Targeted Corruptions and Faster Cloak Empowerment

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Thanks for putting in a great system, but only doing it halfway :+1:

Cant even express how this makes me feel without breaking CoC.

Thank u blizzard, great job :sleeping:


Gonna be great seeing Gushing Wounds, IS and TD rank 3 on the list on the first week while no one can afford them and them not showing up again for months.


Nice, so everyone and their mother will run 7x gushing in arena, or destro with 60% baseline haste. Thats exactly what this game needed, clown fiesta for everyone.


So imagine this in pvp:

Warlocks> 12% haste x 6 /120 corr > 72% more haste plus baseline of what? 40 haste% , 70% baseline haste almost.

Warlocks> 12% mastery x6/120 corr > 72% more mastery plus baseline setup of mastery>200% mastery ( insanity)

Dh> gush gush plus Fists (bye bye)

Specific healers (rdruid with 70% more mastery) insanity.

and other broken stuff, nerf to corruptions inc soon (stats and gushing, 100% )

mark my words…


after months of doing 5mask runs , mythic raiding and m+15 boxes i cant get a single good item with infinite stars to drop to the point that i am forced to use an intellect sword on my offhand just because it has infinite stars, and now we get rng vendor??? if he doesnt have infinite stars rank 3 on the first week i m gonna be mad

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Yeah. It might not be possible to give us credit for all the echoes we should have but if we could atleast get the ones we would have gotten from the M+ chests it would be appreciated.


Now if only I could cleanse my 31 460+ items with “bad” corruptions and get echoes in return with which to buy the corruptions I need…


I don’t do pvp so i don’t know how you play rdruid there, but in m+ you don’t really go above 18% mastery, you stack haste instead.

why would they wipe existing echoes? it makes no sense for them to do that xD

Only thing, i would say is, we need more clarification on some things like, what is the legendary questline in there eyes, and what about coalesced visions? No mention of them…

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Because mains haven’t been receiving it and characters that have done the bare minimum are stacked with them.


The questline ends with acquiring the cloak and getting your first 440 void ritual bracers.

  • Blizzard do something nice.
  • People find a way to get mad about it.

We’re here again bois.


Couldn’t agree more!

This is so messed up.

Introducing a corruption vendor is a nice addition but the implementation is absolutely terrible. You can see from the amount of issues this will create that this wasn’t planned at all.

Are Echoes going to be reset? Because characters that have them stacked up, no matter the cost/gain increment, will be at an advantage compared to mains that gained ZERO Echoes since they had all the essences to begin with.

What about the visions? Someone who has been stacking up Coalescing Visions because they cba to do them anymore or don’t need will spam them in order to get an insane amount of Echoes, compared to do that have been doing Visions weekly to try their luck on targeting specific corruptions.

And items previously cleansed cannot be recorrupted? What am I supposed to do? Refarm Ny’alotha in the middle of progression to get new items because I can’t cleanse my current ones to recorrupt them??
So one has to restart their gear process to get pure items, interrupt progression to start reclearing Ny’alotha, the weekly chests andloot from visions with 5 masks will be completely useless because of the corruption guarantee combined with RNG - what?

This is completely messed up.


they havent exactly made it clear… but that would be my guess

As for people doing the bare minimum, Ive kept them on my demon hunter (alt) to just what changes happen with those… Dont get me wrong, these changes are a hell of a lot better but still need clarifications on whether there staying, going, being reduced, sticking to same cost as usual, etc etc

Gushing wounds!

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Because i and others have ZERO and people have thousands on their mains. This is through no fault of my own (through having ALL available essences on this main even though i have tank/healer rank 3 essences on alts). I am at a distinct disadvantage (along with other single role classes) with this system vs say a druid who could have collected many thousands.


As opposed to only those with special RNG skills acquiring and stacking said corruptions?
I’ve never had Masterful drop, despite spamming masked visions, 15+s and HC raid. Yet I’ve seen other Mages with 8 (EIGHT) stacked.

Guess the only people who did not hoard a tonne of echoes before might be in a disadvantage. Since a lot of people might have enough echoes to buy all r3 corruptions on day 1 :smiley: