Targeted Corruptions and Faster Cloak Empowerment

Gratz to people I guess.
Too little too late for My alts, cba to earn the cloak even :sun_with_face:


Great change.

I do feel CHEATED out of the easiest M+ affix rotation this season without TD3 despite having opened chests (15) every single week in the season and doing 4+5 mask runs every week since early March.

So, whatever, great, but it’s a week late for this easy push week.


Is this heaven :sob:


thats dpeends how people will play the system . a lot fo classes will go for rank 1 stats corruptions x 7 instead for example 1x TD - so first weeks will be hillarius in arenas/mythic + etc if they dont wipe it clean

so its gonna be such a sh…tshow -_-

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Not even Shadowlands prepatch


awful implementation, imagine getting punished for having all essences


I love that they are trying to do something here etc. and it’s a good idea to do something about the rng nature of corruptions, however:

Can’t agree more with this point. I’ve been playing the patch non-stop since release and doing all weeklys, actively doing pvp on multiple characters & mythic raiding. But now some random alt who has 30,000 echoes of Ny’alotha because never bothered to purchase essences for other specs I don’t play there, will get insta R3 BIS corruptions while on my main I can’t buy anything because I played the game ‘too much’? Because system made me stop earning echoes after having everything R3?
That seems more than concerning & unfair.


“The inventory of available Preserved Contaminants will change twice each week, mirroring the Assault cadence, and will cycle through all available Corruption effects at various levels of potency.”

Please make this not a thing. There is zero reason for this except to make it more annoying for those who can’t get online on any given day. The corruption you want will be on the vendor but you can’t afford it. You’ll finally be able to afford it and it’ll have changed. It’ll be back, but you can’t login.

There genuinely is no point to this except to annoy people, and the only benefit to this is buffing certain specs who get the corruptions they need first whilst the rest wait.

Please, make a decent choice and just have them all available all the time.


Game is finally playable


Maybe, but that was not really my complaint

My problem is that, by giving “at most” 2 cores per week, it will takes forever to catch up to other alts

& also I am no fan of raid, finding a spot is not really an issue … but it feel a chore to me. Nzoth is really a terrible fight, especially as tank PoV

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Still screams RNG.

I only want “if the item drops or not” to be the RNG for me …ONLY


I guess it’s safe to assume that all Echoes of Ny’Alotha will be reset to 0 then or retroactively awarded to players that have been unable to earn them since they were introduced?


Guess people that ran 3/4/5 masks weekly to roll corruptions get the short end of the stick.
My account also hasn’t received echoes for months, I do M+ frequently/daily and assaults and have been at 12 Echoes for months. Great system.


As someone with only one main with pretty much all the essences i have a big fat 0 Echoes of Ny’alotha.
While other people in my guild have 13k+ i cant help but feel a bit scammed here…


Cleansed items cannot be corrupted again. Why not?

System issues. They’re looking into it but won’t hold back the update because of it.
As they explained.

Read it all please. You literally read the middle of that sentence and nothing more lol.


As happy as I am that this is finally a thing, I never hoarded Echoes. Cool.

they already said, because of a limitation in the system, and they wanted to push this update out now before they spent weeks/months trying to fix it.

I agree 10000%

Also with that basically, people forced to do LFR for 125 essence/each wing. Ofc if you want min-max.

Imagine the pain.