TBC professions

Ok first off do NOT say drums.

Now serious chit chat, if we get TBC we can assume Wrath and I’m not interested in dropping a 375 levelled prof.

I’m torn between JC and LW, does anyone have a good memory of these professions, mat farming, recipe finding, usefulness (not min max BS) and just general fun to do?

Will be playing a shaman not this paladin.

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Already tired of classic?

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I levelled my Shaman with JC, it was interesting. Some useful low level items healing statues were quite good for an itty bitty shaman. So there’s always that.

If you’ve got a second Miner, JC’s a breeze, lots and lots of ore for prospecting and the gems you pickup from mining nodes.

I did find TBC, LW a bit more tedious, I had to go spend ammo killing mobs for mats and that did hurt a bit on a poor hunter.

I’d go with either LW/skin or alch/herb. As dps - LW for nice crafting items, as healer - alch (for pots).

Wrong forums?


wrong orums i think , if it was about currrent wow i would say it depends on if you are into scrapping or nott

I just didnt wanna any more crap about drums.

I absolutely loved Enchanting in TBC. It felt really rewarding and the weapon enchants looked awesome. I used to be a healer and I loved the golden glow of the +81 heal on my weapon.

If you want to make money early expansion LW is the way to go. The crafted epics are fairly easy to make and they will get you good gold for that epic flying.

JWC is also profitable, gems are always needed and they sell well.


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Leveling TBC-professions is indeed a breeze at lvl 120.

Realised was in wrong forum.

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Depends a bit what you are aiming for, PvP or PvE or both.

What spec do you intend to play on your shaman? enhance get nice weapons from Blacksmith, enchance and ele both benefit a lot from LW.
As resto you can get some good stuff from tailoring, at least at the start of the expansion.

Do you have alts that you can have gathering proffessions on, or do you need your main for that?

Engineering have some good helmets, and as always, funny gadgets.
Enchanting is always nice, but very expensive to level up.
Jewelcrafting i would only recommend if you have the will to farm the recipes needed for it to actually be worth having. (although i may confuse this part with something else)

JC is like Classic’s Alchemy, it will earn you a lot of money all the way through and most importantly continue to do so at end-game.

All the other profession dip in terms of income as the expansion rolls on.

If you want a profession combo that can do well both in TBC and WotLK, well…

As a resto shaman, anything goes for WotLK. The main stat you’ll stack up in WotLK will be spellpower, so any profession with a spellpower static bonus (Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Leatherworking, Inscription [but I’m not gonna count this one since you don’t wanna change profs apparently], Jewelcrafting and Alchemy) are all valid choices.

Things change if you’re an elemental or enhancement shaman. Both specs, in WotLK, have cooldowns in the forms of class abilities and trinkets (especially Enha) that you want to take advantage for. Furthermore, both specs can have a need to focus on stats other than spellpower/attack power. Early on, WotLK Elem wants to stack a lot of crit iirc, and WotLK Enha stacks up haste until really late into the game (or begins stacking haste once rly late into the game, I never remember which one it is). This means that (1) proc-based or cooldown-based professions (Tailoring and Engineering) suddenly become much better and (2) as far as static bonus professions, you want those with flexible bonuses (such as Blacksmithing’s extra sockets and Jewelcrafting’s epic gems). With that being said, I’d suggest:

Enhancement: Blacksmithing is a strong choice in both TBC (crafted weapons) and WotLK (flexible stat bonuses). As a secondary profession, Leatherworking offers you a strong advantage in TBC (yes, drums) but is still serviceable in WotLK, while Jewelcrafting is minor in TBC but offers you more flexibility in WotLK. If you wanna maximize your TBC performance, I think Leatherworking/Blacksmithing is the way to go, while Tailoring/Engineering would be the strongest WotLK combo.

Elemental: Pretty much the same as for enha, except that Blacksmithing is useless for TBC Elem. The advantage though is that the only thing you rly need for TBC is Leatherworking, and that’s still a strong choice for WotLK (especially past tier 7). Enchanting gives you a nice SP boost both in TBC and in WotLK. Again, Tailoring and Engineering would prolly be optimal in WotLK, but Elem is less dependant than Enha on big cooldowns, so you may be fine just using LW/Ench even in WotLK (to be fair, elem isn’t very competitive in WotLK PvE to begin with, so yeah).

Restoration: If you intend to play both TBC and WotLK at top level in PvE, this is prolly the spec you’re looking for. Thankfully, unlike Enha and Elem, Resto doesn’t rly need cooldowns/procs from professions, so you can just pick any prof in TBC that gives you a static boost in WotLK. As a result, Leatherworking is a no-brainer and either Enchanting or Alchemy are valid secondary choices (with Enchanting having a slight edge due to more utility in TBC, but in WotLK the two profs are pretty much equivalent in terms of PvE advantage). Tailoring can be useful in TBC early on, but becomes eventually obsolete and would be kinda substandard in WotLK.

One last note, though, is that profession choice (for shaman, at least) is much more impactful in TBC than it is in WotLK and, with the only possible exception of Engineering for WotLK Enha (a must if you wanna be serious/competitive), anything goes kinda. So, I’d say you should base your prof choices more on TBC than on WotLK.

Yeah itll be resto until dual spec happens.

Even then itll be mostly resto, wintergrasp as a resto is fun.

Leatherwork is a choice I did in the past on wrath, I saw the legs/feet from the icc recipes for stupid gold on AH and decided I’d rather level up LW than pay the price.

I think LW gives a leg enchant iirc. I’d pair it with skinning though as I’m not sure I’d get an alt to a level where they can provide the higher end skinning mats, dungeon skins/mats dragonscales etc. Then again maybe I should be considering getting an alt sorted…

Crafted pre raid gear was powerful, shaman if you playing ele not sure if spell strike is BiS pre but worth checking .

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