Teldrassil, Undercity will they be restored ? Who's next on the list ?


Hello Everyone.

I was thinking on this replie that I got from Wimbert in a recent discussion:

"As a gnome player I can tell you that Blizzard has no problem leaving a race without a capital city. And lorewise Teldrassil isn’t that big of a thing, exept for the number of people who lived there (which I don’t suppose will e brought back). In a people that has a life span of millenia, Teldrassil was a novelty, barely some decades old. Hyal has more cultural significance and Feathermoon seems to be almost as much of a military stronghold.

I see neither lore nor gameplay reason to bring back Teldrassil. And implying that people could move past the burning of thousands on the tree, because the tree grew back, seems like kind of a strange idea to me. I doubt they’ll do that."

Which made me think what happens to a city after its destruction ?

Before BfA we had:

  • Gnomeregan.
  • Theramore.
  • Gilneas.

None of them were reclaimed, so far.
Gnomes are still waiting for their city to be restored as the Worgen.
Jaina lost her city, for ever it seems.

During BfA we have:

  • Teldrassil.
  • Undercity.

Is it safe to conclude we won’t see any of this cities restored, since both of them suffer of the same problem as Gilneas: Blight ?

It seems Activision Blizzard does a lovely job destroying things, but a lousy one restoring them back.

So far, the only ones that got something back were the Darkspears Trolls, but their home, was never shatered by faction war as in the previous examples.
They were just deprived of the Echo islands because of Zalazen, once that threat was removed by Vol’Jin and Bwomsamdi they got their home back.

Which begs the question, who thought at Activision Blizzard that destroying two racial cities in a faction war, one of them with civilians inside, pissing off the entire Night Elf player base was a great idea ?

If we look at how the faction war has been going:

  • Garrosh destroyed Threamore.
  • Sylvanas destroyed Teldrassil and Undercity.

If we look at the map, only the Azuremyst isle and Silvermoon stands in the way of both factions.
Remove them and the Horde takes full control of Kalimdor and the Alliance takes full control of the Eastern Kingdoms.

If we look back at Legion the Horde player character interacted with:

  • Illidan, Tyrande, Malfurion.
  • Velen.
  • Khadgar
  • Class Order Halls.

While the class order halls and Khadgar, plays no significance importance for the Alliance player base, the same can’t be said about Teldrassil and Azuremyst islands.

Of course it won’t happen now, perhaps after the next 3 expansions.
So I gess, unfortunately … this is far from over.

People usually say: “This is Warcraft !”.
I thought this was suposed to be a game, where the company does his best to entertain the customers, not to piss them off …

What’s your opinion ?

Thanks for your attention.


There are a few reasons why Teldrassil won’t be restored.

  1. Blizz doesn’t want night elf players to be happy
  2. It is literally only ash left
  3. The forests are blighted and the night elves couldn’t even take Darkshore back (or what’s left of it)
  4. Blizz doesn’t rebuild destroyed things

This is aside the fact that rebuilding Teldrassil wouldn’t make up for the several thousands of innocent deaths


I respect Blizzard’s determination to making absolutely nobody, not even a single community, happy. Thats hard to achieve but they’ve done it.


Actually a few are happy. A few horde players that like playing the evil, unreasonable monsters


I don’t care what the people think in the general forum. Blizz make their story especially for people like them.

(Vankya) #6

What really pisses me off the most, why teldrassil? Stormwimd would have been the best option to bring out a great story. This would test Anduin’s leadership and might but instead we get a generic story like theramore, which was lost and sadly forgotten…

(Zarao) #7

That they’ve written themselves into a corner by trying to seem witty and because of their hubris in thinking they could write another civil war story better than the previous writting team.

Also, that their lazy way of relying on cheap shock value and flashy twists, has led them to a point of no return regarding several races.

And at this point, the most worrying part is that it seems they’ve grown immune to critics and are high on their own farts, not realising (or not caring) about the fact that they’ve ruined most of the games story. And won’t acknowledge it, regardless of how many times players point it out.

Edit: And regarding both Teldrassil and UC, they will probably be left that way for quite some time. Teldrassil might be addressed later, given the way they keep on referencing it.
But UC will probably remain as is, given the lack of concern they’ve displayed regarding its state, and the fact that the ones that have a claim over it are currently being thrown under the bus as the plots villains.

(Vankya) #8

I sense, scarsam or is it genuine?! XD

Well, it’s true. Blizzard doesn’t give a fk about the playerbase interest. All, they cared was the hype, that brought majority of the cash cows to feed their wallet with gold. Now, they are suffering because of it. So, they are trying to mend the wounds but the damage as already set into motion.

I expect, 9.0 to be passable but i won’t bet my money on it…

(Rangoor) #9

Just have to take one look at their twitter accounts and their falling into the good old “Constructive criticism only plox ;)”, which basically means “Say nice things or lalala not listening.”

It must suck to never be able to hold a candle to those that came before you but it would be nice if they actually made an effort for once.


A new expansion is new hope but I doubt that it can heal the damage which is already done. We can only hope that it will be lorewise better than Battle of Jaina.


The husk is still standing tho.

The story is not over yet.

Malfurion just sneezes and it grows back to normal. Play the warfront. It is totally in the range of possible to make it heal again.

Disagree. Stormwind was upgraded over time after Cataclysm, so was Orgrimmar. And Stromgarde. It just takes some time. Just ask the Worgen, those poor guys are left without home for the past 9 years.

It is the other way around, those mostly alliance themed factions and characters had the divine grace to lower themselfs with Horde people. Really, Horde was an outsider during the entire Legion story. Best example of this was Argus.

Let’s Pray this will not happen ever.

Troll community says hello. We got it much worse ever since Vanilla/OG classic.

The story is not over yet. As hallow as it might sound. Just wait and see for now. Patient.


It pretty much is for the night elves. They only burned the tree so saurfang could be sad and get his cinematics

Well it would be nice for night elves to get atleast some of their land back, I doubt it though.

Upgraded, yes. But has any destroyed city been completely rebuilt? Aside, Gilneas doesn’t really count because it was never an accessible city anyway

(Zarao) #13

Some have spent the entire expansion waiting for something to get fixed.

We are reaching the final patch and people are still waiting. Some people have been “waiting” since the pre-patch.

There is a point when maybe we should just accept this won’t get any better.
At this point, Blizzard fixing the entire thing in a single patch is bordering on miraculous.


if you mean accept things won’t get better for the sake of repeatedly complaining about it, i’d rather stay with hoping tbh.

it’s a meme, but it’s a grating meme nonetheless to hear the same things over and over again rather than accepting or working with what players got. this is in no way saying to bend forwards and take it in the rear, but its gotten to the point where its also affecting the forum community at large despite not seeing it in gameplay myself.(at least for me. like, in both RP and other facets, most i’ve seen is a complaint of stories like Saurfang and Teldrassil just being written better, but that did not stop them from enjoying content/creative content nonetheless.)

like, really, i get what jabjan is saying in that “waiting” is needed throughout until the end because we’ll probably still get something unexpected whether good or ill.

(Zarao) #15

Regardless of how pessimistic I sound, I do agree that we might be in for a surprise at the end.

I don’t deny the fact that Blizzard can do something to salvage at least something out of the current mess.

But hoping for an overall fix that neutralises all the bad stuff, given their past plot handling and the situation they’ve led themselves into, at this point seems delusional for me.

There is a point when the bad outweighs any twist or unexpected minor fix they might throw at us in the end. And said tilting point has been surpassed long ago for me.

For the record, this isn’t a rant just for the sake of complaining. I’m probably in until the very end.
But at this point I’m just doing so for the sake of morbid curiosity of seeing how far the sh!t goes.

Blizzard is currently juggling with several knives, some of them called “Honourable Horde”, “Forsaken culture”, “War consequences”, and “Character portrayal and future story”.
And I’m just eating popcorn bitterly while wondering how many of those will inevitably stab them in the face when they fall down.


It’s not juggling the knife, if you catch it with your face all the time.


Well said Zarao.

I feel I am seeing a giant Titanic going for it’s doom.

Let’s see:

  • How they will explain to the Alliance players the loss of another city, after Theramore.
    Problems in this case is, just the capital of the second most played race in the Alliance and one of the four factions of Warcraft 3.

  • For the Honourable Horde players, their values are reduced to ash, after Teldrassil.
    Unless Thrall can come up with time travel, to allow the damage that was done, to be undone.

  • For the people who love Sylvanas, the plot makes zero effort in portraying her as the next evil Warchief.
    There’s nothing morally grey in her actions.
    Otherwise, Saurfang would had been punished for his failure, to kill Malfurion and Teldrassil occupied. Not burned.
    I was thinking, Activision Blizzard stated she won’t be a raid boss.
    Does that make any difference ?
    Did raiding Garrosh did any difference ?
    Imagine in your head, the following scene:
    Garrosh is surrounded in his Throne room, by Thrall, Vol’Jin, Lor’themar, Sylvanas, Gallywix, Varian, Anduin, Jaina and the rest of their troops.
    They all pummel him until he lies on the floor, not the player characters.
    It’s exactly the same, scene.

  • For anyone that enjoys faction war.
    I doubt that they are enjoying, seeing the Horde working with the Alliance, against Sylvanas.
    Worst; where is the promise of faction pride ?



Cause thats Blizz number one priority ahahaha

Alliance players are like a possesive girlfriend man

Another nelf cry thread in disguise… called it

(Tyrandé) #19

ok, very objective and logical, I concede.

The forests can be healed, we see Malfurion stating that in the voice over, and in the Warfront he casts a spell that regrows the land, it is not a lost cause. I feel that people forget about what druids can do, did you people quest in Hyjal,Felwood, or read the novels?

agreed,but vengeance would !

Sylvanas and Varok couldn’t attack SW it was explained in the Novel ‘‘A Good War’’ strategically impossible.

well I think many have accepted the fact that these cities are not coming back, however for me I would like a quest chain, multiple scenarios showing where the Night Elves will settle, how will they reclaim their lands,we need more lore instead of stagnation.


Understand others point of view and others will try to understand your point of view.

Some of us may be mocking the Night Elves situation right now, but things won’t be as funny when it’s your turn.

Bad writing hits everyone.
It’s just funny when we are not on the other side.
It’s just bad when we don’t like it.

Am I wrong for wanting a plot that would allow my characters to be immersed in WoW universe, without being told they are villains that need to repent for actions they had zero say in this expansion ?
I don’t think so.