkness is the void, since the void does not like her in the slightest.

There are many forces in the Warcraft universe and they don’t only conspire against the Horde and the Alliance, many times they also go against eachother. The Scourge would’ve gone against the Legion had they succeeded in defeating the mortals. The Legion would’ve succeeded in going against the Void was their invasion on Azeroth successful. Hell, even the Light is hinted as to be not as pure as mortals think. Remember Xe’ra trying to corrupt Illidan? That was pretty terrifying. Elune is also speculated to be an old god or something not as pure as the Night Elves believe her to be.

The more enemies the mortal races defeat, the more mysteries and questions surface and the plot thickens.
I’m going leave you with one of the Void’s, possibly N’Zoth’s whispers, “She is a violation, she serves the true enemy.”.
Who is this true enemy that even the Void is afraid of? What was this Infinite Darkness, this hell Sylvanas went through after dying at Icecrown Citadel?
Any speculations are welcome.


I’m really, really not. The lore in 1000 years of war is quite clear that the Void doesn’t have a clear view of the future, just like the Light doesn’t.

Then… telling an avowed enemy, as Alleria is at that point, your real weaknesses would be quite stupid. And Alleria is trained in discerning lies from truths in the void whispers and didn’t react at all.

And lastly… most of the “prophecies” that came true were ones where the Old Gods were actively working towards them coming true. Predicting the outcome of your own plans is not that impressive. It just shows that your plans weren’t just stupid.


I think undead are very resistant to void corruption but not immune. So I have little to worry about when I spec shadow.


looking at how things are done and decided by the hero cast of wow, it wouldn’t be that hard to make an opposing prediction come true anyway.

old gods probably have had so many moments where their intended targets uncomplicated things for them… shrug


That makes no sense. Everybody thinks that the Void fear Undead cause they can’t be controlled by it. Cause those which weren’t controlled by the Void were members of the Scource the most plausible explanation would be that it was cause of the will of the Lich King. The Void is also one of the fundamental forces of the universe which means that they’re Strong than anything else except of the light.


IIRC, Edge of Night mentions that Saronite can destroy the souls of undead.
And in Vashj’ir, an undead ( Sergeant Gertrude) was screaming when the Horde PC brings a merciless one


I wish people would stop saying that the Void Lords are afraid of Sylvanas just because they wanted her dead no matter the cost. They had the same attitude towards Turalyon and Vereesa. It’s not that they are afraid of Sylvanas, it’s that they want Alleria to kill her loved ones so that she can be lured into madness more easily.


I’m pretty sure the Void was just breaking the fourth wall there and talked about the writers.

They ‘do’ see all possibilities as true after all.


I mean you can see it like that or you can see it as they don’t think in a binary way. Using their own words, “The Shadow seeks every possible path and sees them all as truth.”, simply means they think in possibilities and different outcomes which is something beings with higher intelligence possess.

If I was the void, I would fear her especially because she possesses Xal’atath. Sylvanas is the key in defeating N’Zoth, it has become extremely apparent. She has everything needed to resist their corruption and now even has the knowledge in how to stop them.

I wouldn’t speculate so much wasn’t for their whispers which are getting pretty persistent and desperate at this point. It’s very likely the powerful void beings can see all or at least most of the possible outcomes and in some of them she is the one to bring ruin to them.

It’s just not coincidence that the void chose Alleria and it’s not coincidence that in one of their visions Alleria takes the place and role of N’Zoth. The rivalry between Sylvanas and Alleria will just grow stronger and get worse.
As I see it, the story is setup in such a way that Alleria will fall to the control of the void, because that would be the only way to stop Sylvanas.

The Void doesn’t fear the Light nearly as much as it fears the Undeath. In fact I would say that they only fear the Undeath.


An empty dagger devoid of its power is no weapon against an Old God. The Void did not “choose” Alleria as much as they infected her as she was the only living being left on that world. The Void fears Undeath so much that Yogg-Saron styled himself “God of Death”.

I don’t know, I do think that Sylvanas will be the next Grommash/Kerrigan, but the idea that the Void is terrified of her is kind of tinfoley as of now. There isn’t enough solid evidence to back that.

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If undeads are immune to corruption, Sylvanas killing and raising people is basically cutting the voids food supply they cannot attach themselves , which is why the Void is so hesitant on killing her


Why would the Void care about Sylvanas killing the common people and random soldiers? They were never after mass-conversion of people to the Void, they just want to corrupt a World Soul, and Sylvanas certainly cannot stop the Void Lords on that front.

People overestimate how much the Void Lords care about raising subjects. They just want the World Soul. That’s the only thing they need to destroy all those who stand in their way, even Sylvanas with her little armies of undead.

The Scourge undead were immune to the Void Lords because the Lich King already mind-controlled them, so the Void Lords couldn’t take over their minds. Since the Forsaken ALLEGEDLY have free will and are not mind-controlled by Sylvanas, they are not immune to the Void Lords, and indeed several free-willed undead are nutjobs who joined the Twilight’s Hammer. You know, that fanatical cult that worships the Old Gods.

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Regardless of how much sense it makes for some, Blizzard is definitely up to something regarding those lines.
It’s not some random coincidence as it would happen in real life. If it’s a recurrent message a writer intended to leave there, it’s indicative of an intentional drive with a specific purpose.

Having the Void freaking out about Sylvanas, repeatedly, isn’t just some random gibberish. Nothing usually is when talking about narrative or books.
Lines are written intentionally.


Huh? Repeatedly? When? I only know of the comic. And I mean instances where void entities explicitly refer to Sylvanas, a vague “she” isn’t enough. There are many females of power around.

To be clear, I don’t think this common theory is impossible, or even unlikely. At this point I don’t think the writing is good enough to rule anything out, and any vague hint can be foreshadowing, no matter if it makes any sense at all. And this certainly qualifies as a vague hint. But I do think the evidence is greatly overstated.

(Zarao) #15

Blizzard isn’t subtle enough to create an almost mirrored set of dialogues from two different Void entities, without referring to the same “she”.
Someone who coincidentally gets to be one of the protagonist of this expansions story.

I mean they could, but it’s highly unlikely.

And the Void vs Death kind of deal wouldn’t be something new or “bad” per se.
It’s a theme that was also teased in Wrath between the Scourge and Yogg-Saron. To the point it’s heavily implied that the undead are extremely resilient or even immune to the Old God whispers/influence.

Expanding on it isn’t exactly that of a far fetched thing.


Too far fetched for me to present it as anything close to certain, like you did. So one single time it is.

(Zarao) #17

Given we are to take literal wording, I didn’t say it was a certainty either. I said:


…definitely is not an expression of certitude? My English must be worse than I thought…

(Zarao) #19

Not gonna argue semantics anymore than necessary, but “definetly up to something” isn’t certitude about a specific outcome.


You are incorrigible.