TBC is a Disaster

Bazillion amount of bugs from:
Class Bugs for example:

Shaman Hit & Respec Bug & Hit Talents,
Paladin Revival Threat Bug,
AC Mage Bug,
Priest Prayer & many more)
R4 Mage Armor
SW:D Bug dealing damage on kill
Pets following Stealth targets forever
Bug where Druid Hots draining your Mana each Tick
Warrior Charge DR

Raid/Dungeon & World Bugs

  • Aran Bug
  • Multiple Looting of Kara Chess Event
  • Kara Chess perma despawn
  • Mob Charge Bug in Dungeons
  • Area52 Massacre
  • Halaa Tokens completely bugged and often not distributed on kill

Ignoring huge amount of posts of obvious player concerns

  • Ignoring Feral Druid Energy Regen
  • Pre-farmed honor not wiped
  • Battleground Queue Times
  • No Fresh TBC Server
  • & many more

Season 1 Disaster

  • Zero incentive for casual play due to honor
  • No Arena Leaderboards / Armoury, only leaderboards with external websites through their API
  • No suspenions or words on massive Arena-Gear Exploits (S1 Set & S2 Items available with Wallglitch Exploit)
  • Wrong Distribution of Arena Rating Win vs. Lose
  • Bug where you can keep queueing vs lower teams, combined with the above resulting in high rated teams farming low rated teams for free points.
  • Botters going rampant still, now even easier with boosts (mara, brd)
  • Terrible Auction House performance
  • Wrong Auction sorting
  • /who only working 1x Bug
  • Profession Bugs, Missing Recipes
  • Macros Bugged not using Max-Rank

And this is just a tiny bit. This whole TBCC Release feels like a massive s*itshow right now, zero communication whatsoever on so many discussed topics people are tired talking about again and again. Several Specs&Classes are downright broken or bugged. How can this garbage can get out of Beta like this?


I’m thoroughly enjoying myself


I haven’t add so much fun playing wow since years, i didn’t see the month and a half and my subscription time pass.


Sadly, TBC is so good that even with all that mess, we can enjoy the game … Imagine the same thing with BFA or Shadowlands … KEKW.


TBC is still a million times more fun to play than retail ever will be. The last time I had this much fun in wow was retail wotlk.

It’s still funny tho, that basic things like guards in A52 are bugged. :joy: I mean they worked 15 years before…


Eventhough it is pure cashgrab crusade, it still feels good to play. Maybe just because there is almost none competition when it comes to this type of game + nostalgia, ofc.

The result of a streamer beta i guess ^^

Too busy finding exploits / loopholes for their own personal gain instead of reporting bugs and testing numbers.

And then Blizz not fixing reported bugs of course. The shaman hit one is a spec killer. Still not fixed? The feral energy one “not a bug” as well…


This was also in vanilla and original tbc/wotlk. Once your pet locks a target it will keep following untill you use vanish.

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Many bugs yeah, but the amount of content and things to work on make up for it.

I like the game, bugs give it flavor.


Woow! Thank you for the time it took to enaumarate all the absurd things in game atm and probably for a long time!

This was in spot!


Lets assume u buy a sports car:

-its fast

  • stable

The only minor problem is that the brakes dont work- all of the above make up for iy tough!


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I don’t know how things are at max level, but so far I’m having more fun than I had even in Classic. I was a TBC baby though so maybe that’s to blame! Not to mention my server is bustling and my guild is even more lively than before.

That been said, Blizzard should work on TBC’s issues ASAP. It’s good that people voice their concerns, and OP did a good job outlining the problems with bullet points.

who cares, the content is fun, the bugs are not game breaking for me.
Be more negative, it’ll work. I’m sure you will be very successful in life.

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Im sure im more succesful than u are:)

Undont grasp the importance of a product to works as intented:)) and accuse people of beeing negative.

Sayonara, another sheep in the world:))


Probably, I mean you sound like such a great guy…

Man, I wouldn’t even hang out with someone like you if I’d get paid to.


Yeah, no the beta in the end had alot of people and they reported alot of bugs but they just didnt fix all

Area 52 is game breaking for me :slight_smile:
Can’t even go there as alliance without dozens of horde swarming on you lmao.

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It is funny people think this is like turning on and off your computer. Just because it worked 15 years ago does not mean it will automatically run flawlessly on their new systems (+the ton of changes in dependecies).

Don’t forget the real life friends from whoever, for example Kaivax…