Tall Vampire Ladies when?

Seeing how popular said character from Resident Evil is… it reminded me of our own Tall Vampire Ladies, so, when will Venthyr become playable? :smiley:


Shhhh… don’t talk about such things here. Some people really don’t want more races even though it doesn’t break balance unlike new classes.


But what is the reason, exactly? Logical one, not “preserve muh lore” or “too many races” because these arguments are asinine.

Lore reasons I think. Honestly it doesn’t make much sence (yet) for Shadowlands denizens to go on adventures in Azeroth.

Not yet, definitely, but I can easily see this being possible, can think of many ways, certainly more lore-friendly than breaking time again to recruit brown orcs.


venthyr feemalees aree abominations samee as dwarfs … absoluteely disgusting looking modeels not a singlee aesthetically pleeeaesing looking feemalee racee in shadowlands what a bummeer…

I’m sure they’ll add more face options and improve the model quite a bit if they decide to make them playable. The concept art for Venthyr female was amazing, but yeah, current options are lacking in the beauty department.

well if OP wants vampire ladies, then no venthyr are needed. There already were vampire blood elves in wotlk. ones wich sucked blood instead of anima

Cause Blizzard ain’t no japanese weebs

Oh but their heritage set would certainly make up for their faces.
Corsets and heels!


How is this related to anime, like, at all? However, Venthyr DO ‘naruto run’ so there’s that. :wink:

Because any thing “Hot” is not allowed in WoW…

not thee facees and not thee bodiees theesee horrific abominations aree as the reest of thee shadowlands modeels eexactly thee typee sjws would not criticizee on twitteer… winteeerqqueeeen looks masculinee af, veentyr look twisteed and ugly thee maldraxus feemales areee fat… and thee ardeenwald onees areee goats… with fur so godamn ugly thee only halfway deeceeent looking modeel is devos… thats so depreeessing

You already have tall goat ladies what else do you want?


Space Goats*

Costs Activision-“Blizzard” too many recourses for literally no profit for them.

The amount of people race changing wont make it even with developing and optimizing character models and adapt armor models on the new char models.

So won’t happen unless Activion-“Blizzard” runs completly dry on content…

Aka next expansion

Looking at some of the half baked Allied Races, I get the “too many races” angle.

What, no way we totally needed brown orcs, glowing goats, tauren with antlers, lava dwarves and robo gnomes as separate races no way they could have just added them as customization for existing races :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s not just that. Some of them have few customisation options available, and the Nightborne just… I mean… someone fired the responsible intern and left it at that.

Complains about brown orcs who are a major part of lore and Warcraft universe…

Wants pseudo vampires who have been in game just over six months, just because “they’re cool”.

This is what happens when Blizzard opened the floodgates with the farce known as Allied Races which was just reskins of existing races.

Some of the Allied Races did have a reason to be allied.

Most of them. No.

Put the Venthyr in the “No” category, unless Blizzard find some other laughably pathetic reason like they did with Nightborne.