Target nameplate range capped in BGs

I played some battlegrounds tonight and I noticed that the nameplates’ range is now capped at 60 yards, people have already posted about this bug in the US forum.


It’s super annoying

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agree, extremely annoying, wth happened … ?


Hope this is a bug & not a feature.
It was annoying when they reduced it back in BfA, but now it’s crazy low. It’s hard to track flag carriers / teammates etc across the map.

…having said that, you can use the bug/feature to your advantage if you’re in a pickle.

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We still don’t know if it’s a bug or intentional, targeting is still possible, it’s just that the nameplates aren’t visible. It’s strange that this problem just when they released Plunder Storm. The positive sides are that now teams will have to communicate more, and some spells that provide vision like those of hunters or priests have become useful again.

i like that fact that u cant be targetted anymore from across the bg. U can get clicked, but its hard and almost impossible to see where u go. why should u see the fc plate when hes on the other side of the map just by clicking on his char. use ur map, communicate.


It is a blessing in disguise, I think addons should not have this too.

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True, you can click and get some info from the unit frame, but without seeing the position, the thing that doesn’t convince me instead is that the same applies to teammates, and as a healer, it’s much harder to heal and really annoying.

Because he’s the guy your team should be focusing. If they don’t know where he is, where are they supposed to run to!?
Is he coming down the ramp, the GY or the tunnel? :woman_shrugging:t2: …he dropped it & someone else picked it up, did they pick it up from the Keep, or from old FC? :man_shrugging:t2:
They don’t always show up on the map.

This will reduce situational awareness across the map & that’s probably not a good thing.

-is probably fine if your team is all on Discord together, but if I’m chasing EFC & 2 of his DPS peel me off for him, I’m supposed to not fight them & type: ”EFC is running past the hut infront of our GY, has 1 Druid heal & 3 dps with him” ? -I’ll be dead before I get 1/2 way through typing that.

I suppose the Ping system could help with that, but if that’s going to let us track the EFC anyway, then why disable the nameplate at all?


^this too.
I can see in Raid frames someone’s getting obliterated, but no idea where they are on the map. :man_facepalming:t2:

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You can still perma ping players though, which makes this “change” even less reasonable

Has a fix been found for this yet?

no fix (since probably intended), but we can click on bg enemies and use ping to spot enemies

Please fix this Blizzard. I refuse to play until this is fixed. I also refuse to believe that this is intended.

Surely it is a bug because if a change like this was actually intended, and they implemented it without telling anyone, that would be some of the dumbest developer crap I have ever witnessed, as it is a substantial change that severely impacts co-ordination and teamplay in Battlegrounds.

Anyone who thinks this would actually make a good change and/or says “this actually increases the amount of teamwork required in BG’s” is an idiot, and you can’t change my mind. How the heck does not knowing where anyone is until you’re basically next to them improve teamwork?? Please equip your brain…

In my opinion, nameplates should have a much longer max range than they had before this bug anyway. I think you should be able to see all enemy nameplates across a battleground like Arathi Basin, without having to cycle nameplates through BGE or whatever addon you use for target frames in BG’s.


I felt similarly initially, but maybe with a little getting used to, it won’t be so bad.

I read someone mention the hide-&-seek element of FC’ing & agree that would add a new dynamic to the game.
I’ve also had games where people bee-line for me as soon as the gates open, kill me, then target me the second I res & bee-line again. The reduced range could (hopefully) limit the ability for people to do that.

It’s still a pain (trying to track teammates), but I wouldn’t throw my teddies out of the pram & ’I’m not playing anymore’ just yet…

BG’s aren’t supposed to be a game of hide and seek.

It’s never been this way and to change it now is bad because it changes a fundamental part of BG gameplay that people have got used to and adapted to over literally years of practice.

Getting focused as soon as the gates open is again, part of BG gameplay as an FC, and teams have been playing using this strategy for a long time. Any good team will be aware of this potentially happening, and should send people with the flag carrier for defence accordingly.

This bug means that a lot of it is down to chance, which removes a lot of skill, teamwork and co-ordination from the game. What if one team happens to be in the right place at the right time and catches the EFC out, while the other team is forced to wander aimlessly because they simply can’t target the tank to check their location?

This is just speaking on Flag maps; I could go into way more detail about how this affects other maps too but I can’t really be bothered; I just refer to my previous statement that in my opinion, all nameplates should be visible across the entire battleground in any battleground.

As i said, I believe this is almost definitely a bug, and hopefully it gets fixed ASAP.

Are you sure?
I read people say this is how it used to be.

It’s a good tactic, to focus the most likely EFC as the gates open.
But my example wasn’t on a flag map. These players just decided to focus me the whole game. This was more akin to harassment.

They’d probably improve with time.
No need to ‘wander aimlessly’ around the map, maybe head to the most likely place he’s going to be. If the EFC has been carrying for about 30-45secs, he’s likely approaching their keep.
Or they could learn to use the Ping system & target the EFC whenever they like.

Sounds like an awful idea.
Seeing 40 nameplates bobbing around the screen the whole game!?! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I’m not going to address all your replies, as I simply can’t be bothered right now, but I will say that for as long as I can remember, it’s not been a game of hide and seek, and I have been playing now for 13 years.

Maybe it was different in Vanilla/TBC/WOTLK/CATA, but for a very very long time, it has been how it was until this bug. Most of the time that Rated Battlegrounds have been a thing, it has been that way, and I stand by what I say in that it was way more tactical how it was before this bug.

To finish this small reply, I will say I meant at least for rated Battlegrounds, meaning 10v10 or less (since solo queue RBG’s of 8v8 are likely to come in), all enemy namepates should be visible at all times, potentially via a toggle, but it would be best if it was just auto enabled as the standard for RBG’s. You are right that it would be a mess in epic BG’s and I should’ve clarified I meant particularly for Rated Battlegrounds.

You were making way more sense in your initial reactions to this. Please don’t let the people advocating for this and acting like it’s a good thing ruin your perception.

Fair enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I preferred how it was before & hope this is a temporary glitch, but I’m still going to adapt, use it to my advantage & spam Pings as a workaround.

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Blizzard can you tell us if is a bug or intentional? If it’s not a bug, what’s the point of still being able to ping enemies? It would be nice if Blizzard communicated with the players, right? Some people thought it was their own problem and wasted time resetting all their addons and ui!

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