Teldrassil, Undercity will they be restored ? Who's next on the list ?


Btch Please!!

The Orcs lost their planet.

The Tauren were nomads till the Horde.

The Darkspear lost their home.

Belfs lost 90% of their population.

Maghar were hunted to extinction by the Lightforged fanatics.

Forsaken were hated and hunted by the Alliance.

You cant even begin to comprehend… your “drama” is our breakfast in the Horde


Outwhining the Nelf players… a hard challenge, but you may be up to it! Reach for the stars!


Exactly! We suffered more than those alliance pest can handle and NOW! It’s their turn to suffer!! For the Horde!

(Blunderhoof) #24

Ah idd, just the thought that also occured to me when reading through all the Night Elf woes. I mean sure it sucks and it’s horrible, I sympathise…
But you had the scenarios and the book to show how afwull it al was and how the Night elf populace deals with their loss.

The Forsaken players on the other hand…certainly did not get any such respects.
No, Undercity or Lordaeron city is lost, it was the last link they had to their former lives, and there’s …nothing. But why put that emotional effort into a race you intend to paint of as one dimensional villains anyway, right?

Ofcourse the Forsaken have nothing in the line of children or whatever so that’s one less sentimental card left to draw.

But “Blizzard hates the night Elves”!..Right…


Yeah look how far you had to dig to find those artifacts.

It’s 2019.
The writing direction changed.
Look how close any of our Alliance counterparts can reach in the current lore to find a justification to hate the Horde.

Yes for the Horde.
Ignoring what happened to Orgrim Doomhammer Horde.
It’s written on the lore and reason why it won’t happen again is because, Thrall always comes and tries to repair the damage that was done.

In the end:

  • You are not justified, that’s the Alliance.
  • You are not Orgrim Doomhammer Horde, that one at least had logic in it.
  • Your faction is what the developers say it is.
    If it’s Metzen: Jesus Christ Thrall.
    If it’s Afrasiabi: it’s Garrosh.
    If it’s Golden: We work with Anduin.



Yeah good job ignoring my post and not replying on anything to serve ur opinion.

By your arguments, writers dictate ur homeless tree elves now.

Suck it up


Actually you were the one that missed my point.

Everything you mentioned is past data.

What we are discussing is present data.

Lose your justification, wether is vengeance, resent, hatred and replace by pure evil and expect no better treatment than Arthas or the Legion.

That’s a nice answer, to be recorded and replied to you when ever you complain about anything in the future.



It would, but since devs confirmed that there won’t be any revenge…


I prefer the ‘evil’ horde (espcially on my dk) over honor one of baine,sadfang (he is just as responsible for teld as sylvie) and thrall (he is just a idiot).

Butim not happy with story. Cause whatever i choose i have to aid baine,99% sure sylv is gonna die/be removed and il have to fight her. And despite jaina killing rastakhan il have to aid her against sylvy.
And Alliance in general.

And calia will likly become forsaken leader aswell.
And tgen will have band together again against old gods/for greater good for millionth time.

I dobt think anyone who cares about story is actully happy with bfa at all.


So long as Boralus remains untouched, I am fine with whatever Blizzard does. Under the leadership of Jaina Proudmoore, we kul tirans shall weather every storm.


Sry but thats called the bigger picture.

“But Sylvannas burned Teldrassil”

“No we are talking ONLY about battle of Dazaralor. We are on present data now kid. “

“I dont wanna hear another word about Teldrassil we are on Nazjatar now”


(Tyrandé) #32

It will most likely be developed in a novel or a cinematic,I doubt they would dare leave it at that. There is more Night Elves to come in 8.3 I can feel it.


Keep going.
It is said in the US forums that the reason the Horde is having Sylvanas now, is because people didn’t protested enough during Garrosh period.

If you enjoy this kind of writing, who am I to ruin your fun, right ?
Enjoy it, till the last part.



Well sadly I have to disappoint you, since they said in an interview that it’s not happening.

to the alliance or to themselves?

to the alliance?

to the alliance?

wow, alliance is also hated and hunted by the horde


I will thx!

You also have fun making nelf cry threads posted on a Troll.

I’ve already counted like 3. Looking forward to smash the next

(Tyrandé) #36

Why are you even reading a thread that annoys you, makes you cry, and vomit? Are you having fun? enjoy and keep the Zandalari tears coming.


I expect KuLtHiRaNs to be burned as well. XD
Those s¢ums are worthless, their ship would be wrecked and their leader, jaina would go insane as always. She will lead them to the path of doom and those unknuckle head KuLtHiRaNs would follow blindly…Hahahaha!


You have mental problems.


Because like six people of you gather and try to promote ur opinion as “The community Demands” this.

Same as the hopeless high elf Alliance people where th author keeps reposting.

So yeah I am here to express my opinion so ur not considered the community outcry.

We’re all community after all so whenever somebody is like “Its obvious the community likes/hates that”

I’ll throw in my opinion too. I am part of th community after all, but I speak for myself not the masses.

You guys claim to speak for the masses time n again


What are you even doing here if it doesn’t affect you at all if night elf players get something after their race got destroyed in the lore?

Are you one of these obnoxious guys that cry when others have something nice but you can’t have part of it?

“Oh these night elf players want something nice for them after blizzard completely obliterated their entire race, well then I also want something otherwise it’s unfair!”

grow up, next thing you’re going to say is that horde aren’t written to be the evil guys in BfA